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Yesterday, Hewlett-Packard has released a low-cost ultra-extreme HP Pavilion14/15 claimed that its price is only 3999 dollar! Although previously there are some domestic manufacturers launched the ultra-extreme of the same price, but for the global ranking of the top five PC makers, Hewlett-Packard is the first ultra extreme of the price of the drive down to this price, As we all know, to become a need to meet the terms of the Intel ultra-extreme, such as the thickness of less than 18mm (14 inches or more is not more than 21mm, you must configure the SSD solid state drive (size does not matter), life time more than 5 hours to support British Special uh rapid response. mainstream super pole of the currently can not be reduced to 3999 price notebook thin irreversible trend was born, so a thin and light notebook range between the ultra-extreme and traditional notebook.


we can not help but think of before The burst of electricity supplier price war, the result turned out did not get us a little more affordable, then for the dismal sales in the first half of this ultra-extreme, low-cost can become the last straw? Over most of this really such a low price allows users to enjoy the benefits? Next we pass the brand new HP Pavilion 14 with 4cell HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14 Battery to solve the mystery.


Compared with the beginning of the listing, the ultra-extreme price has dropped to five or six thousand, only just launched half the price, but most users are not buying it, because the extremely ultra the relatively mainstream notebook prices remain higher, appeared on the market a number of not over most of this ultra-extreme ", the test HP Pavilion 14 is kind of notebook one.


For such a thin notebook, some only than super-pole of the thickness of 1 ~ 2mm, some standard voltage processor, some ultra-extreme remove the SSD only configure a mechanical hard Anyway, did not meet the ultra-extreme requirements, but they look the same very slim, also has good performance, and the price is cheaper, but products like the HP Pavilion 14 for only 3999 dollar this test is very rare.


However tangled after HP conference declared Pavilion 14 with HP Pavilion 14 Battery is a system equipped with win8 over most of this, but songce HP Pavilion 14 pre-installed Ubuntu system, apparently unable to Intel's ultra-extreme rapid response technology, which is currently can not be regarded as ultra-extreme, so we will plan to the ranks of the ultra-thin notebook, but it really is too close and ultra-extreme, Pavilion 14 considered a not super pole of the "ultra-extreme, then and compared to the commercially available thin notebook in the appearance of the interface, it has the advantage? Such a low price, the hardware configuration is enough? How cool is that? The battery can be used how long? Work how? Next With these questions, let us together into Pavilion 14.


HP Pavilion 14 in order to reduce costs, did not like the ultra-extreme as the use of metal materials, but the whole composite material, surface, beautiful beautiful piano paint process, but less secure, and easily contaminated with fingerprints. Simple roof design, edge slightly angular Waterfront wavy pattern, with elegant red, Poxian Juanxiu temperament.


HP Pavilion 15 with 15-inch glossy screen and 4cell HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 Battery, the resolution is more common 1366 × 768 glossy screen transparent, high brightness, but the general effect of anti-glare, and is not suitable for use in bright light. Pavilion 14 the backend use and HP DV series is similar to the tail design, slightly upturned, with sunken shaft design, the maximum open angle of up to about 130 °, which belongs to the design of a more public, the advantage of open resistance than small, able to provide users with more viewing angle to make it more convenient to operate the notebook.


HP Pavilion thickness before and after 14 fuselage is basically the same, are about 22mm, slightly thicker than Intel developed the ultra-extreme 21mm thickness, although it is also very slim, but over most of this can not be called, can only be regarded as a The ultrathin this. As we all know, the fuselage mold 1mm in thickness, may presage behind the huge amount of design input, so over most of this will be so high price. The mold cost reduction should Pavilion 14 at the lower price, an important reason for its reduced price reduce a lot of pressure.


HP Pavilion 14 Sleekbook machine using composite materials, though slightly thicker, but the bare metal weight is not high, only 1.81kg, power adapter and a traditional laptop, so travel reached a weight of 2.145kg. Relative to the ultra-pole of this is a certain gap, but for ordinary laptop, has a small advantage, regarded the ultrathin this very good product.


Use one-piece design, the HP Pavilion 14 touchpad and palm rest looks seamless, more beautiful surface lattice design, feel good, high sensitivity, not too slippery to avoid misuse. Has around independent buttons, easy to operate, and to reduce the misuse touchpad a circular touch to open the key in the upper left corner, when not in use can touch to turn off the touchpad, which is a unique design in HP very convenient.


HP Pavilion 14 interface is relatively complete basic interface used day-to-day work life have the fuselage on the left is a row of cooling holes, so the design is relatively simple, a safety lock, a USB 2.0 interface and a headset / microphone composite interface.


HP Pavilion 15 keyboard area and HP Pavilion 15 Battery with sunken design, the palm rest area operation in line with the point of view of the wrist would be more comfortable. Most notebooks will use, simple and elegant island-style chocolate keyboard key from the larger, easy to clean, a good key rebound efforts, the body thinner, the key process is shorter, the overall feel in general. HP Pavilion 14 keyboard surface overall design simple is not equipped with an independent multimedia shortcut keys, just the power key independent in the top left of the keyboard, no keyboard backlight in a dark environment, which will give a keyboard input cause some inconvenience.


HP Pavilion 14 the right side of the fuselage provides more than one card reader, two USB 3.0 ports, 1 HDMI, 1 RJ-45 interface cable and a power jack. It can be seen, not VGA interface when connected monitor or projector for the business office who may be less convenient. RJ-45 cable interface, in order to ensure the body thin processing, down spring baffle design, however minor, no effect for normal use.


Into September, HP ENVY m4 notebook with 6cell and 9cell HP ENVY m4 Battery configuration updates, adding more low-end Core i3 processor. Now I got the one equipped with third-generation Core i7 3217U processor achievements m4 laptop, this model is priced at just 4899 yuan, can be said to be closer to the user. How the performance of the Core i3 3217U can respond to the complex needs of the office the ENVY the m4 overall on the another office support trial, see this article.

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