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How important business notebook keyboard Needless to say , ThinkPad has been also known with excellent keyboard feel , and this time the entire ThinkPad keyboard layout is almost no change , FN and Ctrl still insist swap the location of this number so that non- some ThinkPad users are not accustomed to , " red dot " to retain , but to be honest with the touch screen , the red dot has little meaning of existence , and this time back to S1 ThinkPad with a very easy to use touchpad .

Part of the touchpad , ThinkPad S1 Yoga equipped ThinkPad series 2013 latest design of integrated touchpad , the use of an area with the previous models equipped with the same size of the touchpad a 30% increase compared to the surface using a glass material to build, with smoother feel. During use , the greatest feeling is when you press the side of the touchpad , the entire trackpad is pressed simultaneously , instead of a side of the tilt of the situation , the key is the kind of very deep voice , very discuss like , just from the trackpad on from other inexpensive items.


The keyboard feels maintained a fairly high level , it is no exaggeration to say that the variability in the current category 2 in 1 notebook , S1 Yoga with 8cell LENOVO ThinkPad S1 Yoga Battery of 1.8mm key way , X stand , and the underlying structure of the drum -type high-touch keyboard , is to be ahead of the competition , Cap adduction arc, smooth surface grinding, as long as the user is slightly a few minutes to get started , you will immerse yourself in the sense of percussion .


Backlit keyboard is not surprising that the adoption has been in more than 6,000 yuan notebook , LED backlit keyboard should become standard, although the high cost of hardware and maintenance , but it will bring experience to upgrade is not in doubt , since then , ThinkPad patent Thinklight keyboard lights already become history . This time, the keyboard light brightness can not be adjusted , but the lights came through from below keycap , not very bright, very harsh, but enough to play the role of lighting .


Finally notebook mode , it can be said that even ThinkPad S1 Yoga does not use a flip screen , the same as a normal notebook is a very good , all- metal body, red dot , high-touch keyboard , the latest hardware platforms Haswell and a full HD display, are now mainstream, but also as deep plowing in the field for many years in the business of ThinkPad speaking, do a pass above the line business notebook should be Shoudaoqinlai thing.


The screen, the 12.5-inch ThinkPad S1 Yoga is , 1920 × 1080 resolution screen should be the author could bear , but even so, in the largest font DPI is still a bit under the small , but the web can be vector fonts amplification, but added it is very delicate , large resolution for some users, such as the design professional can display more content , improve efficiency, but only used the Internet, play games, it would be better to use 1600 × 900 is more appropriate.


Standing mode looks no different tent models are not inclined screen keyboard mode , but in fact the user is still a difference, standing mode is particularly suitable for use in places where space is limited operations, such as when called economy class , launched in the notebook small table board , you will find that the use of space has become more cramped , but with tents mode , as only two fulcrum, so some discomfort felt at ease , standing in this state mode is the most appropriate , and this mode is the most suitable to use on the bed , the person viewing distance will be closer and closer to the use of the Tablet PC experience.

the author 's take a look EliteBook 850 Series with 6cll HP EliteBook 850 Battery Details dismantling process , look at this product in the end is how the workmanship and quality between winning ? Get HP EliteBook 850 , the author first broadly observed a moment EliteBook 850 series at the bottom of the design , in fact, the dismantling of almost all laptops are start at the bottom , except that according to the manufacturer 's own design is different , there is also a sense of dismantling convenience a great difference . EliteBook 850 series at the bottom of the design is simple, if you want to open the bottom cover , just twist off the mark in the figure below the four screws , which is considered a very easy to use laptop dismantling of a product of .

Prior to our evaluation Dell Inspiron 2350 one computer, it can be said that compared to the appearance than in the past made ​​a lot of changes , more close to XPS series product design concept , and today we will see the Dell Inspiron Vietnam 7000 series notebook in shape indeed be said to have made changes , almost invisible spirit more series before the shadow a little bit , if not otherwise specified will be considered XPS line of products , maybe this is Dell's latest strategic planning, but what will go on the road XPS it ?

This time Dell Ling Yue series will be completely re-shuffle , 7000 series with 8cell DELL F7HVR Battery allows us to see not the same as " more spiritual ." Dell Inspiron 15 in the exterior design with a minimalist design style , the metal of the body to create not only durable, while allowing the whole look richer texture, very consistent with the current white-collar workers and student groups. Dell Inspiron 15 is partly based on the edge of the same with the iPhone 5 chamfer design, which not only make the edge of the not-so- Ge and hand surgery , such a strong sense of cutting lines with reflective plus also allows the machine raised a notch , this is indeed a very attractive design .


EliteBook 850 series is very good reason for demolition because of its hardware arrangement are very reasonable , without disturbing each other , each one has its own hardware location , just twist off a few screws on the corresponding completely to win, this design is an excellent addition to reflecting the HP internal planning capabilities , but also to use the EliteBook 850 series users , providing a convenient means of hardware upgrades .


In fact, laptops can be replaced and the internal hardware is divided into two types of non-replaceable hardware , such as hard disk before Smecta smecta memory upgrades are possible , and the battery can be replaced with a wireless network card . And some hardware such as processors, memory chips and motherboards, under normal circumstances is unable to upgrade or do not need replacement . So , EliteBook 850 with HP EliteBook 850 G1 Battery internal architecture of these engineers use different hardware parts separate, which is why there is a layer within EliteBook 850 series cover the main reason.

Only the lower right corner of a wireless network card screws , screw off automatically after the bounce , and then grabbed a pull with your fingers you can win here. But remember to pull down two antennas , otherwise EliteBook 850 series was completely not work with the international standards .


The interface, the Dell Inspiron 15 notebook also has a relatively rich settings , turn on the fuselage on the left we can see the security lock slot , power connector, and 2 × USB3.0 interface, while the fuselage on the right we can see to RJ45, HDMI, 2 × USB3.0 interface, headphone microphone jack and an SD card reader, getting lower and lower in the drive usage today, the Dell Inspiron 15 notebook also discard this configuration.


Although the 7000 series with 8cell DELL T2T3J Battery belong to the same products, but Dell Inspiron 14, 15 and 17- inch products in the heat as well as the settings on the speaker position changed greatly . Dell Inspiron 15 has a portion in addition to cooling the inside of the shaft out of the window at the bottom of the machine is also provided with a long strip of thermal windows , while the speaker is set at the bottom of the front left and right sides of the fuselage . Inspiron 7000 series notebook is equipped with professional studio effects Waves MaxxAudio sound system , whether it is to watch movies or play games and entertainment, it can clearly feel the bass , allowing users to feel the immersive feel.

CINEBENCH R10 use of film and television industry, software development , Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance . Tests include two , respectively, for the processor and graphics performance . The first test simply use the CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scene images on a single processor single-threaded run only once , if the system has more than one processor core or multi -threaded , then the first time use only one thread , second run all the processor cores and threads. The second test is for the OpenGL graphics performance. From the results , ProBook 640 G1  is equipped with ultra-thin Extreme quad-core A10-5745M APU with mainstream computing performance , you can do everyday entertainment needs.


ProBook 640 G1  with 6cell 47Wh HP ProBook 640 G1 Battery and palm rest has an AMD dual graphics logo, which represents the APU fusion within the core HD8610G independent display and it can be configured HD 8670M alone significantly crossfire . In fact, we tested the HD 8670M alone this alone significantly , 3DmarkVantage E mode graphics child can get 16,500 points or so, has been close to the mainstream level , the following is crossfire before and after comparison .

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