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From Las Vegas to Shanghai, China, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 debut at CES to officially released today, October 12, 2012, has more than nine months time. This 13-inch-touch ultra-extreme, not only conforms to all the properties of ultra-pole of this specification, and also supports a 360 ° free flip screen function, unique and diverse use patterns has attracted many people's eyes. The association released the significance of Yoga 13 is not only a cross-border new, and more importantly, is loaded with better touch support Windows 8 operating system.

Over most of this year the pace of change we have witnessed a notebook body thickness drastic change in the completion of the first step, and subsequent cross-border over most of this again a variety of gesture to show in front of everybody, the constantly innovative design also flooded the over most of this industry. Despite over most of this has not been completed Intel expects shipments, but I believe that the arrival of Windows 8 over most of this is bound to give more vitality.

With expectations, also for the first time, let you friends see Lenovo Yoga 13, we will share with you the grand conference came to Shanghai. The Yoga 13 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 13 Battery the most out of place color is 360 ° flip function, with the touch operation is easy and natural. Here we start with these four usage patterns start to comprehensive introduction for everyone.

Can be flipped over most of this computer as the world's first 360 ° Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 greatest feature is the changing usage patterns, the aircraft in four different screen angle switch freely, including notebook style (Notebook) Tablet PC type (Tablet), vertical (Stand) and tent (on Tent), users only need to do some simple adjustments by hand and Yoga 13'll use most suitable match user operation.

This mode, I believe we have become accustomed to, is we usually use most often come into contact with a state, and the ordinary traditional notebook mode of operation is exactly the same. Is more suitable to be placed flat on the desktop, or resting on the legs is also entirely possible.The LCD screen back flip 315 ° to become a standing mode, the biggest advantage of this mode is to save space, and more freedom to adjust the viewing angle. More suitable for use in a crowded environment.


A S200 Series with ASUS VivoBook S200E Battery the heat dissipation performance was good, the keyboard surface overall average temperature was 34.3 degrees, only the local point of 46 degrees, feels good to use. Warm feeling long Kaoji. The whole on the back of some heat accumulation, mainly hard near up to a maximum of 45.3 degrees. Previous GeForce GT540M, NVIDIA NVS 5400M significant independence specifications and performance is also similar, just a more professional for business this. And now 600MN series graphics cards compared then with GT630M performance fairly, in the list of the mainstream graphics card. Is plotting, 3D game, this card can satisfy.

That work office, then the keyboard in this mode, play a decisive role, even touch and voice input is currently popular trend, but was born in 1878, the standard keyboard is still the human most beloved file entry tool, after all, The routine involves percussion text, production forms, chat hair microblogging compose a message and a variety of operations such as keystroke entry speed advantage yet can not be replaced.
If we travel in order to save money, select the Economy, the narrow space between the seats is going to endure. Expand the notebook when the little tray on, you will find that the use of space has become more cramped. At a time when the Lenovo Yoga in a standing mode will be all the more easy to write, even if it is a little awkward to enjoy the convenience of touch screen in a small space, you can.

Laptop usage patterns in compliance with our traditional habits, and 100% compatible with the new generation of Microsoft's Office productivity applications and backward compatible with the original application, it is very important for the office crowd. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 full-size touch keyboard, ,6cell DELL R48V3 Battery and the keyboard keys feel pretty good performance, design the under concave keycap modeling fit fingertips, reducing the chance of inadvertently typing fluency and percussion feel to be promoted.

Tablet PC mode the name suggests, this mode on the whole when we are in with a queen-size 13-inch flat-panel computer. Flip the screen 360 ° Yoga 13 becomes a large-size screen Tablet PC. At this point, more user-friendly electronic reading experience to sit down and be quiet, hand in a cup of nice coffee, Petty enjoy also the world out.

Interactive entertainment is one of the most important feature of the popularity of Tablet PC applications with the Lenovo Yoga 13 front of high-definition camera, hands gripping the fuselage, video communication with friends and loved ones far away in different places, and also can be moved at any time to shoot Share . As the saying goes "independence Better Together" tablet mode is suitable for double or more persons to participate in the game. Leisure time can also be used to send microblogging, check the weather, search map, is more suitable for handheld Hold the finger sliding tap operation easier.

In addition to the convenience of their own use, sharing and transfer is also very important. Holiday travel after shooting some outdoor beautiful photos. Need to show a large number of high-definition photos, as well as some knowledge about the traveling, and to share with colleagues, friends and family around the standing mode is the most appropriate. In addition, sometimes the work one-on-one information to users introduced standing mode as a showcase to present the data and the chart shows the tool is apt.The LASUS VivoBook X202E in order to keep the body slim not equipped with a CD-ROM drive, but retained in the fuselage behind the VGA interface and a lot of the light of this, this eliminates the need for both. The ASUS VivoBook X202E body and ASUS VivoBook X202E Battery before and after a similar thickness, thickest at only 20mm, very slim. Body weight, although the the X202 with a metal top cover material, but its body weight as light as scary. Its bare metal weight of only 1.63Kg, plus the power is just 1.995Kg, travel, go out of office mobile is very easy and convenient for women to use.

Standing mode may too be fit on the leg, because the thin keycap direct contact to the user's clothing when moving back and forth if you're not careful, you may hang up the keyboard keycap it off will give users bring inconvenient to use.


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