LENOVO IdeaPad U410 Battery VS ASUS U24A X45C Battery

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Over most of this is the notebook market, the most attention, its slim body, good performance, speed of wake-up and long battery life it has brought countless attention, Lenovo as the leading brand of notebook last year, has launched U300s, U Series flagship version of the product, although stunning, but the price also let many users away.


Today, I brought the new Lenovo U Series of ultra-extreme - Lenovo U410 has a beautiful fashion appearance and good performance, it is the perfect combination of fashion and technology, the price is more approachable, be Most users are accepted. See the following detailed evaluation content. Lenovo U410 body slim and stylish, is divided into: flame red, in Xinghai blue twilight gray, cherry blossom pink, crystal blue five colors, different personality hobby users can find a suitable color. The body metal material, extremely resistant to corrosion-resistant, although the increase in body weight, but this heavy feeling in order to feel safe leaving the user.


Lenovo U410 is equipped with 14-inch glossy screen has a resolution of 1366 × 768 glossy screen makes the picture brighter, more vivid colors, but not suitable for outdoor use by sunlight affect the increase. Fuselage with sunken shaft design, so you can make the body more slim, but inhibition of the opening and closing angle, which can open and close to 150 °, also reached the general standard of notebook. Lenovo U410 as ultra-extreme, slim body must be its characteristics, based on the actual measurement, the front and rear fuselage for 22.37 ~ 22.42mm, almost the same size fuselage around the looks very fashionable slim.


We have already mentioned above, Lenovo U410 body using metal material, it will increase its body weight, its bare metal weight of 1.85Kg travel weight 2.185Kg, compared to the normal 14-inch notebook, or great advantage, go out with a bag, shoulder bag, backpack, no problems. Lenovo U410 island chocolate keyboard, key distance, ease of cleaning, key resilience and symmetrical arc type, ergonomic finger complete with key contacts, long time typing will not feel tired. No shortcuts keyboard surface design, but a system save button on the left side of the fuselage. Above the keyboard F1 ~ F12 becomes the second key bit familiar, by holding down the Fn key to use. The keyboard backlight is not set This is a pity.


Lenovo U410 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad U410 Battery integrated touchpad, both beautiful and touchpad space, intermediate tactics vertical line to distinguish between the area of ​​the left and right arrow keys instead of a mouse, but it's inadequacies is sometimes less sensitive or too sensitive The cursor will appear when clicking on the touchpad offset phenomenon, and error-prone. Lenovo U410 interface, the left side of the fuselage has two USB 2.0 ports and a headphone jack; the right side of the fuselage is equipped with two USB 3.0 interface and HDMI, an Ethernet port, SD card slot, in order to pity to keep the body slim rounding used VGA interface and CD-ROM drive, no off charging USB interface. Lenovo U410 interface distribution more reasonable, at the same time using the USB interface and HDMI interface without conflict phenomenon.


Acer recently released a new generation of ultra-pole of the S7 this many users believe that is the most beautiful on the pole itself, has too many things can be discussed, to tie greet Windows8 the arrival Acer S7 supports multi-touch new type of screen, such changes could have been expected to do nothing more than change in the eyes of ordinary people, a touch screen inside, but really just this?


We need to figure out is: 1, exactly what we need. Meet the idea of ​​what the hardware. 3, software and hardware should tie to implement the idea. 4 What is the relationship between hardware and software with the user. These clearly wants, and then started working it.Touch function, in my opinion through the fingers of a single point / multi-point, straight line / curve track universal change to alternative mouse technology, the future may be to rich operation refers to the pressure gradient, fingerprints and body temperature improve the privacy of the product, which can be seen as a human-computer interaction "go to Tools," the first step, eyes tracking the EEG control will commence this direction.


Both have a wide viewing angle IPS screen, display effect is relatively good, just to show slightly different style, the U24A more dynamic, color saturation greater, "steak" in contrasting color saturation is low, but the contrast more.

Asus U24A ultra-extreme U24E little difference in appearance, the same CNC machining technology, the use of aluminum body, understand, ASUS UX Series each shell package produced takes about four hours, a CNC lathe The day can only do three sets of metal casing.


The Asus U24Awith 3cell ASUS U24A Battery screen engaging very tight, by virtue the screen frame edge of the circle rubber strip can greatly reduce the impact brought about by the opening and closing time, can effectively prevent dust intrusion. The machine shaft damping force it is excellent, the viewing angle of the screen is positioned with one hand can be very easily moved back and forth, the screen open a maximum angle of 130 °, basically to meet the requirements of most users observe the screen viewing angle.


Before the laptop's 3D visual technology and the up and down dual-screen technology have become a negative example, the gradual disappearance of being popular sight, that this technology can not be placed in the notebook? Of course not, new technologies in the commercialization process, will encounter problems from all sides, only to figure out these problems, to allow the technology to really have a use value, which requires complete and thorough thinking system design before.


In a notebook in the end, we do not need the touch function, touch screen in the end to what we can bring a better interactive experience? Then we find to experience the best of the iPad to compare. Purely to increase a selling point? Then we must consider this a selling point whether it be other functions overlap and impact, must also consider the issue of cost.


If you give a child a Pad, he will easily know how to use this thing, because the entire hardware part is only one plane, in addition to touch no other way to control, but the change to the notebook is not the case, at the same time has a keyboard and mouse coexist and overlap and touch screen, two input device and an output device, make feeling strange and impossible to start. IOS and Mac OS X, the completion of an operation is usually only one way you can go through the constrained user behavior to reduce the complexity of the operation, users do not need to face more than two forks in the road to provoke thinking: in the end, which road right?


ASUS X Series is more active in the design, hardware configuration to meet the daily demand for commercial office outside, more taking into account the performance of video games, the ASUS Business products both games, and three or four thousand dollars for sale The price is more approachable, particularly for users to buy a new job and a limited budget. ASUS X45C is a traditional 14-inch notebook with 6cell ASUS X45C Battery, its thickness, is basically the same size and weight of the mainstream 14-inch laptop, handbag for a long time to carry arms easily fatigued, it is recommended to use the backpack.

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