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To buy a super pole may have a lot of reasons, than to its thin and light, life, or its rapid response, but DELL's new Latitude 6430u ultra-pole this adds a reason to buy, its 3D performance.


In the ultra-pole of this is about to enter the era of Ivy Bridge, the mainstream PC vendors have released the second generation of ultra-pole of this, for some consumers, the ultra-pole no longer a concept product. Consumers look super pole this is no longer just a novelty psychological, but concerned about the thickness, shape and unusual function. When they want to buy a super pole this, often the first to consider whether it can meet a variety of applications in the real life super pole this is not practical enough.


Manufacturers test the water after the first generation of products, have figured out consumers' demand for ultra-pole of this psychological. Second-generation ultra-pole of this in addition to a general increase in the interface for ultra-pole another birth defects, the 3D display performance has also been a complement.


Tested this DELL Latitude 6430u is such a display performance and mainstream games Physiognomy comparable products, and its thin design is not unworthy of the Wal-Mart super pole.From the release number of new products and promotion efforts, no doubt DELL ultra extreme of this new eye-catching, the DELL in commercial and consumer market force, the introduction of the different positioning a variety of ultra-pole of this, showing in this year's super-polar city field attitude and determination.


DELL released new Latitude for the general mainstream users DELL Latitude 6430u Battery concern in the highest. This is also DELL focus on promoting a product in the marketDELL the Latitude series has introduced many impressive thin and light notebooks, the launch of the ultra-pole of this also has a slim, simple, stylish style, materials used sophisticated, fine workmanship, the Latitude series will become ultra-pole of this family distinctive feature of the product.


In the consumer notebook market, Lenovo X-series notebook with reasonable price and strong performance, high popularity and sales, was affectionately known as "sturdy little Y" to a broad user acceptance, especially in which the student users, the majority of college students buy laptop will be Y into alternative models and select the probability is extremely high.


With the release of the 2012 Intel's next generation processor, Lenovo X Series is a comprehensive upgrade to the ThinkPad equipped with a new platform X230i and Y580 series, which was first to meet with the ThinkPad X230, predecessors, it has just been listed in the big users caused a new round of hot. The process of this discussion, however, the target of criticism of the ThinkPad X230 more, especially graphics GT640M LE, it is equipped with the previous the generation Frime framework, its performance than the new Kepler framework graphics card is much worse, is this new generation of small Y? Is it sturdy little Y has an end?


The answer of course is no, the Lenovo ThinkPad X230 is only the Lenovo ThinkPad X230i series one after the ThinkPad X230, Lenovo launched the ThinkPad X230i, a configuration sturdy. Upgrade to GT650M compared with the ThinkPad X230, the ThinkPad the X230i graphics configuration, but the news that the ThinkPad the X230i's graphics card is the emasculated version, is this really? In addition there are reports that the ThinkPad the X230i configuration of is the backlit keyboard, it really there? The ThinkPad the X230i's appearance Zhang what? And the ThinkPad X230? For the answers to all queries in the mind, the next for everyone to bring a detailed test of the Lenovo ThinkPad the X230i-the ISE.


Lenovo ThinkPad X230i continuity in the design of the ThinkPad X230 before the roof on both sides of the miter design, compared with the previous generation Y470 tough, but the ThinkPad X230i inherited X Series iconic orange waist, before testing the ThinkPad The X230 discarded this design.


The materials of the roof, the Lenovo ThinkPad X230i with LENOVO ThinkPad X230i Battery metal material, a dark brown matte finish on the substrate printed with a piercing slash and dot as a decoration, it looks like in depicting the scene of the tall buildings of the city than the previous ThinkPad X230 metal wire drawing roof look more lively and dynamic.


Although the ThinkPad X230i the roof change, but the fuselage keyboard surface and the surface of the screen design and the ThinkPad X230 is basically the same configuration 14-inch glossy display, the screen border, like the screen has a mirror effect, looks bright and transparent. But its wear resistance is weak, more easily scratched, usually use the need to pay more attention to the wipe should be more careful.


