MEDION A32-T12J battery replacement MEDION Akoya P5510 laptop battery

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MEDION A32-T12J Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 4800mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  318g
Size: 136.48 x 75.08 x 19.88 mm
Color: Black


I want to finally, finally set a new computer. For surfing and a bit of typing the range of 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM from P3, but especially in image and design is the work - understandably - but bad knees.

In today's services can be found, too affordable laptops to not be dependent on one place. And for work on the writing table, you can monitor and speakers up on everything (keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, external hard drive) quickly connect via USB. As can be seen in the title, I'm looking one for the hardware, there are XP drivers - a pre-installed XP would of course even more enjoyable

Other requirements include:
- Good RAM capacities (for Bild-/Gestaltungsarbeiten)
- Good monitor (currently I use VGA with 1280 x 1024, no additional digital output would be inverted)
- Graphics Card Performance uninteresting (or that's interesting, except for other games?)
- WLAN and disc burner (should be standard)
- If card readers, is interesting for me at the moment only CF
- No (strong) glossy display, but I'm the Bad
- Acceptable to good battery life

At the price I have no concrete idea, but I think there is a device reaches the triple digits. Do not a high-end gaming notebook.

True, the screen size I had forgotten to mention. It should be around 15 inches I think sometimes be up, so is not too bulky. And at 15 inches so you have a great selection for the best mobility (such as photo management on vacation) I'll probably get me the eeePC 901 - because I can not wait until one or two follow-up models have appeared.

2 year warranty and loud Miser User rating gibts Manufacturer drivers for XP card reader supports not a CF, but the camera I connected so far always via USB - currently USB 1.1 But "Color Shine Glare Type" screen. Since I tend to work less and play or film / photo viewing use, it's been important to me.

MEDION Akoya P5510 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
A31-T12 A32-T12 A32-T12J
A32-XT12 A32-X51


Fit machine:
MEDION Akoya P5510 Series

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