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Three upper left corner of the keyboard audio control buttons provided at a position corresponding to the right , the power button is provided , and three indicators . Users can keep running the equipment , while the volume control is more convenient. Touchpad design quite satisfactory , the area is not much nor too small. Set up five separate keys are silent design , three touch panel is the corresponding side of the pointing stick used.


In the right palm care position , we can see a sign of induction , which is set by Dell designed for large enterprise customers contactless smart card reader , which also highlights this ultra- pole of this high-end status . In addition, in the lower right corner position right palm care is also provided with a fingerprint reader , for business users, the addition of a DELL 34GKR Battery heavy data security protection .


Commercial positioning , excellent scalability is essential. The super pole Due to the unique design of the shaft , so most of the space in the rear fuselage can be used . But also because the first half of the miter design on both sides of the fuselage , causing both sides of the space is not sufficient . On the left side of the fuselage , the end part is closest to the heat vent , the first half of the chamfered surface designed SC smart card slot and SD card slot .


Right side of the body, after hemi- designed safety lock, a physical switch a USB3.0 interface , a 2-in- 1 audio jack and wireless networks. Front of the fuselage , due to the unique blade design , so I did not set the interface , but on an incline setting up speakers, the sound through the desktop bounce resonance , can bring better sound .


Rear fuselage , from our perspective this looked left ( that is, the right of the corresponding side of the shaft ) set up RJ45 network interface , a USB3.0 interface and mini DP interfaces ; while the other side , set up power adapter , USB3.0 interface supports charge off and HDMI interfaces.


Although not equipped with a VGA interface, but mini DP to join better, by transfer cable can easily cope with peripheral connections , such as a projector . Can be designed in such a thin body , so rich interface design , showing details of the design of Dell 's very hard . Next, we will move to the bottom of the fuselage of sight , where we can see the entire bottom is very simple, but also beyond the point where the battery using a metal material , security has been further guaranteed.


At the bottom we can see a diversion hole , so we can confirm this Ultrabook also used anti- splash feature, this is good news for business users . At the top , there is provided a docking connector , through the universal docking station that allows to connect peripheral devices greatly enhance the functionality , including mSATA, serial port, Ethernet port , USB port, audio port, VGA port , DVI interfaces , COM port that is a serial communications port, a parallel port and a Display Port communication interfaces .

LENOVO G40 uses a 4cell LENOVO G40 Battery and 13.3 -inch full HD ultra wide-angle IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1080, with up to 350cd/m2 brightness , with a 178 -degree ultra- wide viewing angle, the color , viewing angle and contrast screen , they are able to provide users with to a more perfect visual experience. And adoption. IPS screen is considered as the best LCD technology to support 72% color gamut, plus 350 high lumens and 800:1 high contrast screen color display richer.


HP 250 G2 to light as the theme, the weight of the machine is also controlled at about 2.6KG, the thickness of only 21.8mm, which for positioning the end of the game in terms of very rare, does not affect the performance, while also taking into account the problem of portability With the popularity of the super deformed and equipment, the game also began downsizing the changes, perhaps in the future will be another new standards for such products.

In cooperation among foundry and blue sky , HP has accumulated a wealth of experience, especially HP series , almost to the sky to be responsible for the overall control, we bring you this is just listed near the HP 250 G2 with 9cell 7800mAh HP 250 G2 Battery as HP 255 reprint products , and before either the configuration or appearance are almost no difference , still using the fans are very familiar with the W650R mold , then using the experience and the specific heat , etc. are there changes? This is why we should focus on observations.


In addition to these three , ENVY m7 to the author left the deepest impression is fine workmanship . HP this product as a high-end notebook brand in workmanship is really excellent. In addition , ENVY m7 in the details also do more in place. Metallic material time of the fuselage on the easy to wear , so ENVY m7 bottom four corners of the body set up rubber mats , mat chrome metal ring around the use of edging, while protecting the bottom of the body to avoid wear and tear , but also to ensure that the aesthetics of the machine.
Entire C surface is a layer of internal ENVY m7 black piano lacquer panels with a pattern , and this level in the outer plate , comes a layer of plexiglass , so ENVY m7 with 6cell HP ENVY m7 Battery entire C surface looks very stylish .

A4-5000 's GPU is used GCN architecture , high- performance implementation of the architecture of the obvious on its launch HD7 series graphics card, this generation of the Fusion HD 8330GPU units , 128 stream processors , core frequency has reached 500Mhz with matching hybrid crossfire significant independence is HD8570M, its performance is quite obvious. Dual GPU collaborative operation , gaming performance is also guaranteed . Of memory 255 G2 is equipped with a single 4GB DDR3 memory. Single memory design , but also left room for the user to upgrade to a certain extent .


For HP 255 G2 ultra- thin notebook such a product , its interior space is very limited , narrow space for cooling is definitely a challenge. But in the actual test , we can see , HP 255 G2 in temperature control performance is very good. HP 255 G2 in the case of high-intensity use its processor and graphics card temperature higher than the temperature standby , with an increase of 10 degrees Celsius , but this is still a very satisfactory temperature. In actual use, the user basic feel exudes from body heat near the surface of the keyboard and palm rest and no heat accumulation . Of course HP 255 G2 with 9cell HP 255 G2 Battery has excellent heat dissipation and A4-5000 processor power consumption of only 15W relevant .


Subsequently, we also do a bit of the whole cooling effect of the test , in the normal operation of watching movies , office , etc. An hour later , the temperature of the keyboard and palm rest and did not imagine the high , did not appear worried about the situation of our high-temperature hot . Then we passed Furmark pager software testing, the keyboard and palm rest temperature rises slightly, but still does not appear to feel discomfort hand , the cooling effect of the whole machine is in good level


By understanding the appearance of LENOVO G50 , you can certainly find this with " Tall " super pole positioning temperament extraordinary . Although with ultra- pole of this identity, but LENOVO G50 still has high-end configuration and 4cell LENOVO G50 Battery, the pursuit of high-performance user can select different processor models , processor configuration includes the fourth generation of intelligent Intel Core i5-4200U, i7-4500U and Iris torch with sharp graphics core i7-4558U.

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