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In the entire part of the A side and C side palm rest of the notebook, Lenovo Yang days M490 is a similar skin texture painting materials, which is an important selling point in the design of entire Yangtian M Series, under normal circumstances, so that class painting of the skin sense only on the ThinkPad T and X series to see a very smooth, soft to the touch warm, at the same time that such material is not reflective, so did not have so many luxury elements Yangtian M Series, plus the whole color black, low-key not play the gesture appears to be very valuable in this the Dance Macabre notebook market on. Young days of M490 still uses a full-size ergonomic keyboard, with the design of high-touch after actual use, I found this keyboard's keys away longer back too quickly but it is quite clear, and very small sound when struck. Detail, keyboard layout and other notebook no great difference, the above identified as eye-catching orange. Is worth noting that the design of the two speakers, very symmetrical facial features design, giving a very sharp feeling. The major part of the heat is concentrated in the left side of the fuselage, the fuselage bottom of the arrangements for the air inlet and outlet, the M Series is not the main light, the internal has enough space to provide cooling.

Any generation y, the attention of the 14-inch ASUS B53 with 6cell ASUS B53VC Battery products is actually slightly higher than the 15.6 inches is about the notebook device itself, weight and size are important reference standard, both in order to balance attention in the configuration also some minor difference, but this time virtually no difference in the hardware Y400 and Y500, Y400 in the top and bottom applied to the imitation carbon fiber texture, to distinguish it from Y500 brushed metal.


In addition, as the small y functional changes, Y400 also has a plug and pull the extension component, users can purchase a second card SLI, 60% of the maximum enhance gaming performance, of course, this module is not limited to an increase in graphics SSD solid state drive can be replaced, to make up for the Y400 low with version no standard SSD regret, this feature is very tempting for games and DIY players.


Bid farewell to 2012, the consumer electronics ASUS P45 with 6cell ASUS P45VD Battery in market in the last year, the case summary and 2013 Development forecast and analysis of the state of affairs. Took over from 8 to 11 January 2013, in Las Vegas, USA International Convention and Exhibition Centre will be organizing the annual CES International Consumer Electronics Show, to getting people excited and tense moments.


Soon? Holidays just passed, tense working atmosphere let New Year's boundless feeling Tuisan without a trace, and originally addicted to embrace the beauty of the streets and the warmth of the sun under the fresh air, the results of a 2013 CES International Consumer Electronics Show to pull us back to the front of the computer, perhaps to forget, but we love digital products, and so can be considered willingly.


Concerned about the CES show every year, like the day-to-day tasks for digital people a good time to be regarded as a growth experience and broaden their horizons, perhaps in this process will germinate next year to start, to find the true meaning of "survival" . Anyway, CES has a long history only once a year, each of our one-year-old to see, it is rare.

2013 CES with gaming laptop and LENOVO G700 Battery show what big news? Members of specific news Zhongguancun Online real-time reports. However, before this sneaking message is still there, then we will first take a look at these early exposure, what concern it?


Acer launched at the end of 2012, when a lot of Windows 8 system products, such as ultra-extreme S7 series. CES2013 exhibition is about to begin, the foreign media lead exposure upcoming launch of several products, tablet, and over most of this mix and match the way more and more popular in these products, Acer introduced products are all using the touch screen to match Windows 8 systems gesture operation, let's take a look at this year, Acer has brought new products: Acer Iconia W700 is a Core i5 tablet device like a mini one machine, when the lock screen when . Acer Iconia W510 uses Intel's Atom chip, can freely switch between notebook and tablet separable technology.


Samsung plans at the upcoming CES with ASUS P45VA Battery show two new Windows 8 notebook will be equipped with a touch screen. According to sources, Samsung is about to launch two new notebook codenamed Chronos and Ultra. Both products attribution Series 7 series.


The message also revealed the official image of the Series 7 Chronos. According to reports, Chronos has a 15.6-inch screen, weighs 5.8 pounds (2.6 kg). Fuselage equipped with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and AMD Radeon HD 8870M graphics card. Hard highest optional 1TB capacity.


For long-term busy traveling around the business negotiations SOHO office and innovative small business owners, one can stand "devastated" business notebook will bring the equipment, it needs to have the ability to go beyond conventional notebook: ultra-light portable fashion appearance, a variety of business functions, as well as excellent security, this talk about easy, not much can really do it all.


TOSHIBA Satellite U845 with TOSHIBA Satellite U845 Touch Battery Ultra is a 13.3-inch ultra-extreme. The machine weighs 3.2 pounds (1.45 kg). User-selectable low-voltage version of the i5 or i7 processor and up to 256GB of SSD. The products will have a touch screen and non-touch screen optional.

The Shenzhou Flying UI47 using the same mold as the previous generation, the 14-inch body, the corners are streamlined processing, the whole is more mellow, A face with black aluminum wire drawing process, a full metal texture surface D uses the same after a one-piece black aluminum shell. The case of ultra-thin island chocolate keyboard, to ensure that the size of the keyboard area, increasing the finger area of ​​contact with the keycap, more accurate keystrokes.


Lenovo Yoga13-IFI (daylight orange) over most of this the fuselage side A and D surface using orange screen with IPS technology, the a higher backlight brightness and more vivid and bright colors, viewing angle of 170 degree viewing angle, regardless of the user viewing angle in which the the BE LIABLE visual impact. The maximum screen resolution of 1600 × 900. In addition, capacitive screen also supports the latest 10-finger touch technology, the man-machine interactive applications freer finger touch screen also becomes easier. ASUS B43V with 6cell ASUS B43VC Battery (daylight orange) over most of this with a Core i5-3317U processors, 128GB SSD solid state drive and the IPS screen performance experience are very good; 6750 yuan price than the previous price of 150 yuan, cost The upgrade, which is currently on the market is the cheapest "deformation" ultra-extreme one. Have to say, touch screen, deformation, and high-performance concept opens the door to the ultra-extreme popularity, after all, although a deformed super pole of the overall price is on the high side, but spend a money to buy two applications experience The product is clearly great value.

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