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The vr-zone to get the machine model "R510CA", is equipped with Intel Core i5-3230M processor with 4GB memory and 500GB traditional mechanical hard drives.Intel Core i5-3230M processor 2C4T architecture, clocked at 2.6GHz, Turbo Boost acceleration can reach 3.2GHz, L3 cache is 3MB, and built-in Intel HD Graphics HD4000 integrated graphics processor TDP is 35W. I / O side, ASUS R510CA equipped with a CD-ROM drive, and have two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, SD card slot, HD Duo card slot and a RJ-45 network port; while the output side, although the built-in Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, but the machine is provided with HDMI and D-SUB interface, so both picture and sound output, or an external projector without any problems.


This update is only for the processor just part of the machine itself, the design does not change much. Cooling section is not left nor on the right hand side, but the design of the word in the middle position, so avoid using the mouse is not disturbed.


R510CA with 4cell ASUS R510CA Battery built-in 4GB memory, can be considered mainstream standard, but is not user replaceable, but the user can add an 8GB expandable memory size, so the total capacity of up to 12GB, enough to meet most of the needs of users. In addition, the hard part also allows the user to replace, so users upgrade requirements if you can consider SSD or SSHD. Display areas, R510CA equipped with a 13.3-inch widescreen with a resolution of 1366 x 768, is currently the mainstream screen resolution, whether it is 13 inches, 14 inches or 15 inches, almost all such specifications. R510CA is equipped with the new Windows 8 operating system, a matter of opinion really easy to use, at least personally still have been using Windows 7 operating system.


If the 3 hours 30 minutes or so of life a bit short for you, then you can consider when you go out again to bring the power, because the aircraft, including the total count supply weighs only about 2.04kg, which is 15 inches MacBook Pro with Retina Display phase far.


On the cover, you can find past "MAINGEAR 11" LOGO moved from the corner near MAINGEAR PULSE 11 Battery the left edge of the end position, perhaps to the overall simplicity and make that change. And in the past there is little difference between the traditional black is "PULSE" LOGO reverse engineer, 11 open work, from top to bottom is PULSE looked back, forward display.


Open the cover, we see the black classic black interior. Narrow frame design, black matte process, the 13-inch fuselage, into a 14-inch HD LED screen with a resolution of up to 1600x900, the display is very good. The central part of the screen frame design a 720 HD camera, the camera on the left there is a lamp to mark the camera working condition, protect user privacy from prying eyes. Camera is flanked by high-fidelity dual array digital microphones, with original keyboard noise suppression technology that allows video calls have a higher quality.


Part life, we use provided Powermark 1.2.0 Futuremark tested. In Balanced mode, ASUS R510CC with 14.4 4cell of ASUS R510CC Battery life grew about 3 hours and 30 minutes, it can be considered quite satisfactory, nothing out of place color.


In the right palm care position, set up a fingerprint reader for data security is ensured. The unique design of the shaft, the fuselage on both sides of the interface can only be installed in the fuselage, and the fuselage on both sides, but also from the middle into two parts, the first part is designed to bottom miter from outside to inside surface, so the interface large section focuses on the latter on both sides. This is also one of the major conventional classic black different.


Touchpad is also designed with the previous classic black are very different. We know that the old black touchpad has five buttons, black will last two buttons below the touchpad integrated, and this 14with MAINGEAR PULSE 14 Battery is on, all the five buttons and touchpad integrated design and glass with enhanced feel, touch area larger smoother display content can be achieved freely zoom, rotate and scroll, while the perfect fusion of 20 kinds of gestures Windows 8 operating functions, bringing more freedom and more comfortable touch experience.


Fuselage on the left, by the end of the beginning in order to set up power adapter, docking connector, RJ45 network interface, USB3.0 Interface (support the shutdown charge). The right body, set up by the end of the sequentially security keyhole, USB port, HDMI high-definition interface and microphone combo headphone jack. The location near the front, set up a multi-card reader slot, this design does not affect the use of an external mouse; plug the memory card is also very convenient, very humane. The front of the fuselage design of the beveled face, and did not set any interface, but the certification will be two JBL audio settings here, with fourth-generation Dolby Home Theater technology, brings professional-grade audio, allowing users anytime, anywhere Enjoy your own home theater.


Bottom of the fuselage uses the same all-aluminum build, ensure that the whole sturdiness. Bottom of the fuselage we see that there is no independent baffle design, so there is a certain self-upgrading difficult. But this can be used with this 11 docking station for this ultra-extreme bring more scalability. Either simply by a cable to power the computer, while providing HDMI high-definition video and audio output ports, VGA, Ethernet port and four USB ports and other super-extended output.


Thin side, thanks to floating design, the thinnest at only the thickness of the edge of 10mm. The thickest body was only just 20mm. By actual measurement, we can see that this 11 bare weighs only 1.73Kg, plus adapter weighs 2.07Kg. Overall, good portability.


Smart design, thin body, as if this ASUS R510C with 4cell ASUS R510C Battery days of outsiders, set in a small and thin, the PULSE position to new heights. Overall reliable functionality and pleasing design, provides users with unlimited inspiration. Whether or details from the whole, or even the appearance of meaning, PULSE 11 each to see or not see where, have revealed brave innovation and user experience, starting from the thoughtful design.

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