LENOVO ThinkPad S431 Battery VS MSI GX70 Battery

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When it comes to notebook touchpad instead of a mouse parts we usually do not fully rely on it, but the mobile office has become particularly important. LENOVO ThinkPad S431 touchpad area designed as a relatively well-off, and the inner edge mosaic metal strips, for a 13-inch notebook specifications, can have a large-size touch pad will give users more convenient. It is worth mentioning the aircraft touch buttons feel light percussion sound is crisp, clear sense of feedback, the actual feeling of pressing practical and accurate.


The thickness of the ultra-pole machine has control of the very thin, which also led to a the interface layout around the body to be re-planning, interface type and quantity, subject to certain constraints, while DELL Inspiron 14-3421 and 6cell DELL Inspiron 14-3421 Battery retained in the limited space on both sides of The most common interface, which the left side of the interface contains a mini-power connector, RJ-45 Ethernet port, USB 3.0 interface, full-size HDMI output port, headphone / microphone port and Mini VGA interface.


To build an ultimate thin and light notebook products, in fact, to the designer is not a small challenge, especially to solve the notebook interface layout on the one hand, to meet the user's basic input and output requirements, and on the other hand , but also take into account the thickness of the body, can be both do a good balance, really need to go through the pages of comprehensive consideration.


A network cable Crystal Head thickness of 8 mm, a standard VGA interface thickness of 9.3mm, is well known that these two essential interface thickness is fixed and immutable, therefore necessary to propose new solutions to deal with this problem. MSI GX70 gaming laptop with 9cell MSI GX70 Battery response, the network cable port the innovative activities bayonet design, VG A using a Mini-interface design, the thickness of the fuselage has been effectively controlled. However, after the actual test below the Ethernet interface activities snaps looks thin, do not know the long-term use will break in the cable access network.


In addition, together with the LENOVO notebook unique Quick Start technology that dramatically improves the efficiency of ThinkPad S431 series quick start in just 20 seconds, 2 seconds to wake up quickly. Second, Power Plus charge and discharge cycle technology and battery life extension technology is also LENOVO the super pole ThinkPad S431 series is hard to go beyond the core research and development strengths. Long up to 7 hours of battery life on a single charge, that is, to ensure that users enjoy the day "pole" experience. Frequency up to 1500 times / 3 charge and discharge cycles, ensure that the The LENOVO Ultra pole ThinkPad S431-series battery life can be more than five times longer than other laptops.


In a preliminary trial experience, our overall feeling is: LENOVO S431 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad S431 Battery super pole worthy of the price of 5,999 yuan, the detail is very fine workmanship, did not sloppy. It is most satisfied with its display can see that with a high-quality LCD panel, and unique with a matte screen, reflective user is no longer a trouble, it is worth appreciation.


In recent years sunken shaft design is the major notebook manufacturers respected, but not practical for ultra-thin notebook, ultra-extreme due to the thickness of the body's sake, the shaft at not too much space, therefore unable to adopt such design solutions. More super pole and LENOVO ThinkPad S431 as the center shaft, the opening and closing of the screen when the damping force is relatively large, open angle of 150 °.


At this point, our the DELL Inspiron 15 with high quality DELL Inspiron 15-3521 Battery preliminary evaluation on the first come to an end, in function and performance, we will present you the detailed test, so stay tuned.


This year's ultra-thin notebook products have become the focus of consumer choice, in addition to mainstream ultra-pole of this emerging new ultra-thin notebook equipped with a whole new generation of APU have sprung up everywhere. In addition to its highly portable body, the APU ultra-thin biggest advantage is cost-effective, less than 4,500 yuan price range is still very attractive. Today, we bring a 13.3-inch LENOVO NPThinkPad S431 equipped with AMD Trinity A6 processor platform, the integration of a single processor core graphics processing power also has a good performance.


High-load state temperature performance of the ultra-thin this do? Our notebook full load stress test to show. Pager about 1 hour at room temperature 27 ° C environment, the machine processor temperature has a good performance, the processor core temperature stabilized at around 79 ℃, and the integration of the graphics card temperature stabilized at around 82 ℃. At the same time, we use the thermal imager users often the keyboard in contact with the bottom of the fuselage to the actual test, through the above thermal imaging maps you can see the palm rest and touchpad of the LENOVO ThinkPad E431 the temperature of the region to maintain a good, controlled below 33 ℃, the most keyboards temperature is very low, so get typing more comfortable operating experience. Heat concentrated in the bottom of the fuselage near the heat vent, the highest temperature of 44.2 ° C. Overall, this the LENOVO NPThinkPad S431 the cooling performance is quite good.


Today, we bring a professional mobile workstation graphics, for those with the needs of consumers resolve their problem, it is the Schenker XIRIOS B502,. Schenker XIRIOS B502 Intel Core i7 3940XM (Extreme Edition) quad-core eight thread processors and the NVIDIA Quadro K2000M professional-level graphics, geometric drawing even better performance in precision industrial and medical-class computing applications, and also has 32GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, 128GB SSD +1000 GB HDD hard drive, hardware called powerful. Look at the hardware can not understand the real situation, then we look at its specific performance.


"Quasi-ultra-extreme" for a mainstream price points, it also has to be the perfect place, such as heat dissipation and battery life is not ideal, there is the memory price rise of tens of dollars, but only with a single 2GB memory or some of the less kind.

17.3 inches is still the most preferred size of the mobile office users, compared to 14-inch models of its good portability, wherever you travel to carry it will not take up too much space, while the screen viewing area will not be affected too much affected. DELL Inspiron 17 with 9cell DELL Inspiron 17-3721 Battery bare metal weight less than 1.5 kg, this value is sufficient to prove that it has an enviable lithe figure, completely no less favorable than the ultra-pole of this.


The keyboard layout is quite satisfactory, the very texture of the typical LENOVO power button is placed in the upper-right corner of the keyboard, there is no alternative arrangements for other shortcut keys. Chocolate keycap particles have become commonplace, the LENOVO NPThinkPad S431 keys feel good performance, more appropriate pressing force feedback channel control, and designed specifically for the Chinese input method independent key, user can quickly switch between input modes.

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