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Apple's products not only favored by many consumers, but also attract a lot of manufacturers crazy to imitate. Before we have an insight into the Computex Taipei, a 13.3-inch notebook P220 LG and Intel today P330 of the P220's twin brother also was exposed very similar, these two notebook designs, and the Apple MacBook.


And brothers P220 appearance compared to the LG P330 is not much change, only the whole material only and MacBook aluminum and weighs 1.65kg, equipped with 13.3-inch screen, powered by the Intel Sandy Bridge platform The Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GT555 graphics card, users can have solid state drives and mechanical hard drives to choose from.


Although the parameters of the machine there are still some open, but what is certain is that this P330 configuration, will undoubtedly join the ranks of the top of the industry specifications, while LG's launch of these two P220 and P330 Gemini also shows the shopping the attitude of the Apple MacBook. From now to disclose the information, this LG P330's will be listed in the fourth quarter of this year, but the exact price is still unclear.


The configuration of the screen, this machine uses a traditional 10-inch glossy screen and the top of the screen also has a camera and a status indicator. Generally, the Android operating system is more suitable to run in such a small size on the screen of mobile phones, tablet PCs, and rare large-size screen on the device.


LG P330 Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  12.6V
Capacity: 5.2AH / 6Cell
Weight:  343g
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:


Fit machine:

LG P330 Series LG Xnote P330 Series


Admittedly, more and more consumers in the pursuit of the portability of the computer. Online before this rise of the Tablet PC alive, we can see that we are focusing on a thin portable electronic products. Internet in the industry have been less surprised, but there are still many manufacturers introduced new products. And before a different, now netbooks are in the pursuit of individuality, functionality and ease of use. Recently, we received a very special netbook called Toshiba AC100, Toshiba, its exact definition as follows: SmartBook.


In appearance, this Toshiba AC100 with a black design, the top cover for the wave texture, in order to not make the body look too monotonous, Toshiba AC100 on both sides with a bright orange embellishment. And compared to traditional netbook, the biggest feature of this machine is thin, the thickest part of the actual test, this machine even if only about 21mm, which is common netbooks can not match.


It can be said that this machine is not a "pure blood" netbook products, first of all it does not use the X86 architecture, but the ARM architecture. In addition, the operating system is commonly used on mobile phones or Tablet PC Android system. Obviously, this combination has been beyond our understanding of the traditional netbook. However, it is no different in appearance and traditional netbook.


By weighing the test we can see that this machine plus battery weight is 0.865kg. Reason why the Toshiba AC100 to have such a slim body, mainly the use of the ARM architecture, built-in NVIDIA Tegra T250 1GHz processor, mobile architecture used in netbooks, is bound to make the body of the function a significant reduction in such was able to achieve a slim body.


TOSHIBA AC100 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 25Wh / 3Cell
Weight:  164g
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
PA3826U-1BRS PA3836U-1BRS PABAS238


Fit machine:
TOSHIBA AC100 SmartBook Series


Toshiba released in the mainland's first netbook, the NB200 after the release of remains by virtue of a higher configuration, the unique design and exquisite workmanship has attracted the attention of the market and users. After two generations of NB Series, Toshiba launched in 2010, the latest products of NB Series - N301, although the models of this product is less than the NB300, but this configuration is not lost to the NB300. The N301 this week came to our IT168 Testing Center, and many appearance of the homogenization of the Internet for this product is different, this N301 is still using Toshiba's own design style, very stylish design, can be said to be born out of the NB300, but fashion among the more stable flavor.


This Toshiba's latest netbook products, and all use of the 10.1-inch screen notebook, the N301 also has a mini size enough, after the actual test size is 263x194x18 ~ 30mm more compact and the original NB200/300 series some. While the weight of stand-alone comes with 3-cell lithium battery weight is 1.084kg, travel weight 1.412kg, so the weight is also lower than TOSHIBA N300 some, even among the netbooks as relatively light, the user can easily carrying a notebook to go out.


If NB200/300 series of products is fashion + luxury, then greeted by N301 to one of the biggest feeling is - stable and low-key fashion, many with similar faces Internet this, this N301 design very delicate, this design grew out of the NB200, but in the details of the deal, and color under a lot of thought, so it looks quite stable sense.


The N301 uses a black main colors, cover with a metal-like texture design also uses above the Roman pattern decoration decorative, essentially different from the popular HP Imprint technique, the kind of grain texture, highlights different models of products.


6cell TOSHIBA Dynabook N301 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  336g
Size: 206.78 x 58.31 x 21.62 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
PA3820U-1BRS PA3821U-1BRS PA3903U-1BRS

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