HP FP06 FP09 Battery vs HP ProBook 240 250 255 Battery

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Fuselage on the left you can see a grille, as well as three USB 3.0 interface and a multi-card reader interface, USB3.0 has been very popular configuration 3 interface in addition to the demonstration of good faith at the same time, and also shows This interface standard penetration. Most of the interfaces are concentrated in the rear of the fuselage, we see that in addition to the two rows of symmetrical radiator grille, from left to right is a power connector, an RJ-45 Ethernet card interface, a VGA video output port, a Display Port interface and an HDMI interface. Overall interface arrangement is reasonable, relatively complete variety, everyday applications can be met.


C surface layer with a unique design, power button and red lights decorative personality and unassuming, keyboard design is also fully take into account the actual use habits of gamers, also has an independent numeric keypad on the right, the game operation more convenient. Battery, ProBook 240 with 6cell HP ProBook 240 Battery, the volume is not small, but also to the whole life time is a big slice of the mainstream non-professional game almost all the same, you can reach about 3.5-4 hours.


For a gaming notebook, must be the design of the the muscle full sense of the body, so the body size do not have to be too concerned about, the more heavy body, will not only improve the level of heat, still more visually domineering. Or its thickness and weight of the test results the ProBook 240 thickness 49mm, with the battery weighs 3.36 kg, the 15.6-inch notebook, the block header it is sturdy.


In the hardware configuration, the get this HP ProBook 240 games with this AMD A10-5750M APU quad-core processor, equipped with 750GB 7200 rpm mechanical hard disk, as well as two 4GB DDR3 1600MHz 8GB capacity, high-speed memory component, graphics cards The model uses a processor comes with the integration of the single significant core graphics card with 2GB GDDR3 video memory AMD Radeon HD 7970M high-end graphics card.

Self-rating system hardware detection, finally got 5.9 points, according to the bucket theory, short board is the primary hard side, the absence of solid-state hard disk, so the overall score is a certain degree of pulled down a lot of graphics and The games have been 6.7 is still very rare. HP ProBook 240 with HP FP06 Battery processor test by the test results of the Cinebench R11.5 OpenGL score of 40.10Fps the CPU score of 2.25pts.


Graphics cards, the aircraft accelerated processor embedded fusion single significant HD 8650G Graphics performance is excellent, users do not need high-performance graphics, respond to high-definition movies is not a problem. Also, the machine ready for gamers AMD Radeon HD 7970M graphics card, the specifications in the mobile graphics card is more powerful. HD7670M alone significantly by 3DMark 11 performance testing, performance file, the final score of 2655 points, the overall performance is quite good.


Cooling capacity, we Furmark software and Winrar solution of compression software running at the same time, continuous pager more than an hour, the final processor's temperature reaches 69 ° C, the graphics temperature of 82 ° C, the overall performance of the heat is pretty good. Due to the use of a large-capacity battery, so endurance guaranteed by the information display system, the life time of three and a half hours, under normal conditions is still acceptable.


The HP ProBook 250 notebook with HP ProBook 250 Battery is equipped with the latest AMD APU platform A10 quad-core processor. While providing the industry's only Eyefinity display output full HD output design. At the same time, ProBook 240 then comes with a wealth of accessories, such as the following with is Alex custom dog tag can be regarded as a small gift to send the players, in addition, also comes with a gaming mouse with a full range of gaming experience to the players.


First, the cost is too high. Solid state drive high-speed flash memory itself per MB price is relatively high, SSD technology is not mature, the high cost of memory chips, the production yield is low, these factors lead to solid-state hard drive prices much higher than the mechanical hard disk. The Jingdong Mall where I search for some solid-state drive, a SanDisk the 128G solid-state hard drive priced at $ 599, and a Samsung 840 Series 250G solid state drive the price up to 999 yuan, higher to the nearest thousand price with itself in stark contrast to the hard disk capacity, you know this one thousand to buy a 2TB mechanical drives are more than enough.



HP ProBook 240 with 9cell HP FP09 Battery comprehensive effort in enhancing the gaming experience, such as using the Killer NIC also has Audio Boost sound output, increase anti-oxidation, transmission efficiency and the intensity of the noise canceling, so the sound quality of the ProBook 240 more pure, Cooler Boost technology , just gently touch the cold light of the above the keyboard shortcuts, will be able to automatically adjust the core temperature variations and fan speed, lower temperature, allowing the player to have a better gaming experience is more valuable than simply improve the hardware configuration.


The third is the stability. The working life of the flash memory chip is far below the mechanical hard two categories: SLC and MLC flash memory chips, which SLC can only withstand 100,000 write, and cheaper, widely used in the U disk, flash memory card MLC is only exposed to a mere 10,000 write. 10000 write life for U disk or MP3, digital cameras these temporary equipment, but for the solid-state drive is clearly not allowed.

Is a solid-state hard drive capacity is generally small, the capacity of the SSD 64G - 512G, as opposed to mechanical hard or to a small number, and a 512GB solid-state hard drive priced at 3,000 yuan, close to the price of an entry-notebook. The solid-state drive to achieve large HP ProBook 255 Battery, can increase the number of flash memory chips, on the other hand, the need to enhance the capacity of a single block of flash memory chips. But the former can not be unlimited upgrade, which takes time. Solid state drive is clearly not as the main storage medium for data storage requirements of a friend only to reprovision removable hard disk alleviate the pressing.

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