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Looking back in 2011, over most of the notebook market turned out to inject new vitality. To 2012, Win8 operating system and deformation further subdivided touch Ultrabook notebook market, while also significantly improving the laptop in a mobile terminal in competitiveness. So that by 2013, the notebook in the end it will trend toward what?

Speaking of somatosensory technology, we will first think of Microsoft's Kinect. Xbox 360's Kinect is a peripheral equipment. Consoles can be connected via the USB interface. Kinect camera is more than the average intelligence, which can be identified by means of infrared body movement, combined with the Xbox 360 on some of the high-end software, it can be on the human body 48 parts of the real-time tracking. Currently somatosensory technology is mainly being used in the game, Microsoft also intends to somatosensory technology to the Windows world in the past.


As early as 2012 CES show, Intel will showcase the somatosensory technology with ultra-pole of this realistic effect of encroaching on the somatosensory home console. As more somatosensory technology with ultra-pole of this, and the emergence of software applications, somatosensory technology will make a difference in a notebook. Currently available LENOVO IdeaPad P500 Touch with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad P500 Touch Battery Take somatosensory technology as a selling point, and its built Haier carefully developed somatosensory system, through the camera to capture human body movements, not only on the laptop for simple manipulation, but also can be like Kinect as playing somatosensory game.


Intel at CES 2012 also demonstrated the ultra-extreme gravity sensing technology and gaming applications, and now has been in Win8 gravity sensing deformation appears on ultra-pole of this, in addition to daily use of rotating screen, the accelerometer is also the future somatosensory technology good supplement. In addition to the somatosensory and gravity sensing technology beyond, Intel's main push over most of the products will also introduce voice technology, which is following after the super pole touch technology is another major innovation. Voice technology is currently in smart phones and LENOVO IdeaPad S215 Battery has been widely used, of which the most outstanding of Apple's Siri. There are already rumors that Apple Siri in 2013 will be integrated into the Mac notebooks and one machine.


Intel vice president and global marketing director Tom Kilroy in a recent interview, also said: "At present over most of the voice on the exact release date has not yet developed, but it does already on the way." Apple and Intel are the two IT giants to promote the company, equipped with voice-activated technology-based notebooks will certainly be the year in 2013, and consumers. Voice technology can greatly simplify operations, improve interactive experience.


Apple officially released in 2012 equipped with Retina Retina Display 13/15 inches MacBook Pro, exceeded the limits of human vision Retina IPS screen will also display the notebook upgrade to standard desktop monitors. Apple currently on the market is still only have a Retina screen manufacturers in the production of LENOVO IdeaPad S400 Touch and LENOVO IdeaPad S400 Touch Battery, other manufacturers are on the sidelines.


In addition Retina MacBook Pro, Apple also plans to launch in 2013 equipped with Retina display MacBook Air, will be fully applied to the Retina technology iPhone, iPad and Mac notebook. Windows notebook camp, Asus launched in 2012 UX31A Full HD screen Ultrabook lead a high-resolution screen upgrade Windows notebook craze. Asus is also likely in 2013 pioneered the Retina screen Ultrabook level.


In addition to outside Asus, Acer is also likely to launch in the summer of 2013 Retina screen notebook, the specific parameters of the current leaked screen 13-inch 16:9, resolution up to 2880 × 1620, using Sharp's IGZO technology. For Windows itself, as well as Office, IE, etc. produced by Microsoft software, this ultra-high resolution retina can be adjusted by way of DPI scaling the font size, but many third-party software does not support the DPI adjustment may be in use produce inconvenience. If you can spread the words of the retina notebook, software vendors will be targeted optimization, so not to worry about LENOVO IdeaPad U410 Touch Battery compatibility.

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