LENOVO G400 G500 G505s G710 Battery VS ACER Aspire V7 Battery

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Since Lenovo took over the ThinkPad brand of this business, Lenovo Essential original series has gradually withdrew from the mass consumer perspective, this product is mainly to go commercial, large customer channels, there is not a lot to see in the store. Essential series although not as TP is so famous, but it learned a lot from the TP classic elements of great change in the Thinkpad encountered controversy when, Essential G505s those traditional elements who might make more attracted to older users.


Now bigger and unlike ThinkPad ThinkPad, and Essential is bigger like ThinkPad, although Essential G505s not become a mere "copy", but the appearance of elements which actually learned a seven, eight. And this sets "Essential Edition black" very good value for money, not just the design has a very good business, the price also has a strong competitive edge.


Wrist rest part adopts the feel of fine grinding process, because the use of matte design, a bit less matte heavy feeling, feeling is still very delicate. Right side of the fuselage is a business of the standard fingerprint reader. Lenovo Essential G505s with LENOVO G505s Battery fuselage on the left there is a VGA, a charge off of support USB3.0 and an audio input and output holes. VGA is now a large area in the face out when the machines are generally not frivolous with this interface.


Later testers using manual timing mode, the test time starts about 17:45, about 10% remaining battery test when 20:55, which means that the low intensity of the test environment around his endurance about 3 hours, for office users who travel frequently, the battery life is indeed enough. But on the other hand is, this product is not very mobile customers ready.


The right side of the fuselage, there are 2 × USB3.0 +1 × USB2.0, HDMI, RJ45 and square power connector. A total of four fuselage USB, including the traditional notebook HDMI / VGA and SD card reader, the overall expansion of capacity extremely well, we know that the thinner the product interface is less, but this product is the interface really on the number and type amazing. Lenovo Essential G500 with LENOVO G500 Battery are all machine work and feel superior, but this alone is not enough battery some kind. It is equipped with a 4-cell 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries, we conducted a MoblieMark2012 test, but the test battery reaches 10% or so failed, several tests have not passed this threshold, so the test results did not get the icon.


We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will heat the whole of the two parts of CPU and graphics card fully up and running, running for 30 minutes after the temperature at a height limit, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see each machine is running out of heat in the case, we also use FLUKE infrared thermal imaging devices, each location were observed temperature heating conditions. In the limit of the full load condition, the Lenovo Essential G505s cooling performance is not satisfactory, at room temperature, 28 ° C environment, after 30 minutes at full load keyboard surface temperature is maintained at between 35-40 ° C, while the temperature in the highest position is in the position of the touch panel, a large one over 50 ° C we set limit. In normal use state, it's thermal performance is acceptable. Overall, this business in the heat of the performance is very general, mainly due to its built-in graphics card has become a big heat, but also to some extent reduce the battery life time.


Lenovo Essential G710 with  LENOVO G710 Battery configure a third-generation Intel Core i5-3337U dual-core processor, 4GB DDR3 1600 memory, NVIDIA GeForce 710M significant independence entry-level, 500GB mechanical hard drive. Overall configuration is fairly balanced, if only for the daily office is still very adequate. This is an Intel Core i5-3337U belong midrange processor, clocked at 1.8GHz, single-core Core frequency of 2.7GHz, TDP is only 17W, with a 3MB L3 cache.


Switch button to the form of physical buttons is set in the upper left corner of the C plane, bottom left we can see the opening of Essential Speaking of iconic Logo, on the touchpad, Essential G400 did not choose the stylish one-piece design, and still using the traditional separation-button design, this design allows users to use very practical, not too tangled touchpad buttons appear insensitive or may slip.


With this release of Windows 8 system, BAPCo also announced a new SYSMark 2012, Pacific notebook channel also the first time to upgrade the test software. SYSMark 2012 still continues to use the 2007 version of the test method - through the actual installation of a variety of office or industrial software and run Demo built to simulate the real use of the environment, and its results are still obtained has a high reference value. Because the old and new test software is currently in the transfer stage, we have not gathered enough contrast SYSMark 2012 can be used to test scores, so the above result is only for your reference.


PCMark Vantage provides a more user-friendly features and a key test desktop, mobile, workstation platform unified test scripts, test software based on Windows systems. PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. From multimedia home entertainment system to the notebook, from professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether in the hands of professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, can understand the system performance through the PCMark Vantage test content can be divided into the processor test, graphics test, hard disk testing.


Compared to the previous version of the test software, MobileMark 2012 in a test environment requirements are relatively improved in the system before the test must be repeated, but the driver should also be reasonable to install, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. LENOVO Essential G400 uses a 65Wh six-cell LENOVO G400 Battery, from the given results, Essential G400 life time of 318 minutes, equivalent to as much as five hours down there, to ensure the efficiency values ​​of certain circumstances, this result considered to be fairly good, the screen brightness is reduced if appropriate, you can also get a longer life time.

Right side of the fuselage is relatively simple, only a laptop lock interface and a DVD burner, but due to relatively thin fuselage, so Acer V7 with a 9mm slim optical drive, which is almost the limit of optical thickness. Because of the relatively thin body design, so some interface must adopt a way to connect the adapter, Acer Aspire V7 comes with an RJ-45 Ethernet interface and VGA interface adapter combo through this adapter, Acer Aspire V7 interface base to meet any needs.


Acer Aspire V7 uses a wedge-shaped body design, that is, the thickness of the front end to the back end is increasing, the thickness at the battery at a thickness of 23.17mm which for a non-ultra-pole of this, it is a pretty good result. Through the actual weighing, we found that the Acer Aspire V7 with ACER Aspire V7 Battery bare metal with battery weighs 2.038kg, while V7 adapter is very small, with the power supply weighs only 2.351kg, very easy to carry out.

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