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As an administrative officer, if someone asks you a laptop What are the requirements, how would you answer? You may take into account the overall performance of the notebook. But for enterprise IT procurement people to ask a salesperson, he may need a good enough portability and battery life is enough to force the laptop; designers need a laptop with strong performance and efficient graphics; a cost-effective and energy-saving environmental protection, can effectively reduce the cost of business operations, the notebook may be his first choice.


Do not have a laptop to be able to solve the needs of employees of different positions on the corporate notebook use?, Lenovo Group Commercial Division recently officially released its custom designed for industrial customers the IdeaPad N series models, one of the most compelling in the series The first 15-inch notebook product. This also means a richer choice of industry in the procurement process of notebook.


Durable has been the cause of many users choose and trust IdeaPad laptop in the laptop market, the classic look of black symbolizes its sturdy unparalleled quality. The new upgrade the N580 with LENOVO IdeaPad N580 Battery adhering to the IdeaPad family excellent design, metal hinge to ensure that the opening and closing more than 30,000 times, to ensure the support of the screen, to enhance the strength and durability of the machine. The IdeaPad N580 Likewise IdeaPad family heritage excellent pedigree, it is not only through IdeaPad reliability testing, fully proved its durability and reliability, but also by the high temperature, sudden changes and severe test.


Keyboard, the majority of ultra-extreme this in pursuit of the ultimate lightweight, relatively short key way, the physical feedback is not clear enough, and is not suitable for long typing input use the FUJITSU Q702 Floating Island-style chocolate button design, and the key area use sunken, slightly longer than the key way many obvious physical feedback, which is very rare in the ultra-extreme.


Hardware configuration, this time to get this the FUJITSU Q702 ultra-pole of this with a 22nm process technology, the Ivy Bridge platform, Intel Core i3 3217U dual-core low-voltage processor, equipped with Intel HM76 chipset, configured with 64 GB SSD hard disk, single 4GB DDR3 memory, graphics cards, the model uses a processor Intel Core HD 4000 graphics card.


CPUID software to view, the the FUJITSU Q702 with FUJITSU FPCBP374 Battery processor model Core i3-3217U, specifications we can see, this processor a standard clocked at 1.8GHz, Core 2, supports Hyper-Threading technology, and does not support the Core frequency acceleration technology, based on the 22nm process technology, the power consumption is only 17W.


The LENOVO IdeaPad N585 is positioning mainstream business of the majority of users, so it is more mainstream configuration and price. It is the IVB platform equipped with a Core i5 processor, GeForce GT620M independent at NVIDIA graphics, 4GB of memory and 500GB hard drive. This configuration, whether office or the game can be a good experience, and is currently quoted at 4,399 yuan. Compared with LENOVO Latitude end business in this series less of rigid, have become more close to the people, about LENOVO IdeaPad N585, more details see the back of evaluation content.


The LENOVO IdeaPad N585 giving the impression very simple, it is and thin fashion popular now, angular, somewhat different, it looks more "honest". Its top cover with plastic material, the surface of the skin coated with a layer of class, one the Road bar of texture very texture, feels very comfortable, and certainly does not leave fingerprints, very clean. The LENOVO IdeaPad N585 with a 14-inch matte anti-glare light display and 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad N585 Battery, with 1366 × 768 resolution, matte anti-glare screen to make it in the outdoors was still able to see the screen, does not affect the quality of office. The LENOVO IdeaPadN585 vertical shaft, fuselage maximum open angle of 140 °.


Designed for industrial users to build a business as IdeaPad laptops, N series inherited the the IdeaPad classic family design and quality, stable performance, reliable security, and enterprise-class customized services to help employees focus on their own thinking, help enterprises stability operation. So let us approached this mysterious "corporate special for the machine, check it out:


Future, over most of this still broad development and innovation space. First, the more applications around the touch over most of this came into being, and either brilliant tablet applications can also be compatible with the PC application. The second, more intelligent services to achieve the interoperability of cloud computing and mobile Internet devices, intelligent cloud adapted for different devices push applications and services, to provide users with more applications and better security . Third, aware computing (perceptual computing) will change the mode of use of interconnected devices, location-based services, voice processing, facial recognition, gesture recognition in leading-edge computing technology will be applied to the ultra-extreme, to provide consumers with more interactive, more personalized experiences.


Thanks to the new upgraded processor and graphics card specifications, FUJITSU Lifebook AH532 has a good performance in DX9, DX10 part of the game, the testing of the game, set to adjust to the effects of the full-height can also be run smoothly. But part of the game in DX11, its test scores also good, but the overall test scores have decreased. Antialiasing, anisotropic filtering the BT-class quality settings such best to save the province, after all, the laptop is not a long time to play the game.


FUJITSU Lifebook AH532 notebook provides us with a new Kepler architecture alone significantly support for dual graphics with Intel Core Graphics, endurance naturally strengths. Its standard 65Wh battery life will infer the state of the game about 2-3 hours.


Endurance test using the PowerMark software, it test links one scene running Direct9 screen, another scene editing text, this scene is relatively much less consumption of resources. The last scene is a web browser, will stay a few minutes in this scene, but the page does not have any content, just the gray one, occupied resources less. Been tested, FUJITSU Lifebook AH532 laptop battery( FUJITSU FPCBP331 Battery ) life of 167 minutes 52 seconds (3 hours 12 minutes), 19% of remaining battery power, so this notebook is probably about four hours of life with the life of the mainstream notebook market means severe capacity almost the same performance continuous to moderate four hours of 2-3 hours, the mild almost five hours working day endurance.


Consumers prefer the comfort of the wide field of large-size, but do not like too wide screen border, consumers prefer the speed of high-performance performance experience, but hate the bulky body design. Is there a notebook allows both have both? LENOVO N586 is such a product, the 700 series for LENOVO notebook product line, the main position is a high-end business people, relatively speaking, the use of higher technology, such as the aluminum material, slot-loading optical drive, highlighted score screen, and so on, which also makes the 700 series prices are generally high.

We have previously been evaluating LENOVOIdeaPad N Series notebook, the overall feel the LENOVO very hope in this series on the innovative application functionality, such as before the N586 Series 3D screen and backlit keyboard, also joined inject AMD Radeon HD 6970M such high end mobile graphics card, so this time we tested LENOVO N586 whether there will be some changes to it?


LENOVO N586 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad N586 Battery will be configured to upgrade to third-generation Core platform Jingdong, Taobao channels can already buy the licensed version, relative to the price of $ 1,079 U.S. Amazon domestic prices as long as 7200 yuan, almost no price difference for high-end notebook products, domestic generally higher than other countries, LENOVO N586 fairly kind from that point of view.

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