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Lenovo The ThinkPad X1 Hybrid this laptop can be said to attract more attention, because the traditional black (ThinkPad) gives the impression that most of the dark and heavy appearance, the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid subvert the stereotype of, and take thin line, but the shape still maintain retain ThinkPad characteristics. The ThinkPad X1 Hybrid expected to be officially opened 5/17 in the United States time to sell, the price of take-off from U.S. $ 1349, but the master has won this coveted laptop, and written evaluation.


The ThinkPad X1 Hybrid or to maintain the tradition of the TrackPoint (Central Plains a little red) and a robust body structure, and there are the following features: 13.3-inch and installation of Gorilla Glass (Corning) to strengthen the glass protection panel, fast charging, but embedded (meaning can not be removed), batteries, and button-free form of the touchpad (touchpad button does not go the button to go the touch mode), machine deep and only 0.65 inch (about 1.65cm).


The CPU is based Intel Sandybridge architecture-based, and not less than the current mainstream models, along with his master to edit one up to experience the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid.


LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Hybrid Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 34Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  367g
Property: LENOVO Slice Battery
Color: Black


May 14, a new generation of high performance of this in the TOSHIBA Satellite L840 official website released simultaneously listed on sale. New once TOSHIBA L840 comprehensive upgrade of hardware, using the latest IVY platform and the latest flagship graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX670M. New graphics and new processors were released in the last last month and last month, new graphics and a new processor will create reduced greatly enhance the performance and power consumption fever, which is very beneficial for the mobile platform , more and more gamers begin to shift attention to the notebook above to TOSHIBA is a very good game in the field notebook, a notebook brand, what kind of surprise and enhance this new platform, "Fire Bat" will give us? The following I began the evaluation of the machine.


Apple has released a new generation of iPhone in 2007, we began to interest invested in a smart phone this, and Apple released in 2010, the iPad, we began to eyeing the tablet PCs, mobile devices, this one, no matter how said mobile devices able to do so the fire is the development of computer technology, the progress of the chip manufacturing process.


We see today released high-end smart phones are quad-core CPU, we also heard the "mobile CPU than the PC run faster," comments, but we do have the ability to powerful processor placed in the palm-sized places. Because the integration of the chip is getting higher and higher, PCH single-chip alternative to traditional motherboards, north and south bridge chipset; processor with integrated graphics, integrated memory controller, PCI-E bus, and display engine modules · · · today the CPU is called the SOC (System-on-Chip) seems more reasonable. A few years ago the top desktop processor power consumption is 135W, released last year, Sandy Bridge power consumption down to 95W, while the latest release of the Ivy bridge i7 3770K power consumption is only 77W, quad-core processor of the mobile platform i7 3612QM power even only 35W, the power consumption of these chips is getting lower and lower, good explanation of the reasons for the rise of mobile devices.

TOSHIBA Satellite L840 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  352g
Color: Black or Grey


Even if the added modern elements, the X1 Hybrid in the ThinkPad still looks (and feels) is the ThinkPad. Looks black appearance of the standard, flat and a little rubber-like feel, just like the previous X Series. Only the paint is coated on each surface, and better overall sense of integration. Although the appearance has always been for black, is not the point, the focus is usually the "durability", but this processing did allow the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid "feeling up" like a high-end NB.


Lenovo also uses the ThinkPad's classic boxy shape, and change it more for thin and light. Its enclosure (33.8 × 23.1 × 1.65-2.12 cm) does not like the MacBook Air only like a cartoon in a slim, due to its wedge shape, the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid with the MacBook Air in the thickness of the comparison, especially vulnerable to shaft lose out. However, it seems again to its thinning is almost impossible, especially to open the front cover part, it weighs 3.7 lbs (1.67 kg), than we've seen also on the outflow of information weight, but it is clear: the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid or easily can be used with one hand to pick up.


The internal structure of part of the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid with ThnikPad predecessors to use the same RollCage (roll cage structure) to strengthen the body rigid. Although the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid shaft instead of using the traditional style, but allows the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid appearance of a simple feeling, just lacks a sense of security for ThinkPad fans like to hear the switch superstructure lying A "sound . As for the how fuselage solid, compared to the opening and closing above the laptop, not the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid body too carefully. Of course the superstructure bearing If you can not afford to provide 3-year warranty is normal for commercial aircraft. ?


DELL 8858X Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  339g
Size: 214.3 x 57.7 x 23.3 mm
Color: Black


TOSHIBA L845 products in the main push of this year's summer, so has been the favorite of many young consumers because of its mainstream price points and configurations. For many young consumers, the game is an important part of their lives, many users are game to buy computer products. Taking into account these factors, TOSHIBA during the summer period a new Long Valley version TOSHIBAL845, and a limited edition of 5,000 units worldwide.


It is understood that the Dragon Valley TOSHIBAL845 three appearance according to their preferences, players can choose a different cover. We received this product as a warrior version, I believe more in line with the tastes of boys.

In addition to the roof design, this machine there is no difference other design aspects and the ordinary version of the L845. This machine uses a 14-inch glossy screen, the standard resolution of 1366 x 768. The overall design style of tough, solid, and is TOSHIBA summer re-launch the model.


Screen axis design of this machine is very new, and each side is equipped with a breathing light, breathing light will turn on the light when the system placed in a different state.


TOSHIBA Satellite L845 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
PA5023U-1BRS PA5024U-1BRS PA5025U-1BRS
PA5026U-1BRS PA5027U-1BRS PABAS259


In keyboard design, this machine adhering to a consistent design style of the TOSHIBA laptop. Keycap surface is very smooth, giving a neat feeling. The keyboard surface is mainly black, calm and low key. In addition, TOSHIBAL845 the keyboard surface and configure too many shortcuts, there is a mode switch in addition to the power switch button.

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