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We place at room temperature 23 degrees temperature test done, AIDA 64 3.0 version pager 30 minutes by Fluke tester to measure the temperature. Specific temperature performance was good, the keyboard surface maximum temperature is below the right palm care, that position should be pretty hard. Maximum 37.7 degrees, and the body temperature almost palms, so do not feel the heat. The back of the machine nor a large area of ​​heat accumulation, the hottest place in the bottom portion of CPU cooling, 43.7 degrees for half an hour pager can also count it. AIDA64 in full display pager core temperature is only 50 degrees, than the average conventional processors at least 10 degrees lower! Therefore Kabini stability is guaranteed.


POWERMARK is the end of 2011, the world's leading graphics and system testing software development company Futuremark released a battery test tool, but also one of the few industry professional-grade power supply testing tools that can simulate different load tests carried out on battery life testing, and provide users with a custom testing options. We turned on WIFI, balanced power mode, the default brightness test, the final score of 5 hours 15 minutes, very good endurance.


In the hardware configuration, this got this Lenovo IdeaPad S410 with LENOVO IdeaPad S410 Battery is equipped with 22nm process technology Intel Core i5 3230M quad-core processor, equipped with Intel HM76 chipset, equipped with Toshiba 500G 7200 rpm hard drive, as well as high-speed single 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, graphics cards, this model comes with a processor with Intel HD 4000 Core Graphics with 1GB DDR3 video memory NVIDIA NVS 5400M graphics card.

Speaking of ultra-thin - Ultrathin, lightweight laptops now have to talk about the trend, I remember a few years ago, we still are in the 32mm thick notebook around, no matter what brand, basically it means streamlining skiving size or the performance of sacrifice. But in recent years, with the process of upgrading the chip TDP power decline, making the notebook cooling slightly above inputs can alleviate some, there are some size slowly also slightly thinner product, in about 22 ~ 30mm, weight 2Kg so thin this gradually recognized by the user. Especially in the last two years, the thin products and fission products out of the two new camps - Intel led Ultrabook with AMD Ultrathin ultra-thin. In fact, regardless of the kind of products, giving users experience are constantly improving, and users concerned about heat, endurance, performance, etc. along with the birth of new processors become more spectacle.


MEDION Akoya P6638 with 6cell MEDION Akoya P6638 Battery smart gestures using exclusive technology, with faster, more accurate detection and wider gesture gesture control, enhanced touch functionality, ensuring improved touch input. These gestures such as tap, scroll, zoom, drag, click, and other additional features. Smart Gesture technology combines hardware and optimization software can help users more efficient manipulation.

In light of the above, we get the engineering machine can already achieve 21.24mm, 1.745Kg, the portability has done a good job, lighter than the average laptop around 700g, suitable to carry out. I believe that with OEM manufacturers to join the thickness of the product can be reduced, because after all, Kabini APU is a SoC design, board space richer, 21mm thickness it is only conservative.


Cooling, as we saw earlier, we tested Kabini platform consumes only 14w (standby) or so, so if only relatively cool machine for everyday use, the front does not exceed 37 degrees, no hands on the keyboard warm feeling. Long office, web browsing, watching videos is so, 28nm new technology under the heat is not a problem!


Overall, the Lenovo IdeaPad S310 with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S310 Battery body material is quite enough, the screen hinge durable metal hinge, keyboard design and the use of regional ladder partitioned island-style design, feel always. Lenovo IdeaPad S410 keyboard keys, no other surface in addition to other devices such as audio, sound machine is designed in the front of the fuselage, it can be said in the bottom of the fuselage, the sound conduction through the chamfered surface to the user. Sound Outside covered with mesh stickers, in addition to outside decoration also has a mobile ventilation performance.


PCMark 7 as a leading integrated hardware testing tools to quickly conduct a comprehensive test on the overall performance, and the old version of the software, like, PCMark 7 is a comprehensive system for the latest PC performance analysis of the test suite. Contains seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of daily application PC.


3DMark 11 uses native DirectX 11 engine, the application of the test scenarios, including Tessellation Tessellation, Compute Shader and multithreaded new features, including a large number of DX11. It contains four graphics tests, a physical test and a comprehensive set of tests, and re-supply the Demo demo mode. The test program uses the Bullet physics engine, support for new online services and support based on the original English, joined the German, Finnish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese native support.

Aspects of life, low power consumption energy saving, longer life time natural, PowerMark life time of 5 hours and 15 minutes, this result has been sufficient to explain the life low-power platform advantage (this is a 45Wh battery life).

Performance, A4-5000 entry-level positioning, speaking from the specification, Fengyun APU greatest success was first introduced in the quad-core SoC design, four Jagura architecture CPU core in multi-tasking on a certain effect. Another low-power Kabini APU integrated Southbridge closer after the physical distance between chips, helping improve data throughput speed. And the new GPU also upgraded the GCN architecture, stream processors raised to 128, the game performance as you can see, you can play some basic 3D games. Of course, limited to positioning, we do not be too harsh treatment Fengyun APU, A4-5000 for daily life applications, audio and video entertainment completely sufficient.

On the whole, we believe that AMD Kabini A4-5000 is an application able to meet people's daily SOC products, also has some 3D performance, endurance and power control is also very good. In fact, in the game between performance and power consumption, the importance of power control has been on the rise year by year, how to get one in the middle of the market and the balance of authorized users, AMD's APU has been conducting valuable new attempt , Kabini let us see some surprises, Temash products as well as for the next generation of APU, we'll see.

In addition, MEDION E6234 with MEDION Akoya E6234 Battery designers on the use of aircraft unique cooling technology, sophisticated transformation through the motherboard and internal cooling components rational distribution designed to solve the problem of heat large palm rest position. Ice Cool technology prevents heat concentrated in the palm rest position, the surface temperature can be maintained at 28 to 33 degrees Celsius, the temperature is lower than body temperature allows the user to palm finger typing more comfortable.


Interfaces, the Lenovo IdeaPad S410 is not sloppy, almost completely engraved S-series design. On the right side we can see the people familiar yellow USB interface, support the shutdown power supply function, and then look to the future is a CD-ROM, audio interface and a multi-card reader, simply right fuselage Interface configuration is quite simple. Simple compared to the right side of the fuselage, the aircraft's fuselage on the left will enrich a lot. On this side we can see the VGA output interface, MiniDP interface, a USB3.0 and two USB2.0 and an ExpressCard slot. Three USB ports side by side, the number of more, but still can not avoid crowding phenomenon.


LENOVO G505 Battery with 6cell LENOVO G505 Battery and S-series has two identical cooling air outlet, to a certain extent, to avoid a clogged vent cooling problems caused by the phenomenon. One of these two outlet is designed in the fuselage on the left, and the other is designed in the rear fuselage, the use of traditional metal hinge shaft design, the rear fuselage of the aircraft bottom of the screen that is set aside a lot of space, where also designed a power supply interface and network interface cards. In addition, S410 is also equipped with a dedicated docking IdeaPad slot, which is designed in the standard position. Thus, the Lenovo IdeaPad S410 product design orientation biased in favor of high-end business, but in the end a whole belongs to mainstream business models.

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