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Taking into account users usually need to extend notebook battery life, the physical power management is set to power saving mode, so we set up before the test is true, while prohibiting notebook reduce the brightness automatically after a period of time, turn off the screen backlight ban, prohibit automatic sleep. At the same time, we let WiFi kept in the open state, thus to simulate the user's actual use.


Adjusted to balance the power mode after a period of testing, the final 3 hours and 30 minutes to get the test results, if you count the remaining power and test before and after the error, then the normal use of time should be about 4 hours.

Lenovo ThinkPad after the acquisition, intends to some of the classic ThinkPad design grafted onto their own IdeaPad series in the past, this change more obvious, Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Y510p Battery for business people as well as a large customer procurement models, in hardware using the more moderate of the match, but also the best use, very good control of costs, Y410p biggest impression to the author than the outstanding detail design, mold is very fine, reflecting the high level of this price, plus Based on some of the aspects of safety and efficiency of software that allows Y410p in the business environment, you can make the user more handy.


In addition, the fourth generation of Core processors for ultra-pole of U-series and Y series, which is Intel's first single-chip SoC PC platform, where U series reduces power consumption to 15W, equipped Iris Graphics (HD5000 graphics core) , the new 28W products, high-performance products and services designed for thin and light. The Y series is targeted at ultra-extreme deformation pluggable design, lower power consumption and heat a smaller, more focused with the flat side of the experience.


Processor as the greatest impact on the overall performance when purchasing parts are most concerned about the user part, in which we use CINEBENCH R10 for Asus F75V with 6cell ASUS F75VB Battery were measured, it is purely a CPU test project using a high-precision 3D rendering processor scene screen to test out the single-threaded and multi-threaded CPU processing power. For F75V, his choice of Intel Core i3-3217U dual nuclear power plant thread CINEBENCH R10 low-power single-threaded processor 3193 score, multi-threaded score 6972, in the current mainstream notebook is in the lower-middle level, but for everyday use to said to have been sufficient.



In full HD not popular today, a higher standard 4K ultra-clear video came quietly, this level of resolution can provide more than 880 million pixels, to movie level quality, resolution, almost four times the current 1080P up to 4096 × 2160! This playback device requires a higher current can be achieved in the PC graphics hardware decoding are all alone, and fourth-generation Intel Core processor with integrated HD Graphics on 4K video encoder / decoder In the case without the aid of significant independence can be achieved under 4K video hardware decoding.

Parameters from ASUS official, the current Y410 series models with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Y410p Battery not equipped with discrete graphics, but they are using HD4000 graphics core, its 3Dmark VANTAGE GPU score of 13,269 items, and compared to the previous generation HD3000 graphics core, the performance improvement is very obvious, But with the mainstream discrete graphics compared to the actual game is more limited capacity, only to meet the "Street Fighter 4", "live football" and other less demanding 3D games on the graphics card. PCMark7 is 2011 Futuremark for Windows 7 operating system, the new generation of the benchmarking tool, which contains seven different test areas by 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of everyday applications, the test results may reflect the overall performance of the tested models. The final score from the above point of view, 2222 the total score is not high, in the mainstream notebook is in the lower-middle level, but for everyday office entertainment is sufficient.


ASUS F75V with 6cell ASUS F75VC Battery calm tough exterior design, materials work more solid, 15-inch wide-bodied and comfortable, although the hardware configuration is not high, but as for everyday office machines and enough, in similar products with strong market competitiveness, For small and medium terms, is a recommended notebooks.


The HD5100 and HD5200 graphics card, Intel official claims that its performance is quite good, especially the HD5200, is Intel's most high-end graphics card, enjoy a special EDRAM memory, so in order to highlight these two core graphics performance, Intel to register the Iris and Iris Pro trademark, Chinese name is "sharp Torch" and "sharp torch Pro", but sorry that we have not yet got the test prototype.


Although third-generation Core processor performance has been achieved 4K video playback, but he was unable to implement hardware decoding, which means it can only be carried out by the CPU soft decoding, which will take up a lot of CPU resources, but for some abnormal level of 4K video and LENOVO IdeaPad S500 Touch Battery, by the influence of various factors, even if we test the top of the fourth generation Core i7, can not smooth playback.


The fourth-generation Core processor with a dedicated hardware codec module, when we use the player 4K video, a huge amount of data on complex decoding processing to specialized core, thus freeing up CPU resources, and for testing software Solutions can not play 4K video, it is pretty easy to deal with.

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