HP Folio 13 Battery VS HP ProBook 4445s 4446s 6475b Battery

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Since June 2011, Intel announced the ultra-pole of this plan, Acer, Asus has been first to market with their superior pole of this, for HP, although not the first group listed on the super pole this, but the product before several significant segment, clearly positioned as a commercial super pole this. Present, ultra extremely thin and light design, excellent performance and battery life, as well as the relatively high pricing, and are suitable for promotion in the business market. HP's first ultra-pole of this naming the Folio, literal translation for "folio", named from this point of view, the designer on the one hand want to express the Folio 13 thin appearance, it also draws on the Hewlett-Packard's another big commercial series Probook named way.


As a super pole this for Hewlett-Packard the Folio 13, we most want to know is the super pole this several characteristics, weight and thickness of the wake-up speed and endurance time. The Folio 13 weight less than 1.5 kg, only 18 millimeters thick at most. Equipped with high-capacity lithium polymer battery life time to reach the test more than seven hours. The roof and C surface using a metal material, has shown signs take full in the hands of the texture.


Some experts predict that next year super pole this will show a blowout situation, but as of the end of 2011, but only 4-5, several other products are also listed soon, HP Ultra-pole of this the Folio 13 in Jingdong sales in time be considered before the end of the year to catch the last train of the New Year and Chinese New Year promotion. Seize the festival before the sale, but did not rush the traces of mold design and workmanship are very good. Then we starting from the appearance for all products detailed analysis.


The Folio 13 in the design style draws ProBook many of the elements, roof and part of the body a lot of metal wire drawing materials applications, great sense of fashion and technology, the silver and black, perfect match, so the Folio 13 has both in temperament The modern sense of fashion and technology but also has a calm and competent business style. Roof surface using a metal wire drawing process, very fine grinding, the middle of the iconic "hp" LOGO shining bright silver metallic luster, simple and capable of metal fashion style blowing.


Through the details of the part of careful observation, we found that in some of the design part of the Folio 13 is not completely engraved ProBook, such as the transition part of the edge of the fuselage, almost at right angles to the original ProBook transition has become more rounded, while retaining the business temperament. while allowing the product to become richer dynamic fashion. From these details of the design, we can also feel the HP attitude of excellence in the launch of this product.


HP Folio 13 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 59Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  164g
Property: HP Sealed Battery
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
HP:671277-171 671518-800 671602-001 Venturi


13 naming of the Folio has clearly told us that this is the product of a 13-inch level, this size is currently available ultra-pole of this product widely used in mainstream size, but due to the Folio 13 using the screen design of the narrow border the whole machine looks dimensions appear to be smaller, it seems closer to 12 in. sizes.


In 2012, the HP ProBook series of notebook to enable a new mold design, compared with a slightly bloated body, the new ProBook series looks more lean and tough, but also in the hardware configuration of a new generation of hardware platforms. The next test is one of the new HP ProBook series HP ProBook 4445s.


HP 4445s is HPProBook series 14-inch, equipped with Intel's next-generation Ivy Bridge processor, equipped with NVIDIA's new generation of Kepler framework graphics GT650M their outstanding performance of the whole game.


HP ProBook 4445s enabled a new mold design, and their body lines is more tough, silver-white metal material on the roof with vertical brushed texture, the entire roof on the central HP words as decoration, looks very simple and capable.

N43 series with the previous generation 14-inch matte display is enabled in HP's new 4445s, the level of official said the viewing angle of the screen up to 150 °, 120 ° vertical, but it remains a 1366 × 768 resolution.


HP ProBook 4445s body thickness of 33.48 ~ 36.01mm, body length and width of 343 × 245mm, bare metal weight 2.44kg, their body size and weight and the current mainstream 14-inch notebook at the same level, to recommend the use of a backpack to carry out.The new HP ProBook series keyboard surface upgrade is more concise, and before testing the N56, the HP ProBook 4445s keyboard surface is the same with a single piece of metal materials to build all the empty one by one carved by CNC Drill, splicing and general notebook design more than one keyboard surface with high manufacturing costs, of course, also brought a more beautiful appearance and a higher intensity.


HP ProBook 4445s Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 47Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  363g
Size: 210.00 x 20.00 x 70.30 mm
Color: Black


Order to obtain a simple and refreshing feel, the HP ProBook 4445s not only is the use of CNC production process of silver-white metal C surface, but also offers black chocolate keyboard, this collision of black and white, so that the atmosphere of the 4446s more times.

HP 4446s keyboard surface seem plastic material, but in fact the C side of this single piece of anodized aluminum, because the honeycomb-like decoration on the surface densely, and there are some prominent increase in friction, so feels no cold metal.


It uses a chocolate keyboard, compared with the chocolate keyboard, this keyboard is the gap relative to some anti-gray effect is somewhat less certain. The keycap surface after the grinding treatment, feel more comfortable, but the key way to a slightly shorter, so the keys feel can only say that the middle. In addition, he is also equipped with three multimedia keys: Windows settings button, the audio settings button, the custom shortcuts.


HP ProBook 4446s trackpad surface is also using the delicate frosted process, feel better, handling sensitivity is moderate, the touchpad side has a touchpad on / off the LED light or not.Since it is targeted at students of this interface is natural can not be too little, after all, the student user is often the most to pursue cost-effective. HP ProBook 4446s body left 2xUSB3.0/VGA/HDMI, and the interface location of the design is reasonable, no not with the plug not on.


HP ProBook 4446s Battery Fit machine:
HP ProBook 4445s Series HP ProBook 4446s Series


HP Audio ProBook series is not only equipped with a large size with a cavity of the speakers and separate bass unit, but it also provides the MAXX Audio audio enhancement software, through its set, not only can enhance the sound effects when the loud speaker, but also inserted headphones also serve to enhance the sense of hearing.


As a flagship entertainment notebook, HP ProBook 6475b not only in the visual and audio effects done enough homework, and it randomly comes with an audio production software, HP Music Maker, it provides us with the support of multiple audio tracks. built a variety of musical elements, and a wealth of reconciling items, users can record your own music.


The integrated touchpad for the HP 6475b is configured not only to the area is very large, but also supports multi-touch two fingers in the rotation above the picture rotation function; use three fingers slide down, can play the role of the Show Desktop; When we use three fingers sliding up and can play the function Alt + Tab in Windows7, to start the 3D window switching modes, use very convenient.


HP next-generation video entertainment notebook, the HP ProBook 6475b on the hardware configuration very well, Ivy Bridge, cool Core i7 3610QM quad-core processors with 8GB of DDR3 1600 memory and graphics card GT650M can provide us with excellent gaming performance in 1366 × 768 to distinguish rate is almost able to cope with the market all the large 3D game is a game with the strongest performance in the current 14-inch notebook product.


In addition to its excellent hardware configuration of the 4445s in appearance also brought us a very good design, horizontal metal wire drawing material top cover with the whole tough lines, we are very fresh and simple visual effects. But as a series of video ProBook 6475b is also equipped with the B & O ICEPower, certified SonicMaster "vocal master sound system and independent woofer, providing excellent audio and audio-visual experience.


HP ProBook 6475b Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 47Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  363g
Size: 210.00 x 20.00 x 70.30 mm
Color: Black

However, due to the higher profile, the body design is relatively slim, so it's the whole heat than conventional 14-inch notebook is slightly higher, but considering its high-performance machine, or within the acceptable range.

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