LENOVO IdeaPad P580 P585 N581 Battery vs SAMSUNG N100SP NP-N100S Battery

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The LENOVO IdeaPad Business Series, but compared to its ThinkPad series, it is more stylish, the configuration may be slightly lower, but the price will be more close to the people. Today, I bring is a slim and ultra-extreme the LENOVO IdeaPad P580. It is equipped with a the IVB platform Core i3 low voltage processor, HD4000 Graphics Core, 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive. Configuration is relatively low, but the slim, stylish appearance, and the People First price of 4999 will probably be a favorite of many business people, See the following detailed evaluation content.


The LENOVO IdeaPad P580 first glance very slim, stylish, I thought it over most of this, it is not true, but its thickness has been basically in line with the standards of the ultra-extreme. The roof by different color versions of the songce is a silver-gray cover the use of metal material, wear-resistant anti-corrosion, metal texture, clean without leaving any fingerprints.

The LENOVO IdeaPad P580 with a 15.3-inch matte anti-glare light display, with a resolution of 1366 × 768, a small fine, good portability, matte anti-glare screen so that it can see the screen outdoors still does not affect the quality of office . The LENOVO IdeaPad P580 with LENOVO IdeaPad P580 Battery uses a vertical shaft and shaft design in the front position of the C-face, every time I see this shaft design so I thought of a child with Wenquxing.


Netbooks and notebooks distinction Where?

1 appearance

First, from the appearance, netbooks and ordinary notebook looks similar in appearance, but there will be some difference between their screen size. Netbook mostly 7-inch - 10.2-inch screen, and ordinary notebook basically above 10.2 inches. This is because the main performance of the netbook is small and portable, so the appearance of relatively lightweight, easy carrying mobile office owners.


2, the configuration and function

Second, from the configuration and function, netbooks mostly use Intel Atom processor, the emphasis on low power consumption and long battery life, and performance to meet the basic needs of Internet, ordinary laptops with more powerful multimedia performance. Addition netbook stressed the capacity of wireless Internet access, hard disk and memory size is not as ordinary notebook.


3Next purposes, SAMSUNG N100SP netbook with 6cell SAMSUNG N100SP Battery mainly Internet-based, can support a network of friends, surf the web, listen to music, look at photos, watching streaming media, instant messaging, e-mail, basic online games. Ordinary laptop can install advanced complex software, download, store and play CD / DVD, video conferencing, open, edit large files, multi-tasking, and experience the rich need to install the game.


4, other differences

In addition, there are some other distinction, such as the price of Internet the most low-priced, the ordinary notebook price is relatively slight slightly higher; another netbook recently popular, so popular 80,90 youth fashion reflect the elements of the more stylish in appearance, color have more choices, and ordinary notebook since the main office more, so the appearance slightly single color, color calm.

According to the research report published by market research firm NPD Group Tuesday said consumers did not buy the laptop purchase netbooks, only 58% of consumers for their purchase decisions are satisfied. Decided to buy a laptop from the outset consumer satisfaction rate is 70%.

NPD found that the level of satisfaction from the confusion of the netbook features. This survey found that 60% asked to buy consumers buy laptops netbook without that, the function of these two products is the same.Overall, SAMSUNG NP-N100S netbooks with high capacity SAMSUNG NP-N100S Battery are smaller and cheaper, and the feature is not a product of the traditional laptop. However, the boundaries of these two products will be blurred.


Know IdeaPad P585? Prior to this, it belongs to the IdeaPad P series of its products, and now the P Series into a series of independent. A lot of people are talking about the IdeaPad IdeaPad P series has not black, the change in appearance of subversion and price positioning is really easy to cause such understanding. Leaving aside whether black Edge, on the beginning of 2010 has been introduced more than two years, the performance of the series, I can see many users have to accept it.


The IdeaPad IdeaPad P series after two years of growth, and gradually develop their own personalized flavor. How to look at the P series? When Edge is close to the product of the combination of the traditional black. P series has the independent commercial in this series, the overall style of the E series very much the same, its small allogeneic P series momentum in favor of the T-series of high-end business development.


The P585 independent P580 models in the last year has been. The P585 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad P585 Battery overall design style with the previous generation P580 difference is not very large, more change is that the machine work process, the details of the design has been enhanced or different. Elegant mocha black, low-key release of self advocates, a sense of the overall grade is very prominent, distinctive features is design of IdeaPad P585 appearance. The unique design of the silver edge on the border of the screen, and the shell material and surface grinding treatment and a little traditional Think taste.

The field of business notebook, IdeaPad is worthy of the king, the 20-year history, casting a lot of legend. Three global R & D centers, has maintained a leading comprehensive technology and design. As the flagship brand of the business market, the stable noble IdeaPad black classic design, military grade quality, and its world-renowned.

After the successful acquisition of the Lenovo IdeaPad product line becomes richer. Currently on the market, in addition to the classic T series, X series, as well as high-end W series, Edge, S series, as well as the once popular SN series are highly sought after consumers. Today, we want to introduce to you is a rare model of a market the N series tailored for industrial users.


N series once due to the high cost, making prohibitive for most consumers. Now, after some improvements, N series line to the T-series in terms of quality, the price and E series in the same grade. The Ivybridge platform release, N series ushered in the latest models N581. And the the SBN platform, and IVB double platform multiple choice. This time we have received this SNB i5 processor models, equipped with a NVS professional graphics cards, and the next, we take a look at a concrete manifestation of this N581.


FUJITSU Lifebook AH Series Positioning entertainment this, AH532 is also true. So it is relatively young in the design are somewhat younger crowd applicable. The machine uses the third-generation Core i5 processor, processing performance and protection, but the entry-level GT 620M graphics card caused some entertaining bottlenecks, game performance have reservations, fortunately able to respond to the market in general 3D games.


The FUJITSU Lifebook AH Series produced can be said after the works after years of aging, the overall design of the aircraft than ever there is a large change, the hardware configuration is also more mainstream user may be interested in this pursuit of high-performance gaming experience 15 inches for the entertainment of this are not satisfied with, but for the general user's entertainment experience is still quite enough. If affordable, it would be a good machine

The to get IdeaPad N581 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad N581 Battery, will find the design, the series with traditional T series is very similar to the black matte lid design process, angular style, calm and low-key everywhere prominent business understanding. Only in the T-series of high-end materials, the use of a plastic material, but is still relatively strong.

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