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There is no denying that the emergence of ultra-extreme led thin laptop trend, which is popular with users welcome thing. Intel even for ultra-pole of this set a thickness of standards: 14-inch thickness of less than 18mm, 14 inch thickness of less than 21mm. But apparently Intel does not meet IDF 2012 Technology Summit held recently, Intel said third-generation ultra-pole of the thickness of the standard will be further reduced to 15 mm. It seems that the notebook thin trend has been unstoppable; simultaneously touch screen over most of this will also be one of the priorities of the pole is the next generation of super.


In addition, last week's Apple conference has attracted worldwide attention on the long-rumored 13-inch Retina screen MacBook Pro does not come. However, according to Taiwan media to reliable sources, Apple's supply chain has begun shipping the new iMac equipped with Retina screen 13.3-inch MacBook Pro is likely to debut in October.


Although HP still occupy the PC market, but the upward trend does not seem so obvious, also encountered a lot of problems. After a brief adjustment, Hewlett-Packard to HP Envy m4 with HP HSTNN-YB4D Battery overly Series main ultra-extreme recently said in the domestic market is good and a share of 23.6%, surged to second in China. Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard CEO Whitman also the media for the first time confirmed that HP is developing a smart phone, sooner or later, will be launched related products.


In the recently held IDF 2012 (Intel Developer Forum Intel Developer Forum), Intel disclosed that the third generation of ultra-extreme will be listed by the middle of next year, powered by the next generation of the the Haswell U-series low-voltage version of the processor. It is worth mentioning that the next generation of ultra-pole of the thickness of the standard will be further reduced to 15 mm.


Momentum quite good Lenovo strike while the iron is hot, its main face of the medium and small enterprises, the white-collar business and SOHO crowd brand Lenovo Yang days last week launched a full line of new commercial PC, including its first ultra-extreme Yangtian V490u most "mini" split "Jan Tin Newell, Center desktop Young the day A8000u and the brand-new application software platform, as well as 13-inch fuselage, 14-inch screen features of the notebook HP Sleekbook 14 with HP VK04 Battery Fashion Business notebook, as well as the brand new one desktop Yangtian S770 products.


Meanwhile, native support for touch operation due to join the system of the Windows 8 operating system, the next generation of ultra-pole of this guarantee the ultimate slim at the same time, there may be equipped with touch-screen technology. Sun satisfied Rhythm (Navin Shenoy), vice president of Intel, said that Intel is being "re-invent the PC, which from the beginning of our technology." Intel hopes, the future of the PC will be a new hybrid form, the user can use it like to use tablet. At the same time, it is still a PC.


Summit, Intel demonstrated the next generation of chips, code-named Haswell. The Haswell chip is specifically consider a new form of PC design, its power consumption is very low. The Haswell chip power consumption is less than 10 watts. Equipped with this chip, ultra-extreme life is expected to double.


The SAMSUNG 100N with 6cell SAMSUNG AA-PB0RC4M Battery over most of this in a calm, wise black color based on, but also increased the passion of Chinese red pretty color version, the addition of a new choice for fashion-conscious women users. The machine uses a monolithic magnesium aluminum alloy material, so stout guaranteed. Compared with black paint, a strong sense of vitality red top cover metal wire drawing process integration of more natural, at the same time is even better in terms of anti-wear anti-scratch.

Intel called on the developer, take advantage of the powerful computing capabilities of the next-generation platform, develop more innovative forms of interaction, such as voice, gestures and other operations. "Computing will have a different form. Ultimately, we are a calculation of the company, rather than a computer company."


The Intel the IT Summit IDF2012 on, Intel's senior vice president of Sales and Market Division General Manager Mr. Tang Kerui accepted participants media group visit, during the interviews it comes to the ultra-extreme.


And then look down, DELL 6430u with DELL 9KGF8 Battery the entire keyboard surface design the TP style is, as always, but the keyboard is not the traditional button design, but instead of island-style reform last year. Whole workmanship modest fine, but the others have had, are equipped with the function keys, Little Red Riding Hood, fingerprint recognition.

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