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The spray is our laptops , the area is not big not too small, so the pressure will be set relatively high , at around 1.5kg, usually if you spray some small model , then kept in 1kg above it. After you have transformation tools , editors , or with an experienced colleague to discuss a little spray program , and ultimately decided to use only a few things on hand to conduct a small renovation will transform the author 's own use this ThinkPad S5 A surface into Zeon flag ( Japan set up the anime ) style .


Of course, with people making a big thing compared to God can be said to be trivial , but to transform yourself and enjoy the process , than to spend money to transform the god of happiness and sense of achievement more available , so regardless of the final the outcome, this is a memorable journey.


In fact, whether it is for the god or as the author of such white, on one thing at a time will be more or less to transform some problems , if not devastating problem, we will have a solution of DELL N71FM Battery, so it is nothing to worry once felt sorry for the mistakes , mistakes , mistakes in order to grow in constant accumulation .


After the paint is diluted , adhesion will decline . The transformation we use oil paint Tamiya adsorption capacity is relatively more general , so before spraying, we first want to take a laptop where the first layer of spray putty . Putty can be used Gunze No. 1000 gray or white water putty , if the background is dark , then the gray better if the background is white , then they want to come spray paint effect is bright , then, then the white water putty better. However, in most cases, No. 1000 gray putty on it.


In addition, putty and paint as you want to use before using Gunze Blue Label dilution dilution , the same ratio of 1:2 , and the fill soil diluted before use , be sure to use chopsticks or other rods stir it, then shake even to use, otherwise it will cause blockage airbrush or fill soil is not ideal and so on of TOSHIBA TECRA A50-A Battery.


Some people may think gunning soil trouble, and direct selection spray paint . In fact, this practice for some pure plastic stuff is still possible, but for some metal or paint something it already has , on the desirable . I transform a laptop , although not with metal roof, but have previously been to paint, and paint a layer of protection , so you want to be on top of other colors spray paint , it must be on the fill soil .


In addition, when spraying is necessary to pay attention to a good tune paint , putty put away, so as not to spill knocked after being sprayed onto the object , while resulting in a waste , on the other hand too much trouble to deal with . Meanwhile, after the paint or putty into the airbrush paint pot, put the lid on , otherwise I will be like this , at the time of the fill soil spray spilled into the machine. If LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga Battery happens , it is important to wash with diluted liquid directly come .


Computer body tend to have some depression LOGO, or groove , if you do not want to see again after the completion of spray paint them , then how to do it ? At this time you need to buy something toothpaste has been called up soil. Fill it with water until the soil is different and paste , then squeezed painted on them you need to cover up the grooves , and then disappearing, it can be to fill the grooves .

In the model making or MOD process, there is a job is the most commonly encountered , but also the most tedious and requires careful attitude , that is, " to cover ." Spray paint on one another paint to achieve the separation effect , you need to be to cover the bottom of the paint , unless you want to be a minimalist style ink or otherwise cover that must be done .


We believe this TOSHIBA Satellite NB15 Battery renovation project cloudiness , thus covering an area not much , if you want to do some complex color, such as camouflage , so part of it will need to cover a lot , but also may be related to several and multi-level covered. The flag is like part of Zeon flag Norwegian flag , so need to use masking tape to divide the strip decorated area , and because of the time when painting airbrush paint is spread out , and therefore should have covered up the peripheral portion , so as to avoid gets a different color of paint , affect the overall results .


For the total storage capacity of 2TB of E17t , the hard disk data security concern. Under the protection of the hard drive in this regard, not only for E17t joined HP Fingerprint this one more than ever with the commercial grade product safety work it, it is added to the HP hard drive protection technology intellectual shield can fall accident in the fuselage , etc. stored within the secure data .


After the division of the area with the use of cover , the other part will not use a cover band , so too wasted , and there is no need , therefore to find some old newspapers to cover the other areas . After covering the above is sprayed blue stripe decorative effect after . Of course, this is not the final result , but also need some repair.


Zeon blue HP ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE Battery striped flag outside decorative white trim as well , which also need to bring a regional breakdown cover , and then have to wait until after the blue part completely get rid of . Here to tell you a little trick , covered with glue itself is still relatively strong , probably will stick out the paint finish after spraying tear sometimes covered with when , in fact, we can bring before the cover with your fingers to have gum rub one side , which would allow the glue tape is reduced, reducing the chance of paint stick out .


In fact, both the model-making , or MOD, will need to develop some good habits. For example, when in the hands spray , spray it is best to open space , it will avoid the viscous paint stick to the first time the object being sprayed , causing trouble for spraying. Another example is the first time to encounter problems to solve , otherwise it will be like after I finished this red spray paint , putty completely shed before the impact of the paint effect.


After patiently cover , I almost reached " interdiction stay human" state , even if the amount is not covered engineering , but also to grasp the need to carefully cover the distance between the strips . Hard to imagine that behind those oversized cover workload works , how to make people pay for hard to reach .


Accidentally forgot one thing, everyone in the process of spraying in some places is not necessary to be covered , such as the picture below the red line marked section , where a lot of paint on the glue , then how to deal with it ? Actually very simple, as long as you pour some of the dilution on the toilet paper, or on a cloth for wiping , you can easily wash off the excess paint TOSHIBA Satellite NB15t Battery. Well, the last not to say nonsense, we take a look at the final product of it .

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