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Acer S3 hummingbird, Asus UX31, Toshiba, Z830 and Lenovo U300s the first four listed have been exposed over most of the time, the first three we have got a real machine and we offer a detailed evaluation, the association U300s also has yet to get a real machine test.


In order to allow us to most of the four ultra-have a more comprehensive understanding, the author deliberately compiled in advance for everyone from well-known IT web site NOTEBOOKCHECK of an i5 Edition Lenovo U300s evaluation.


When we read the Asus (Asus) and Acer (Acer) over most of this series (UltraBook), the next one manufacturer - Lenovo, with its products but also to challenge the "thin" as the theme. And ZENBOOK UX31 Asus and Acer Aspire S3, like, 13.3-inch IdeaPad U300s also directed against the most successful Apple MacBook Air.


If you like the IdeaPad U300s first contact with this UltraBook, I believe when you take it in hand when you left the most impressive is its super-slim and ultra-low weight. Lenovo U300s body thickness of only 14.9mm, weight 1.33kg, lighter than some of the Internet, mobility is very good.


Lenovo U300s shell is from a single piece of aluminum stamping, material selection, workmanship, and the edge details of the deal did not challenge, after the drawing process the surface is smooth, giving the impression of a high-end, make you feel things over value for money.


LENOVO IdeaPad U300s Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.8V
Capacity: 54Wh / 8Cell
Weight:  190g
Property: LENOVO Internal Battery
Color: Black


Unfortunately, Lenovo U300s to achieve the minimum thickness, had to compromise in terms of safety, especially in the display area. Although the screen is only 3mm thick easily twists and turns, but thanks to the metal body, the screen is very good resistance to stress. Notebook body shaft damping is relatively small, one-hand opening and closing can be achieved, but it may be in the future arising from the use of loose shaft.


As the body over a very very thin, so the interface can not be very complete, Lenovo U300s is no exception. There are two USB ports, one of which is a USB 3.0 interface. Relatively low price Aspire S3 and Apple MacBook Air only comes with USB 2.0, but the interface MBA with a Thunderbolt Lightning.


The right side is equipped with a HDMI interface can be used to expand the external monitor. In addition to USB, HDMI and a headphone / microphone multiplexed interface, the body no other interfaces.


Communications, U300s conventional configuration. 802.11 b / g / n standard Intel Centrino N1030 WLAN adapter, and built-in Bluetooth 3.0 module, but unfortunately not equipped with Lenovo U300s and 3G modules to enhance the ultra extreme of the ability of mobile Internet access. However, the manufacturer gives us a small surprise in the U300s on image and video signals through the Intel WIDI (Wireless Display) technology, wireless transmission to a TV.

Thin high-touch keyboard with aluminum body chocolate is very appropriate. 15mm wide key to take the middle concave, smooth, high-quality plastic material, highly textured. In addition, through the Fn key to activate the shortcut keys F1-F12


LENOVO ThinkPad L430 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 14.8V
Capacity: 94Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  433g
Size: 208.20 x 70.80 x 20.30 mm
Color: Black


However, with the keyboard compared to the traditional chocolate, a wide keycap spacing, even in use for some time will feel some discomfort, affecting the typing speed. However, in a relatively quiet quiet design environment will not disturb others.


13.3-inch Lenovo U300s body is really generous with the touchpad, the touchpad surface area of ​​10.5 × 7 cm. Touchpad surface is smooth, you can precisely control the mouse cursor, but the speed of cursor movement speed slightly delayed compared to the finger. In addition, the touchpad supports multi-touch gestures, we can easily access the zoom in or out on the page content.


Buttons below the touch pad settings, left and right have significant pressure and feedback, keystroke sound is not noisy. But fly in the ointment is that the touchpad is too sensitive sensor can easily lead to incorrect operation.

13.3-inch Lenovo U300s screen resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, 118 DPI pixel density provides a comfortable font size, but we want a larger, more sophisticated desktop


Lenovo has developed a screen for the U300s 200cd / m² brightness standard, but after our test, even though the LED backlit display is difficult to achieve this standard, the actual average brightness of the screen measured 170.2 cd / m, and U300s screen brightness distribution is very uniform. Blackness values ​​up to 1.16cd / square meter, a contrast ratio of 152:1.


Lenovo U300s using Chimei TN panel display manufacturing. Color spectrum slightly compared with other Ultrabook some limitations, either AdobeRGB or SRGB are not fully covered, not suitable for image editing and other work on the areas of higher quality.


Lenovo U300s using a glossy screen, there will be weak in the sun reflective, often in outdoor use for notebook users is not the best choice. This is also a common problem for all Ultrabook, in this respect the traditional notebook or have certain advantages.


LENOVO ThinkPad L530 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
42T4733 42T4235 42T4731 
42T4757 42T4737 42T4753
51J0499 57Y4185 57Y4186
ASM 42T4703 ASM 42T4752 ASM 42T4756
ASM 42T4796 FRU 42T4702 FRU 42T4751
FRU 42T4755 FRU 42T4791 FRU 42T4793
FRU 42T4795 FRU 42T4797 FRU 42T4817
FRU 42T4819  etc


Fit machine:
LENOVO ThinkPad L430 Series LENOVO ThinkPad L530 Series



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