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Undoubtedly , SSD solid state drive brings performance improvements and use the upgrade experience is very exciting , but there is large-capacity SSD solid state drive price higher , individually equipped with a SSD hard to meet the needs of a lot of storage space for users, but we can choose dual SSD + mechanical hard disk storage mode , just like Inspiron 3737 's optical drive can be extended a second hard drive , which make up the limitations of SSD storage space.


There are a lot of young or middle-aged consumers liked some festivals, April Fool's Day , Thanksgiving Day as well as Christmas abroad or something. Although the festival had more and more understanding for the festival has become increasingly shallow and festive atmosphere is not so strong , but no matter what section , custom gifts has never changed .


SAGER NP8275 with 8cll SAGER NP8275 Battery whole gray black, even SAGER logo on the cover is also painted black , visually bring us deep sense of calm and low-key , while the curved corners of the treatment can reduce the damage during accidental drops , especially SAGER NP8275 cover the extension of plastic material around in a circle on the edge of the roof reinforcement .


People choose for gifts , but very picky , what day , what people have to give attention to . Today is the annual Thanksgiving Day , Thanksgiving originally was to thank God for the support and the "British Puritans ' gift of the Indians . The evolution of the country, it becomes a grateful people around ( parents, leaders , friends ) is a holiday, thanks to the parents upbringing , thanks to the leadership of autobiography and grateful friends accompanied grace .


For parents , we appreciate the way there are many here do not have to say any more. And thanks to the leadership or friend, in addition to eating a turkey dinner , you can also work according to their nature , brought a good laptop. It will not let you have misunderstood the meaning of flattery account, one thousand yuan price , sending practical equipment , why not?

All kinds of notebooks on the market , in the end what kind of style for gifts it? In fact, the idea of ​​the traditional point of view , stylish enough grades , with the performance to the mainstream .

This LENOVO IdeaPad S410p is 14 inches thin entertainment this with LENOVO L12S4E01 Battery, so it is equipped with a 14-inch display with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Although the screen resolution is not high , but considering the price of the machine is fairly acceptable, but the aircraft is equipped with a touch screen , the screen thickness is thin. Also this resolution to some extent to ensure a good gaming experience , and is equipped with discrete graphics .


After opening the cover , you can see that is the 15.6-inch high-definition screen , as is the use of a glossy screen , so the display is clearer and has a high degree of color reproduction , not only that, the screen supports the current popular multi-point touch function in such a large -screen touch operation, without worrying phenomenon will appear misuse . Upper and lower sides of the screen , respectively HD camera with LOGO, which looks like a laptop has become a standard design .


Dell Inspiron  15 C-face with the same superstructure , with full texture matte surface , even Cap, also with a matte design . You know, frosted design extremely difficult to leave fingerprints , so that DELL 15 with DELL 970V9 Battery is really more spiritual , " armed to the teeth ."

Lift the keyboard reminds us of years ago butterfly machine 701C, the same is on the keyboard to make a fuss , but the latter because of high maintenance costs , and ultimately abandoned the production, while S1 Yoga is different, smaller keyboards float trip , and there Two-stage shaft to improve life , so we feel assured and reliable .


First, let's look at the basic information used : Intel Core i5-3337U processor , 4GB memory, 750GB hard drive capacity , graphics card with a 2GB memory NVIDIA GT 720M discrete graphics . Testing Intel Core i5-3337U processor CPU-Z tool by basic information , this processor does not use the latest Intel Haswell core architecture , but is still mired in the third -generation architecture : ivy bridge, 22nm process technology, the initial primary frequency of 1.8GHz, shared three cache 3MB, the overall TDP of 17W. Since the processor is a low -voltage version , and therefore relatively low power consumption , battery life will have a good performance.


Although appearance is not much bright, but relatively thin body or people loved , more convenient to carry around . Also noteworthy is that the aircraft's fuselage scalability is quite good, is well known, and now many manufacturers out of thin considerations, had to abandon some of the more thick interfaces such as VGA, Ethernet port , and these are frequently used in daily life is relatively high , so if not, in fact, be quite affecting everyday use. LENOVO G410s Touch in this regard did not compromise , a good control of the thickness of the fuselage under the premise of not only equipped with VGA, Ethernet port and other common interface, and comes with a DVD burner , so the practicality of it on the interface the performance is very satisfying to me .


i5-4200M processor is Intel's fourth-generation Haswell platform processors , using 22nm process technology, clocked at 2.5GHz, can Turbo to 3.1GHz, TDP is 37W. Because the machine is not yet released in the official website , the driver side also not perfect. Installed the driver does not allow the system to be detected accurately model alone significantly . AMD Radeon HD 8000M series includes HD 8500M, HD 8600M, HD 8700M, has 384 GCN stream processor core , with a 128-bit interface, support for GDDR5 and DDR3 memory .

Overall , LENOVO G410s with LENOVO L12M4E01 Battery is Lenovo's new attempt , now for Yoga Pro conceptual innovation , S1 Yoga is more steady, will be placed on innovation to enhance the user experience , which should be the correct way of thinking.

After opening the cover we can see the screen with a black border design. The screen is a 14-inch touch screen , the best resolution of 1366 × 768, supports 10 -point touch . At the top of the screen has a front camera for convenient video communications.


C surface part with a silver-gray hue. C surface in the uppermost point of the spiral texture with silver star decorations, while the palm rest was added some grainy texture , thus increasing the friction between the palm and wrist. C face still continues minimalist design , except for the keyboard only一枚power button . We see on the left side printed "SonicMaster" logo, which shows the LENOVO G410s Touch also uses the "vocal master" system , showing the machine's audio performance should be good .


As a gift , Dell Inspiron 15 with DELL 9TJ2J Battery is more outward appearances to meet everyone's demands? At least in my opinion, it is " armed to the teeth " design has been refined so that I have the urge to buy. Of course, the impulse is the devil . Just see it external performance is not enough. Notebook eventually to fall on the ability and experience , after all, it is used to do things rather than a decoration.

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