LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14D 15D Battery review

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After the overall appearance of understanding , let us look at the various performance parameters P550 , the first heat of this product we evaluated , after all, a commercial laptop heat is an issue we are most concerned about.


Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark software and AIDA 64 pager system stability test plug , allowing GPU and CPU work under high load . After some time, the books were to see this internal core body temperature and surface temperature . In fact, how to determine the thermal performance is good or bad , the maximum temperature can not represent anything. The temperature of the cooling vents is absolutely the highest, if not , that is the only show that the heat problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location , and the temperature is no higher than in other parts of 40 ℃, it can determine the design of the cooling system are relatively reasonable.


After a period of time , we passed the above core temperature test to see , P550 with ASUS P550C Battery overall temperatures are below 75 ℃, explain the thermal efficiency is quite normal. Most of the heat is concentrated in the aircraft upper position the keyboard , palm rest and keyboard area temperature than about hypothermia, so the overall experience is still very good . In addition, the machine at the bottom of the heat concentrated in a small area of ??the central pieces , on the legs do not have any problems.


Shaft part , reflect the core Flex is the essence of it. Double shaft design allows the screen and the start time in the body 180 , the upper half of the shaft is no longer working , the lower part of the shaft starts to rotate, so as to achieve 360 degree reversal deformed into another form - tablet mode ! . In the flipped around 270 degrees , when generating the other two characteristic modes - mode and standing tent mode .


Bi- metal hinges , the Lenovo Flex is a unique design, but just the right damping force . The classic black body join this technology, so IdeaPad? And Flex combined, the perfect fusion of classic and innovative , which is today , this IdeaPad Flex 14D with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14D Battery ! As can morph into a tablet laptop screen performance must not be ignored, at this point , IdeaPad Flex 14D doing very place.

Business laptop battery life are often local people's attention , then we are on the P550 's battery life was assessed. Testing the software we use for PowerMark, it PCMark, 3DMark , just as FutureMark developed by the company launched . It would continue to run a cycle of test scripts , including four common applications: Internet browsing, word processing, video playback , 3D games, so as much as possible close to the actual use of the vast majority of users. Here we look at exactly how the test results ? Adjusted to the power saving mode after a period of testing , and ultimately get 7 hours 32 minutes of test scores , so endurance performance in notebook performance can be said to be quite good. Of course, there will be a practical application of the theory test with some differences , in short endurance ASUS P550 does not disappoint.


Cost-effective products that enable the development of gaming laptop into a new era. In the past we believe the high cost of the game together in the end as long as the mounting level of graphics, adding to the price of 5,000 yuan, but in fact only do these two very difficult nowadays to meet user demand for a gaming laptop.


For commercial computer docking station is a relatively common expansion device , the previous ThinkPad, Hewlett-Packard and other business computers are equipped with powerful docking station . Of course , this docking device due to higher costs, mostly not random device standard , requiring users to purchase some powerful docking station , the price could even reach a thousand dollars.


The main role is to extend the P550 with 4cell ASUS P550CA Battery docking station overall interface types , in addition to four USB 3.0 interface configuration outside the main is also equipped with four different video ports to help users encountered in the case of split-screen office needs can direct multi -screen output. Four video ports including HDMI, DP, DVI , and VGA.


From the roof of the LOGO, we can see that 2013 IdeaPad? Change to make , compared with previous models "IdeaPad?" Sign flipped 180 degrees, when the user is positively normal use LOGO display , unlike the previous the foot of the head. Besides "lenovo" logo moved to the left side of the border than near the location of the shaft , which is the IdeaPad? Similar S3/S5 design.

Uses a 12-inch high-definition display with a resolution up to 1920 x 1080, with a ten-point touch high touch technology , can bring excellent experience. Whether or touch screen operation , have very good results . We can see that the screen bezel is very narrow, left, right and top border , are just a sideline , this design can be brought to a very good visual experience , moreover , LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 15D Battery when the touch operation is not affected by the border interference feel better.


Top of the screen near the location of the border , built a 720P HD camera, making video communication when the effect is good, the screen and the frame fit out , there are two array microphone , do not pay attention to see are hard to find , so it is will not affect the appearance.

In addition, as the terms of a gaming laptop, the only outstanding visual experience, of course not enough, a good keyboard feel equally indispensable. ASUS keyboard uses a standard chocolate keycap design, the key process control is good, feel good, but also with a small number of key areas, the overall experience is very good.
ASUS entire C-face design is very simple, with 4cell ASUS X552EA Battery nothing special decoration, no independent function keys. Entire C side panel with a brushed metal build, smooth surface with a layer of protective lacquer coating, the overall feel is very good. C-face design of the upper right corner of the power button, with blue backlight, but may be the reason engineering machine, slightly lower than the C button surface, so press them feel not very good.

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