LENOVO G490 G510 Battery vs ASUS F550C F550CA F550CC Battery

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As a business computer, every workplace safety performance is the focus of attention. Usually confidential information inside the computer the value is much more than the value of the machine. ASUS F550C in terms of security, compared with other products has an absolute advantage.


For users familiar with ASUSElite family of products, the high quality Elite series has become significantly each product label. Full magnesium shell, Corning Corning Gorilla Glass glass panel screen and so on, in all details, ASUS F550C have a remarkable performance.


Although more and more deformed Windows 8 PC began to appear, the design is more and more novel, but for business users, that is timeless classic. Rotating screen products, in the very early have emerged. But ASUS F550C details in workmanship and design, have it close to perfect. If I have such a device, it will certainly put it down.

First, ASUS F550C with 4cell ASUS F550CC Battery is a portable, high-performance business notebook full. Personalized design, so that it became the most attractive areas of the deformation of the commercial product. High-end business users, has been the pursuit of creative design and strong performance, ASUS F550C body have been reflected.


ASUS F550C is a deformable business computers. As a deformation device, it has a unique deformation; as a commercial computer, it is safe stable and efficient, and has excellent expansion capability. In addition, it is also very good detail, 720P HD camera, sufficient to resolve the video conferencing needs; its full-size backlit keyboard, the user can make clear in various environments are input; its class skin material shell, provides an excellent touch feeling. Have to say, this is a very good business notebook deformation.


Lenovo Essential G510 with 6cell LENOVO G510 Battery is equipped with a 500GB mechanical hard drive from Hitachi, hard disk speed of 5400 rpm. In HDtune test the maximum read speed of 109MB / s, the speed performance is very good. PCMark 7 as a leading integrated hardware testing tools to quickly conduct a comprehensive test on the overall performance, and the old version of the software, like, PCMark 7 is a comprehensive system for the latest PC performance analysis of the test suite, so that the software runs on Microsoft Windows7 operating system. PCMark 7 includes seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of daily application PC.


However, the resolution of problems arising is also very obvious. Whether Fonts, Web or button appears on the display in high resolution are too small, it looks a little some trouble. While if a lot of content on the screen, it will look a little bit messy. But ASUS built specifically for this situation a practical screen management tool that can help users in the window and the screen to switch between targeted for users to manage the currently open windows.


15.3 inches, 2560 × 1440 resolution, so F550C with ASUS F550C Battery became the first to work with Google Chromebook Pixel and compete with Apple Retina MacBook Pro laptop Windows system. Characteristics for high resolution F550C is definitely a good opportunity because there are a lot of Windows is absolutely loyal fans very much like to have a high-resolution ultra-pole. F550C display effect is very good, bright colors and 220ppi pixel density is very delicate, seeing 1080p resolution for consumers, it is definitely a pleasure.


F550C does not use IPS screen material, but is still on, but the angle was strengthened. During the test, no matter what we are watching F550C odd angle display, are able to easily see the contents of the screen. But if we angle between the screen and the keyboard becomes smaller, so F550C display began to appear reflective phenomenon. While in normal circumstances we would not use the notebook in this point of view, however, and the IPS screen compared, F550C performance still can not be regarded as perfect.


While inserting multiple devices are susceptible to interference. LENOVO G490 using the latest Intel has just released the fourth generation of Intel Core I7-4702MQ processor with significant independence GTX 760M graphics card, from two configuration point of view, G490's LENOVO G490 Battery performance really is worth the wait, the original body is very heavy 15-inch gaming notebook grade hardware into a more than 20 mm thick 14-inch compact body, it's satisfactory performance can do? Then write us look at test scores.


3DMark 11 uses native DirectX 11 engine, the application of the test scenarios, including Tessellation Tessellation, Compute Shader and multithreaded new features, including a large number of DX11. It contains four graphics tests, a physical test and a comprehensive set of tests, and re-supply the Demo demo mode. The test program uses the Bullet physics engine, support for new online services and support based on the original English, joined the German, Finnish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese native support.


Rotatable design with touch screen display is undoubtedly ASUS F550C biggest bright spot in terms of design. Touch-screen, full-size backlit keyboard and other input methods, so the user can according to their needs in different environments to choose their most familiar way to operate, it will also be the platform deformation Tablet PC utility to an extreme. ASUS F550C body size of 11.6 inches, I feel all the distortion products, this size is most appropriate. First, when we take the ASUS F550C as a mobile office computers, compact body, can have a very good portability.


When rotated through 180 °, and then folded up, and instantly turned into a feature excellent tablet. 11.6-inch multi-touch screen, relying on powerful hardware as a support, to provide users with the speed of the operating experience. Tablet PC with the best experience recognized by consumers, but when ASUS F550C as a tablet to use Is, 1.4kg weight, for use with one hand grip is quite challenging, especially for physically very weak sister paper, you need both hands to operate.

ASUS F550C with 6cell ASUS F550CA Battery body weight of only 1.34 kg, you can easily use one hand to hold. First picked it up, I feel the weight of it was very surprised, especially for such a configuration and has a super-high-resolution touch screen super this is so thin body is commendable. Meanwhile, the matte texture of the shell can bring a good sense of control, on the whole very good workmanship.

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