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LG Electronics has announced two notebook series Blade - LG P430 and P530, 14 - and 15.6-inch respectively. These laptops differ little in thickness and weight, they are enclosed in aluminum housings with matte edges, machined with diamond tools, blue or black. Thus, LG Blade P430 and P530 are using thin panels Super Slim LED LCD thickness of only 4.5 and 4.7 mm respectively, which allows you to make laptops half the thickness is less than usual, the company said. Weight LG Blade P430 and P530 is 1.94 and 2.2 kg respectively, and thickness - 23,8-27,8 24,1-28,1 mm and mm, respectively. Laptops are equipped with screens with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, built on a processor Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 second generation and use of graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 or NVIDIA GeForce GT520M. The volume of the hard drive they can be from 320 to 750 GB and RAM - 8 GB and also has an optical drive DVD Super Multi, 1,3 megapixel webcam, card reader 5-in-1 technology support Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi- Fi 802.11 b / g / n (DLNA), HDMI interface and high-quality sound and SRS Sound. Laptop running Windows 7. Model LG Blade P430 goes on sale in late May, and the P530 - a month later, in regions such as Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia.


LG LB6211LK Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity:  5.2Ah / 6Cell
Weight:  333g
Size: 205.10 x 40.50 x 30.50 mm
Color:  Black


Thanks to world-class technology, laptops, LG Blade more than 40% thinner than similar products of their own level. Thus, the 14-inch notebook P430 closer in size to a 13.3-inch notebooks in its class. The combination of a thin display with a narrow base makes the new line of LG Blade is 22% thinner than its nearest competitors in its class.

With a thickness of 23.8 mm LG P430 weighs only 1.94 kg, and the LG P530 weighs 2.2 kg, which is lighter than traditional 13 - and 14-inch models, respectively. Unlike many laptops with 14 - and 15.6-inch screen, LG P430 and P530 is easy to carry in a backpack.Metal housing and LG P430 LG P530 makes these models an alternative to other thin notebooks, and despite the hyperfine structure ensures high security. Thanks to the mat with the edges of the aluminum surface treated with a diamond tool with natural diamonds, laptops LG Blade distinguished smooth, high quality finish. Televisions models and LG P430 LG P530 in two colors: Blue (Misty Blue) and black (Titan Black).

With a second generation processor Intel Core i7, laptops LG P430 LG P530 and have high productivity. The new quad-core processor Intel is working on 20 and 50% faster than the Intel Core i7 processor and previous-generation Intel Core i5 second generation. The structure also includes a laptop graphics card nVidia GeForce GT520M - performance which, according to the manufacturer, 50% higher than the built-in graphics.

LG P430 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
EAC61679004 GC02001H400 LB6211LK


LG has introduced a line of ultrathin laptops Blade, releasing two models - P430 and P530. The main feature of the new

products - display Shuriken, whose thickness is only 4.5 mm for the 14 "screen (P430) and 4.7 mm - 15,6" (P530).

Both laptops are packaged in a stylish aluminum body and got the Core i7 processor and graphics GeForce GT520M. Other specifications are still unknown, but there is no doubt that everything will be on the level. Weight P430 - 1,94 kg, P530 - 2,2 kg.


LG P430 LG P530 and include numerous multimedia options, including a web camera 1.3 megapixels, SRS and DLNA technology for easy viewing of photos and videos and share them with other DLNA-devices.

LG P430 Release is scheduled for late May, and the yield LG P530 - a month later.

in addition to the display sverhtonokogo Super Slim LED LCD (4.5/4.7 mm for younger and older models), P430 and P520 will choose between processors Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7, will offer video card Nvidia GeForce GT520M or Intel HD Graphics 3000, HDD from 320 to 750 GB. Aesthetically pleasing appearance and a small (1.9 kg for P430 and 2.2 kg - for P520) will easily take your laptop with you to work or travel, or in a cafe.

 All configurations please support Bluetooth 3.0 + HS, HDMI, WiFi b / g / n and HD Aduio technology SRS Premium Sound. And, of course, the aluminum casing.

LG P530 battery Fit machine:
LG P430 Series LG Xnote P430 Series 
LG P530 Series LG Xnote P530 Series

The family consists of ultra-thin laptops Blade LG. Compared with the first generation of thin laptops LG (model P210 and P420), Blade of the family can boast much more slim. Models P430 and P530, equipped with 14 - and 15.6-inch LCD display with LED backlighting, provide outstanding performance and distinguished elegance, light weight and high quality materials.Design and LG P430 LG P530 differ ultrathin LCD with LED backlight, bezel and housing. The new technology display, developed in collaboration with LG Display, allows you to make LCD screens with LED backlight is very thin, providing a vivid and rich images. With a thickness of 4.5 mm and 4.7 mm respectively, displays and LG P430 LG P530 thinner than the notebook in its class - the difference according to the manufacturer up to 50%

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