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Initially, the emergence of the notebook to office who can be more convenient mobile office appear. Major brands launch all kinds of notebook while almost has a high-quality reputation of the business of this series, I bring this LENOVO E49 LENOVO's "high-end business in this series one. Its own 14-inch big screen, 1600 x 900 HD resolution the IVB of Core i5 processor, Intel HD4000 Graphics Core, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of memory, office performance is excellent, but also a lot of high-end business logo, details Look at the content of the following evaluation.

LENOVO E49 as a high-end business notebook, the body mainly silver gray lines, giving the overall feeling strong business atmosphere, body cap with a Tri-Metal magnesium alloy shell surface has the texture of the imitation technical drawing process, extremely resistant corrosion-resistant clean without leaving any fingerprints. The less write fancy, have become more practical, this is the business of the high quality standards.

LENOVO E49 14-inch matte anti-glare screen with 1600 × 900 ultra-high definition resolution, so that the screen is more detailed and clear, did not miss any important details. Matte anti-glare screen provides a convenient office users often outdoors, the less affected by the sun.

The fuselage the general vertical shaft, open angle up to 180 °, the screen good flexibility and the shaft good stability, body shaking screen opens state, the screen and not with shaking before and after the chaotic pendulum .

LENOVO E49 14-inch large-size business of the impact due to the heat, the CD-ROM drive interface, the body is relatively thick, in the actual measurements, body thickness of between 33.92 ~ 35.07mm. Body weight, weight bare metal 2.835Kg, travel weight of 3.27Kg, Travel recommends using backpack, although the body is relatively thick and heavy, but also to make it more robust, shock, drop. LENOVO E49 keyboard and LENOVO E49 Battery than traditional floating island chocolate keyboard keys for symmetric arc-shaped, meet ergonomic, fingers and full contact with the keys, typing long will not feel tired. The test machine is not backlit keyboard, but can choose to have a backlit keyboard version of the E49 in the actual purchase. The set of three above the keyboard shortcuts to adjust the sound for a second switch voice, very practical.

It also designed and the Thinkpad "Little Red Riding Hood" "black hat", touch, sensitivity, practical and "Little Red Riding Hood" almost need to improve the keyboard not prominent, relatively short length of the rocker. LENOVO E49 uses a separate touchpad, touchpad smaller, but responsive and accurate, instead of a mouse button resilience moderate the actual experience, I feel very good, easy to use than many integrated touchpad not less.


AMD next-generation mobile platform APU continuation of the previous generation APU overall layout, where E Series Positioning lowest, mainly for low-end entry-level users, mainly in low-cost portable notebook; A family-oriented mainstream notebook users, which A4/A6 / A8 A10 compared to the new members of the A series, the performance of the strongest high-end positioning, the same as the previous generation of Series A corresponding product positioning. LENOVO E49 equipped with the test A8-4500M point of view, it has four physical cores, TDP of 35W, 32nm manufacturing process has 4MB2 level cache, clocked at 1.9GHz, fusion HD7640G graphics card with 256 Radeon core. In processor performance, we use CINEBENCH R10 test A8-4500M, multithreaded score for 7006, in the lower-middle level in the current mainstream notebook, basically meet the demand of the day-to-day application of processor performance.

SYSMark a hardware performance assessment tool launched by BAPCo organization, it can test the performance and production performance of commercial operation of the computer. In such a test, LENOVO E49 achieved a total score of 114 points, this score is below the average mainstream notebook that test, but LENOVO E49 or better Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max, commercial office software requirements. 3Dmark VANTAGE is a benchmark DX10 API-based software, The GPU test section can be more accurately demonstrate the level of gaming performance notebook. In the test, we open AMD dual graphics mode, its 3Dmark VANTAGE GPU project score 21922 alone significantly notebook with the same price slightly higher, the actual game experience makes us look forward. In the actual testing of the game, we select the "metro 2033" "The Elder Scrolls 5", "Call of Duty" and "dust" and "Battlefield 3" Five games in 1366 * 768 resolution medium quality into the actual game testing, from the overall performance, LENOVO E49's gaming performance at this price or not good, can cope with most 3D games, but remains to be improved in terms of game compatibility.


ASUS A56C with 4cell ASUS A56C Battery new mold is still home entertainment models targeted at mid-configuration to upgrade to a new IVB platform, equipped with the latest third-generation mobile platform Core processor. ASUS A56C change the design, new mold compared to the former also have a lot of improvement, but the overall feeling is still remnants of the shadow of the past.


ASUS multifunction docking station provides interface expansion, stereo speakers, as well as the power supply of these useful features, In addition, the stent also can help users achieve improved operating purposes. Use the docking station, in addition to the original notebook interface is still available outside, but also added a DVD drive / hard bit, two DVI, two PS / 2 interface, a serial port, a parallel interface, an Ethernet port, 1 security keyhole, a video connector interface, six USB ports, one e-SATA port and two HDMI ports, so whether it is connecting the audio and video output, printing equipment, optical storage devices, or other external devices can be random access, easier to use.

Forgotten the power-on password how to do? The user forgot the password the ASUS original SpareKey technology, graphical interactive problem to the user prompt, re-enter the operating system to answer correctly.

Prompt Retrieve password technology, seemingly simple, many sites have provided, but not yet entered the computer systems and networking, we must rely on the ASUS exclusive UEFI encrypted data partition. With the new generation of the listing, the new generation of SpareKey also upgrade to support user-defined problems and the corresponding answer, so as to further improve the security login system guess the more impossible to achieve. Through the the SpareKey smart prompted to log in to the system, SpareKey also prompt even if a user updates a forgotten password, caring more practical.

SpareKey unique features and more on the computer can be maliciously set password lock without destroying data and system rescue system recovery, provides a powerful tool for IT staff to enhance equipment management.


The ASUS A56CM Battery and keyboard area, is exactly the same with the ASUS A56C. Shortcuts settings, and layout are the same, the keyboard area right upper three shortcut buttons turn the wireless switch, fast Internet access and voice switch; top left of the keyboard is the power switch. The ASUS A56CM the left side of the fuselage interface: power, RJ-45, RJ-11, DVD drive and a Secure Digital card slot.

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