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Currently available ultra-pole of this many various brand products have been early put on the shelf, first-line brands such as Lenovo, Acer, Dell, attention naturally has the advantage of every launch of a product will attract big media and the attention of consumers, but the second-tier brands is not the case, if you want to also take a slice in the field of ultra-pole, then there should be more prominent selling point, the LENOVO ThinkPad Edge, E435 is an ultra-pole of this not only the price of 3999 yuan (low-equipped version) very to force, and is the exclusive 3D somatosensory. Before any product of this, or even the entire PC product line, this human-computer interaction technology, and forming the product out.


On April 10 in Beijing super-extreme "Experience Tour" LENOVO theme days, LENOVO display ThinkPad Edge, E435, including a variety of ultra-pole of this product, the use of low i3 processor and hybrid hard drives with the ThinkPad Edge E435 is only 3999 yuan from the same side and the Shenzhou domestic brands, also exceed the pole in this price to a less than 4000 yuan.


LENOVO laptop division product manager Lu Kailin layer, the LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 with 7 seconds to boot and 19mm thickness of the body, these are super pole hard targets, but the biggest difference with other products is adopted the LENOVO & Intel innovative product research and development center, "Air Magic (ThinkPad Edge E435 built-in the somatosensory application software), this LENOVO original somatosensory control technology, you can use the" body language "super pole had full control.


As for 3D somatosensory technology, this before we had the Microsoft XBOX360 game console have been in contact, with Kinect to achieve true human-computer activities on a notebook this small size digital products, such technical experience how? How much that means? How to develop and evolve, or whether we should quietly wait for things.


In 2012, the ultra-pole of the industry was generally optimistic, as the body of the evolution of a traditional notebook, ultra-pole this become the straw under the general downturn in the industry environment, but the super wanted to develop in the country, well need to be more the Chinese consumer habits, how to solve the wireless network coverage, how to meet the body thin interface with a simple "problem, and how to make the cost of the notebook down to the consumer recognition of the range, these are super pole of this popularity of road problems must be addressed. Obviously, the LENOVO the ThinkPad Edge, E435 playing an entry-oriented user, the main cost-effective products, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 on the overall design, and no particular place of color, materials, thickness, or experience to LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 and 6000 yuan mainstream price gap is quite obvious.


LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 62Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  331g
Color: Black

Not long ago we showed a use i3-2350M processor with the GT 630M discrete graphics LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535-JS03 notebook, pure white appearance designed very much in line with modern best to seek a simplistic philosophy of life, built-in JBL high quality speakers, with the GT 630M significant independence, to make audio and video, both games have some degree of upgrading.


Today I bring is another version of the aircraft - ThinkPad Edge E535-JT01, but a closer look at this from a naming point of view they all belong LENOVO company this year launched a new consumer entertainment, the suffix a "JS03", a "JT01"; from the appearance point of view, both models have only subtle differences in the palm rest stickers, the rest exactly the same, so we do not introduce too much; configuration, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535- JT01, using NVIDIA's new Kepler architecture GT 650M significant independence built-in 4GB memory and 1TB hard drive with 2GB of memory, while the previous ThinkPad Edge E535-JS03 is a 500GB hard drive and GT 630M significant independence, the only difference. .


Before to introduce LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535-JS03, like, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535-JT01 also nine characteristics. Automatic delay switch, backlit keyboard, comes with the fuselage bracket and user-friendly design make this machine more suitable for the ordinary people, then I would introduce one by one.


We usually use a computer, often download software or large games, often these documents was relatively large, and sometimes "forced" to wait until the download is complete, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 notebook computer equipped with a clever automatic delay switch, you can automatically shut down when the download is complete, no need to always keep looking at the computer.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 battery Compatible original Battery Code:


In our impression, there is little that a notebook series, "Qian Kun Da Nuo" product positioning several times, but also continues to get consumers' attention and favor. Game weapon from six years ago to today's ultimate lightweight, large span of the XPS series is hard to imagine. But to savor, we found that also conform to the trend of change.


First XPS notebook, Dell officially on sale in the mainland called the XPS M1710 series, it has a 17-inch full HD display, NAPA platform, the 7950 graphics card, priced at 35,000, when the top-level configuration of machine Wong, and now looked almost weak burst.


The reason why we so value the performance of the M1710, because it is the XPS, very long period of time, XPS, is representative of the high-performance PC, but also the image of Dell in the PC field of high-end fever endorsement, it gives the user the impression is usually so : savage and full muscular appearance, the beast-like performance, regardless of the cost of materials and prohibitive prices, and now XPS experienced a number of evolution, has been completely different.


Six years from the beginning in the domestic market, the XPS series has also been named on some minor adjustments from time division can be divided into the following stages:Since 2006, the XPS M1710 for listing on the mainland, positioning top game entertainment and performance enthusiast applications;

Coincides with Intel's new processor platform upgrade, Dell, its main product DELL XPS launched a special edition: the XPS L421X. XPS Chinese interpreter for the turbo, the word in the car on behalf of more powerful engines, the speed pursuit, while the laptops mean anything? Let us approached the DELL XPS Turbo (hereinafter referred to as the XPS L421X) car of Dell in the coming year the main "models" to understand what was going on.


DELL XPS L421X Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  345g
Size: 204.70 x 49.90 x 20.30 mm
Color: Black


Said earlier, the XPS L721X is a special edition of the Dell XPS series, that here first a brief look at the DELL XPS series. DELL XPS Dell launched in 2010 in order to cost-effective, personalized fashion look for the mainstream notebook models of the main selling points, its biggest feature is the user can replace the notebook cover. Dell officially known as: 14R shedding Edition


In addition to the roof outside, the XPS L721X in the C side of the wrist rest area honeycomb textures, so the design side A and C surface to achieve the unity of the tonality. But so has the feel of the material, make the user feel there will be discomfort in the manipulation of the product? After experience, my personal feeling is that although concavity but will not result in ill feelings (of course maybe I am a bit rough skin and flesh, skin and delicate girl may have different feelings).


As a special edition of the 14R series, XPS L721X still have the convertible top cover of the function, user simple operation can be completed the demolition of the top cover. However, Dell said the XPS the the L421X version only honeycomb texture of such a metal roof, if the user would like to replace the top cover can select 14R shedding roof replacement.

DELL XPS L721X opponent is very much, especially equipped with the GT 640M, the main game models of the GT 650M will be slowly coming out. Such as follow-up version of the Samsung Q470, Asus N56 as well as Lenovo Y480 and so on ... This year happened that the CPU and graphics card with the updating of the manufacturers will have products out of the new platform, the Dell XPS L421X be regarded as playing the head array, look forward to early listed!



Reading the XPS L721X most visual impact of the shell material, we have around it a circle to look at this product interface design. The XPS the L421X of the rear does not have any interface. Well, we started to observe directly the fuselage sides. From the interface configuration is in place as a mainstream model XPS L421X: VGA, HDMI, optical drives, network cable port, card reader is a lot of both. Here alone, the XPS the L421X of the USB interface configuration for faster USB3.0 interface, and about both sides of the two interfaces, to avoid USB too concentrated side of the trouble caused to the user.


DELL XPS L721X Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
312-1123 312-1127 J70W7


However, the XPS the L721X left side of the interface layout is still some lack of the distance between the two USB3.0 interface is too small, on one side at the same time using two ordinary U disk will cause crowding can not be used. Here we give a solution: If the users use the 2.4GHz wireless mouse, you can choose a smaller receiver on a USB port on the left side of the this will not affect another interface to use.

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