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Following the after Kepler end of the mainstream model GT640M, GT650M release, a new generation of GTX level alone significantly mobile chips are also individually listed on the current 600M series GTX660M \ GTX670M \ GTX675M and GTX680M which GTX660M slightly lower due to selling price is high the most talked about in the end of the series chip, using 28nm Kepler Core, lower power consumption, energy efficiency doubled! The following is a specific comparison parameters.

You can see Kepler graphics using the latest 28nm process production in the Core frequency can enhance the higher, the default is 835MHz compared to the previous generation architecture GTX 675M is also higher than the 200 + MHz. As a result of the new architecture GTX 660M of power consumption and temperature have a certain level of reduction. 3DMark Vantage P mode GPU test officially given, Kepler architecture GT 640M is able to close to 8,000 points, GT 650M, break through the 10,000 points mark, the GTX, 660M further raised to 11,500 points or more, the performance has been more than a lot of desktop machine alone significantly, gaming performance is evident.

Reality technology, GTX 660M, in addition to conventional DirectX 11, OpenCL, DirectCompute technology also supports the NVIDIA PhysX, CUDA, 3D Vision and Optimus exclusive display technology. Of course, as we have previously tested network game by downloading the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers in a lot of games to open the "FXAA" anti-aliasing, to obtain a more quality experience. 2012 a new generation of graphics architecture, NVIDIA Kepler architecture graphics card gives several important mission: more, smaller, stronger! The so-called more refers to the product shipments last year, NVIDIA mobile terminal core sold one million, is expected this year but also an increase of about 10%. Smaller: the use of 28nm process, the chip is smaller, power efficient, notebook cooling module size can be smaller while the performance has been enhanced.

Last year, many well-known to play the games listed, such as Batman and The Elder Scrolls 5, Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3, etc., NVIDIA provides a good support, and through their own GTX series graphics cards to provide additional game experience, which includes 3D Vision technology, SLI technology, PhysX game road optimization. In our testing center, the GT650M level of graphics can in 1366x768 swept the 2011 large-scale 3D games, and today we contact The S110 uses a more powerful GTX 660M significant independence, so the performance can meet 100% of large-scale 3D The game's quality requirements.

NVIDIA graphics cards not only have good hardware support, the top of the driver software is step-by-step camp, according to the needs of gamers NVIDIA graphics driver update faster and faster, a new game is not that long can be downloaded to the special optimization-driven The game experience is not a small upgrade. Geforce GTX660M as a high-end models to be used in the association of the S110 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad S110 Battery above, it should be said that Lenovo and NVIDIA's strong combination will make this new display chip to get better performance play. Lenovo S110 we've tested, regardless of size weight (385x255mm, 35.47 ~ 33.52mm/2.755kg) or the endurance of six hours 40 minutes (MobileMark2007) are very satisfactory.


Recently, rainstorm became Keywords, a number of cities affected is very serious and brought great losses to many people's personal property, and just the past few days received a SAMSUNG NP300E4X military level notebook, spill moisture, anti-drop is the biggest bright spot of the notebook, with sturdy shape to SAMSUNG NP300E4X become a very rare on the market, "three" notebook, we have a lot of tests on the waterproof performance of the notebook .

SAMSUNG NP300E4X anti-this keyboard is spill-resistant effect, which means that some water is not a great case, you can prevent water from entering inside the notebook to cause damage, so if the water is increased, what will happen. We chose a bottle of 1.5L of bottled water "water" test. The entire testing process, SAMSUNG NP300E4X are maintained turned on. On-site observations, we found that infiltrated water from the surface of the keyboard the keycap below, on both sides of the fuselage and then flows through the edge of the flow channel, and flow down along the flow channel, the bottom of the keyboard water infiltration, but will not enter into the internal body caused by circuit water short-circuit the SAMSUNG NP300E4X stable operation throughout the process, there were no problems.

The SAMSUNG NP300E4X before the test, we have consulted SAMSUNG engineers, engineers do not recommend users to conduct its own splash test, the damage caused by man, SAMSUNG side is unable to provide free maintenance. Original Address: http

Before we see a lot of three anti-level digital products like mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. have launched waterproof, or even the product of diving, but the notebook has been no breakthrough in this regard, almost all of the notebook must be designed vents for cooling, which means that the notebook can not be fully closed, the body can do up to the spill-resistant, and can not achieve the body waterproof.

On waterproof, stringent testing regulations, generally grade IPXX as the standard of waterproof performance, severities from low to high broadly divided into vertical dripping, tilt 15 ° dripping water spray, splash, spray, strong spray water and flooding a number of levels, the highest IP8X from our test strength, the SAMSUNG NP300E4X Battery waterproof capacity of the IP5X testing standards. The SAMSUNG NP300E4X meet MIL-STD-810G military level testing, waterproof, can withstand the impact of drops from 30 inches, the camera body is equipped with rubber isolation devices can also prevent subjected to vibration, port cover design for dust and wet to provide additional protection.

SAMSUNG notebook with NP300E4X the words we often see in America play some time ago HomeLand the scene of the CIA in the first quarter, there have been many times. It is understood that only meet the MIL-STD-810G MIL test notebook, only the U.S. military procurement.


Good profits, the high-end 15-inch screen notebook market has always been areas of concern in each brand, Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch entertainment notebook market is very popular, the SAMSUNG naturally do not want to give Apple an independent America, in NP300E4X made good results after, SAMSUNG immediately follow up the launch of the larger size of the NP series the new NP300E4X and NP300E5X. And today we got the maximum size of NP300E5X new this this still continues the NP line, the essence, whether we can beat the Apple 15-inch high-end entertainment notebook market place with this problem, we work together to interpret what NP300E5X it.

In order to allow users to get the best performance experience, NP300E5X using third-generation Core i7 processors, GT640M significant independence as well as optional mSATA and disc drive hybrid hard drive, the user can choose the capacity up to 512GB SSD or 1TB HDD combination. Of course, this generation of NP continuation of the classic design, such as chocolate keyboard and curved high-touch keycap. The NP300E5X the appearance design continuation style of NP300E4X, and looks capable, sturdy anodized aluminum main frame and top cover. At the bottom of matt black, but not a carbon fiber material on the material, but with insulation insulation properties of resin material.

Interior NP300E5X using a non-aluminum processing, but a senior soft-touch paint layer + magnesium alloy palm rest, and before NP300E4X is the same. NP300E5X C face design style and the earlier selling NP300E4X, but the 14-inch fuselage +15.6-inch screen so that the whole lenient out a lot. You can clearly feel NP300E5X the palm rest very, very comfortable (coated palm rest have skin coating). Inch SAMSUNG NP300E5X with SAMSUNG NP300E5X Battery the big selling point: full of the shape of the modern minimalist style (high cost of the NP300E5X design, material, mold process); Full HD 1080p highlighted seamless display (1920x1080); brand new IvyBridge i7 3612QM processor. HM77 chipset and Kepler GT 640M alone significantly powerful combination.

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