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LG E50 Special Edition is still the sunken shaft design, shaft damping force control right, the user can easily opening and closing the laptop screen and the screen, the maximum opening angle is 150 °, it is worth mentioning that the shaft design chic, the inside of a bright metal chrome-plated material wrapped texture to enhance the external wide-angle curve to close the side effect of a more excellent fluidity, making it look naturally smooth to corner regions to bottom.


Hardware configuration, the LG E50 and LG EB500 with 32nm process technology, the Intel Core i5, 2450M dual nuclear processor, equipped with Intel HM67 chip group, 750GB hard drive, and 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz high-speed memory is configured In addition, machine factory pre-installed had a genuine copy of Windows 7 operating system. In the

graphics, the models feature a better performance of the AMD Radeon HD 7470M independent graphics card.


Before the start of the performance test, we first AIDA, 64 CPUID tool to look at this Intel Core i5 2450M processor, which based on 32nm process technology, the core code-named Sandy Bridge, the initial frequency of 2.5GHz, Turbo 2.0 technologies to accelerate their frequency can be boosted to 3.1GHz, shared L3 cache 3MB, the overall TDP of 35W, and support Hyper-Threading technology with the latest AES AVX instruction set.


Next, we use the software CINEBENCH R10 its performance was evaluated, the software is able to give an intuitive single-processor and multi-core performance rating, this Core i5, 2450M processor has completed all the tests , and ultimately its single-core 4770 points, the dual-core 9251 points, compared to previous generation Core i5 products, significant performance improvement in the current processor performance among the mainstream.


LG BTY-M66 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 4.8Ahr / 6Cell
Weight:  357g
Size: 205.01 x 57.01 x 19.01 mm
Color: Black

Finally, we tested the overall performance of this product, use the software for the PCMark Vantage, which is a commonly used software for performance assessment notebook, laptop daily application of all aspects of practical application by simulating user the corresponding assessment of results.


From the overall situation, the academic performance of 6619 points. In each individual test, music, communications is still a strong point, game 4168 score of performance is also very good. From the overall hardware performance, the performance of the LG the Pavilion dm4 is very balanced in all respects, there is no obvious bottleneck.

LG E50 Special Edition is equipped with together Hitachi 750GB 5400RPM hard drive, we tested its performance through HD Tune. We see from the screenshot of the test results, this hard drive average transfer rate of 68.2MB / s maximum transfer rate of 94MB / s minimum transfer rate of 26.7MB / s read rate performance in general, but the storage capacity and stability, but has certain advantages.


Thermal performance testing, we used FurMark software allows this machine to run in the high load condition, after about an hour's time, the processor temperature rises to 75 ° C, the core temperature reached 75 ° C, a single temperature from the sensor point of view, the overall temperature of the internal hardware of the LG E50 Special Edition are below 80 ℃, not too high.


As a high-end products, LG keyboard comfort do not have to say, reasonable key process control to ensure that this keyboard has a first-class feel. In addition, the entire C surface looks very simple, not the design of external multimedia shortcut keys, only two status indicators, as well as the middle of the alien head power button top left of the placement of the C surface.


LG E50 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
906C5040F 916C4950F 957-14XXXP-103
957-14XXXP-107 BTY-M61 BTY-M65
CBPIL73 M660BAT-6 M660NBAT-6
SQU-424 SQU-503 SQU-511
SQU-523 SQU-524 SQU-528
SQU-529 SQU-601 SQU-605
SQU-706 SQU-718


Followed by thermal imaging devices, the surface temperature of the test surface of body C and D surface. Among them, the keyboard part in contact with the user frequently the maximum temperature of only 43.6 ° C maximum temperature of the bottom of the fuselage was 57.6 ° C, the thermal performance is acceptable. From the heat maps, we can see the red area the highest temperature for the surface of the keyboard, the red areas are concentrated in the left of the keyboard area, while the bottom is concentrated in the part of the left side vents.


Equipped with six-cell 4910mAh 55Wh lithium ion battery, and finally, let us look at what the life of the LG E50 Special Edition? Battery specifications from the point of view, the model comes standard with a 4910mAh 55Wh lithium ion battery, Windows 7 life assessment of their endurance test, the LG recommended "mode, screen brightness adjusted to 70 percent, this the ultimate life of the machine for 5 hours and 50 minutes, the performance is more prominent in the current mainstream 14-inch alone significantly notebook computers. Of course, this result can only be as a reference value of view, the actual performance of different applications based on user differences.


The appearance of the LG E500 Special Edition, is indeed to give us a new visual experience, the top cover of the eye-catching LOGO is not only cool personality, but also fully convey the aircraft and the Beats in sound has a close combination of degrees, the whole machine red and black colors are cold and unassuming, and personalized keyboard layout with the backlight at the bottom of contrast in a visually appealing with more freshness. Hardware configuration, a more balanced overall performance, this product is more suitable for young users the look and sound with certain requirements. Particularly worth mentioning is that the models which sub-range by four speakers surround sound design, and the binding LGBeats AudioTM sound system, full range of dead ends captured audiovisual fortress, the perfect interpretation of the concept of "music", essentially enhance the quality of sound output, it is rare in the notebook market.


Unscrew the notebook bottom cover back of the two screws, you can easily open the M14x. Of course, if you want to split completely point, it needs to start from the C surface (keyboard surface). Can see the aircraft in the memory and the processor, hard drive above the designed protection measures, the picture top right of the slot-loading optical drive, the left black object is a built-in battery.


LG SQU-528 Battery Fit machine:
LG E50 Series LG E500 Series LG EB500 Series LG ED500 Series LG F1 Series


By simply dismantling, we found that the LG E50's workmanship is very solid, space utilization is relatively high. We also found that the machine does not support the graphics card replacement, also did not provide additional memory slot, that is, in addition to the hard disk, the upgrade of the remaining parts of the aircraft space is almost zero, and do not need to upgrade.

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