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To the laptop plus a capacitive touch screen, a touch-screen laptop so was born, if coupled with a deformation function, whether it is flipped, or slide, so that part of the notebook's screen position and shape through some changes, and the lower half forming a part of the keyboard similar tablet devices, and this is the stage of the deformation. In the deformation of the birth process, the touch screen and Windows 8 is the core driving force, the deformation of the whole Wintel camp is a lifesaver.


The first half of 2013, touch-screen notebooks and ultra-extreme influx of a large number of markets, the upstream manufacturers spare no effort to promote, plus OEM styled, in the first half of the touch screen notebook with surprise, but more of a disappointment, surprise lies manufacturers in the change, but disappointed that consumers have some fatigued, deformation of the usefulness of the year by the users questioned, sales are not as expected. Why is this so, let us return to the origin, see touch screen notebook, the deformation of the encountered any problems.


The goal is to deform the LENOVO IdeaPad S415 with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S415 Battery, but in which there is an erroneous understanding, tablet users want to use at any time, lightweight enough to not even pursue tough enough performance, but only to respond quickly to achieve the target, while the deformation of ultra-pole of this much greater than the weight of the Tablet PC, even with the tablet form factor, but not the Tablet PC smart quick advantage.


Win8 tablet and laptop use will be forced unification is upset, Microsoft hopes to replicate the advantages of the desktop PC to the tablet up, but you do not want to hold kg class tablet to watch movies, do not want to create an image with a small screen, but also faced with the choice cost, in the end is to use touch screen or keyboard?


C surface as the most important part, which keyboard key process design is moderate, relative majority notebooks bond length is shorter, when used in terms of my personal feeling is still very comfortable. Power button is set in the upper left corner of the keyboard, the keyboard's upper right corner also has four buttons, from left to right are shown the close button, CPU limit button, volume down button and volume up button.


Siri in just came out, I thought it was only a voice control application already exists in the database through instruction paired with the user voice commands to achieve control of the computer, but later found it has a more profound motivation behind PANASONIC NX2 with PANASONIC CF-VZSU75R Battery by language Identifying, understanding and feedback to achieve IntelliSense is to inject personality to the machine, with the person's ability to think, though Siri itself is a mobile application, but it is a cloud computing applications, an implantable artificial intelligence cloud systems.


Convenient text input on this, read out what appeared what punctuation can also rely on human expectations and pause intelligent input, the system for the present is not difficult to achieve, and flawed is wrong when we want to modify circumstances, we would usually use the touch-screen buttons to delete the changes, which is too much trouble, the idea is interrupted, the efficiency is reduced, so the voice input is not to completely replace physical keyboard mature stage, but if you joined the eye tracking, write wrong word sweep from right to left with glasses, I hope there will be deleted characters to delete a line from left to right saccade is canceled, blink to confirm the deletion. In this case, whether physical or virtual keyboard can be canceled, the screen can make considerable space.


Google glasses in the display mode to provide a new concept, through the eyes of a thin layer of the lens in front of the image to fit the refracted light path to the human eye, do not worry about the shortest focusing distance the human eye, the human visual organ itself becomes display device, which is the ultimate state of the interaction.


LENOVO ThinkPad T440s Notebook with LENOVO ThinkPad T440s Battery industry in the first half of 2013, has been doing is to touch screen integrated into notebook systems in the past, this one over most of the deformation is an important step, we talked about above, whether laptop or touch screen deformation Ultrabook are still a transitional form, and did not evolve completed, the entire evolution of interactive systems is to conduct all-round, and touch just opened a narrow door HCI, strong and this interaction is very monotonous, the complexity inherent in our hands, gestures and most diverse actions have been ignored.


Future interaction should be a "choice" should be flourishing and complement each other, as we discussed above, "speaking and writing to see" the need to mobilize more, not only just your fingers. Interactive evolutionary needs time to develop technically and complementarity, interaction design also needs to observe and refine user behavior, not happen overnight.


Lighter and thinner and more integrated super pole is actually still in an awkward identity, but also bear the burden of the old standard notebook, and PANASONIC PCs PANASONIC CF-VZSU76R Battery than to experience it, too much difference, so only the second generation of ultra-pole of this, but also This is the deformation, which will be the next super this tablet and PC are functionally integrated, although not yet to establish good standards and systems, but after substantial start to catch up, this integration is the evolution of thinking, like mammalian reproductive system and urinary systems share an outlet, as logically untenable, it is difficult to explain why, but it is a real place.


Body shell with a dark blue plastic material, and has conducted numerous rules dotted black lines, while the outer layer coated with a layer of transparent film, as if from a distance as rich knitwear strong sense of art. In addition, A surface decoration is printed on the other center-right "Hasee" the LENOVO LOGO. Open the cover, we can clearly see its 15.6-inch screen, which uses a 1366x768 resolution. Around the same time around the screen in order to prevent the B side and C side friction caused by wear and tear, always use a 10 rubber pads for protection. Screen Fang Jicheng a 1.3 megapixel camera, next and marked "DIGICAM" message.


Its C face the biggest difference lies in the palm, the palm rest is designed from a distance with the A surface design exactly the same, but it did not that layer coating, so the palm placed on the top, it will obviously have a sense of friction , this feeling is not large, but can really bring a different feel. As for the advantages and disadvantages of such a design, it depends on individual consumers for beauty and comfort and other aspects of the needs.


This time from the bottom up, said that since the first said palm rest, then left and right palm rest is also necessary to put a sticker on a mention. In order to evil on the left palm rest trademark of Intel, on the right, it is affixed with a more detailed product information sticker. Middle of the palm rest is this LENOVO ThinkPad X240s with built-in 4cell high quality LENOVO ThinkPad X240s Battery touchpad, touchpad which is a split, but split with the other difference is that it does not have the right buttons in the middle of estrangement, totally as a whole, the overall effect is more harmonious.

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