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Compared with the previous generation , ThinkPad E440/E540 body decreases , weight , B / C surface to enhance the overall border effect , become more simple . Especially the B-side frame is narrower than the ThinkPad L430 series of 20% . ThinkPad L series of new upgrades of the new floating island -style keyboard keycap design uses a symmetrical arc and area increased by 30%. 180 degree opening and closing metal hinge . Demand optional 14 in. HD, HD + screen, 15 inches HD, FHD screen . Using a 720P HD camera, and configure high-fidelity noise-canceling microphone and a second -generation dual Dolby audio technology to enhance the quality of remote communication . New fourth-generation intelligent Intel Core Duo processor , optional NVDIA GeForce series graphics dynamically switch pairs . ThinkPad E440/E540 through the dust, moisture, shock , impact resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature and other U.S. 8 military standard tests. In data security management functions, customers can Intel vPro technology (Intel vPro), Port Lock , Trusted Platform Module and many other types to choose from .


We tested before the burst -inch thin and light ThinkPad E540 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E540 Battery alone was entertainment in this , recently received a 14-inch AMD platform ThinkPad E440, with the former , as they all belong to the recent hot LENOVO push Pavilion Sleekbook slim product line. Netizens may know , 4K this market is extremely competitive, and to be honest there are homogeneous case . So there is no point really work, there are some features in the design of products that will soon be submerged. But the new ultra-thin ThinkPad E440/15 a listing does allow editing in the eyes of a bright light, the overall performance is the biggest selling point .


Probably look at the configuration of the mainstream games now can understand the positioning of the DELL Latitude E7240 , the mainstream of the game this is now generally configured GT 750M significant independence , the game at 1366 × 768 if it is no problem under ( available in high definition under smooth running mainstream games ) . But if once improved resolution, graphics card becomes overwhelmed. So DELL Latitude E7240 with GTX 760M becomes necessary , the new GTX 760M alone significantly support TXAA, FXAA effects, adaptive vertical synchronization technology (Adaptive V-sync) , etc., many features only in the GTX class graphics cards to open . So you will feel further visual experience.

Today to introduce the Dell Latitude E7440 laptop , the Latitude E7240 with DELL GVD76 Battery, compared with the previous , new in appearance and not much changed , still graphite silver metal body , with comparable ultra- pole of this thickness and weight ( SSDs the Latitude E7440 is super pole ) , and the introduction of the touch screen, you can give the user a more simple way to use diverse .

New products hit the " almighty wisdom thin , perfectly balanced " slogan , ThinkPad E440 is designed with a new visual appearance , and more slim to 23mm, and the functions and interfaces more whole, with a 7mm optical drive , 1TB hard drive , 2GB ( memory alone significantly HD 8670M), AMD APU Extreme quad-core processor, dual -card crossfire , bring 1 +1> 2 entertainment performance experience.


Talking about ThinkPad E440-n002ax this product, have to say it is very balanced configuration . From now mainstream and thin ultrabook product point of view, can do 4K price segment , especially in this price segment 4K grazing alone significantly + quad-core products is not much. ThinkPad E440 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440 Battery is equipped with the latest in Richland A10-5745M Extreme quad-core processor , in this case with a built after mainstream HD 8670M Crossfire , GPU theoretical performance can be improved 32% , with the whole 1TB large capacity hard disk , so that the performance of the aircraft tends to be more balanced , whether it is entertainment , 3D online games, or daily application requirements are satisfied. So from this point of view ThinkPad E440-n002ax is a balance of high performance , affordable products.


Hardware side , the new Latitude E7440 has been fully upgraded with the latest fourth-generation intelligent Intel Haswell architecture Core family of processors and the latest NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card, and has fingerprint recognition device to provide a more simple and efficient security mechanisms. Testing the prototype for the low version , equipped with i3-4010U processor, 4GB memory and 500GB mechanical hard drive, an entry- thin business in this category.


Dell Latitude E7440 notebook with 4cell DELL PFXCR Battery  kinds of graphite silver and flame red color appearance for different users to choose, this show is the former , style biased calm , especially for male users . The aircraft followed the ultra-thin design, so from the materials used , it is quite elegant , cover , palm rest for the hard metal material, can provide adequate support to achieve the anti-extrusion , impact characteristics, as far as possible to protect the screen and internal motherboard components safe.

On the other hand , editors believe that the new ultra-thin version of the ThinkPad E440 with a new ID, which allows ThinkPad E440/E540 have a better degree of recognition , and user experience. Such as the concept of this slim , 23mm appearance, including the fillet arc design, HP Imprint flower markings cover , as well as plating cover Logo and name of the founder of the shaft ...... and so on, so that different price segment users can have a more stylish and personalized options to get rid of cheap feeling , I think this is a new ultra-thin Series Pavilion place to do more in place .

Of course, there are some kind of local LENOVO , written in front of 15 -inch products , they also said . It comes with some features , like Coolsense, 3D DriveGuard hard disk protection technology , DTS | Sound + sound certification , etc., some technologies are not only used in the ENVY series , Spectre and other more high-end department class, while also Pavilion inside . So there is no benefit is reduced because of experience, especially entertainment features, the others have, rather kind .


Here a brief appearance of the product , we have just mentioned LENOVO 2013 years new design ID, in general, the new high-end products that are some of the atmosphere , especially above the HP Imprint process of small spots with paint technology , smooth feel is more , especially the A side , while easily contaminated with fingerprints bright , relatively ban dirty .


LENOVO launched a new business Ultrabook LENOVO ThinkPad X140e, with 14-inch display with optional touch screen, 3cell LENOVO ThinkPad X140e Battery hance the user experience , while also providing an optional second battery slice , amazing battery life increased to 33 hours. LENOVO ThinkPad X140e host up to 11 hours battery life , extended batteries and added a host cell , can provide users with 33 hours long life experience , both short-term travel can save power cord !


CINEBENCH R11.5 CINEBENCH R10 is the first test of an upgraded version of the test results with the CINEBENCH R10 is similar to the fourth -generation Core i7-4700MQ multithreaded 6.09 , single-threaded score of 1.53 at a high level in a notebook . PCmark7 PCmark prominent media computing power is a hardware performance evaluation tool , it is more focused on the daily simulation software evaluation . DELL Latitude E7240 The test achieved 3380 points, this result is higher than the average level of the current notebook , to fully meet our running Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max and other large software needs.

HP ProBook 640 with HP ProBook 640 Battery C-face basic design has not changed, with a full-size keyboard, ultra-thin chocolate , frosted keycaps . From the author 's actual experience , its key process is not particularly abundant , knocking it will be slightly more rigid feel, more suitable for mild or moderate use, such as the daily document processing, e-mail reply , Internet chat, simple games, etc. and so on. The machine is still using large integrated touchpad , the surface drawing processing, visually very pleasing , feel more comfortable . In order to avoid user errors , Dell also joined the anti inadvertently its technology and rapid closure of the shortcut keys , thoughtful .

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