Body size and weight, the ThinkPad X230i and currently most of the 14-inch notebook, the bare metal weighing about 2.4kg travel weight 2.885kg, it is recommended that you use a backpack to carry out.


Lenovo ThinkPad X230i identical with the face design of the ThinkPad X230 keyboard, palm rest and keyboard around the shell of metal, the surface has a brushed texture, and overall design blends with the body.


Both sides were set up around the top of the keyboard JBL speakers, support for Dolby sound, foreign effect is better than the average notebook speakers. In addition, the ThinkPad the X230i keyboard next to the right speaker has a display mode switching shortcut keys and mute shortcuts; the left side of the power button located next to the Lenovo OneKey rescue system shortcuts, it can enter the shutdown state by association a key to save the system anti-virus or system restore and other operations of the notebook.


Lenovo ThinkPad X230i continuation of the X220 start using arc-shaped floating island keyboard keycap surface showing curved, and the pulp a good fit, plus the appropriate key process design, the overall touch is more comfortable.

Lenovo before released ThinkPad X230 configured keyboard with backlight, but some reports point of view, the Lenovo ThinkPad X230i keyboard with backlight, then the ThinkPad the X230i in the end there is no backlight it? To be sure, we tested this ThinkPad X230i and there is no backlight, The ThinkPad X230i series with LENOVO ThinkPad X230 Hybrid Battery will configure the backlit keyboard, we would not know.


ThinkPad X230i keyboard continuation of the previous generation x arc-shaped floating island-style keyboard, but its touch pad change, the ThinkPad the X230i enable a new, integrated touchpad, the increase in the use of the touchpad area, touch is relatively smooth, more accurate cursor control, but the experience of the touchpad buttons is better X220 kind of separate button design, press the left and right TouchPad button after the cursor deviation.

In addition to the excellent processor and graphics, Lenovo ThinkPad X230i 4GB of DDR3-1600 memory and the the 1024GB large capacity hard drive, twice that of the mainstream 500GB hard drive capacity, providing ample storage space. Lenovo ThinkPad X230i configured the wireless card Intel N-2200, with the third-generation Core i7 3610QM processor, you can enjoy wireless video transmission technology for Intel WIDI 3.0.


Of course, currently available 14-inch notebook competition is very intense, Acer, Dell, Asus launched the hit video game this year, 14-inch notebook, contrast, Acer and Dell products at this stage is that the new i7 processing + GT640M graphics, game performance on both the ThinkPad X230i somewhat more fragile; ASUS N46VZ a Lenovo ThinkPad X230i configure the same graphics card models, and N Series ASUS group work is also designed very well. price than the ThinkPad X230i much higher. So the view from this stage, the entire new generation of 14-inch entertainment notebook market, Lenovo ThinkPad the X230i-the ISE, 6999 price of a relatively high price, more deserving of what budget sufficient users to buy.


But after all, the ThinkPad the X230i-the ISE, after all, the ThinkPad the X230i in configuration high a price of close to 7,000 yuan or more expensive for the majority of student users, and so can wait for the budget insufficient user equipped with the new i3 / The the i5 ThinkPad X230i their selling price will be relatively low, if this year equipped with the new i5 processor and GT650M graphics ThinkPad X230i to about 5000 yuan, then I believe the myth of small y sturdy will continue.

The LENOVO ThinkPad T430si 13.3-inch LED-backlit screen with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T430si Battery, the aspect ratio of 16:9, supports 1366X768 resolution. The color screen is clear, the quality more expressive.

In addition to good design, the LENOVO ThinkPad T430si on the hardware configuration better than the LENOVO ThinkPad T430si as sturdy GT630M graphics performance at a medium level to basically meet the needs of mainstream 3D games running under medium quality, 750GB high-capacity hard disk provides us plenty of storage space.

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