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Describes the design, we look at the next game of the portability of MEDION E7226T . As a 15.6 -inch gaming notebook , 2.555Kg the whole weight and 3.174Kg travel weight can only be considered mainstream level , in terms of portability and not much advantage ; As the thickness of the aspects of conventional notebook does not treat the game as to constrain the , due to consider the heat and internal air duct way, gaming notebook is often thicker than the thickness of conventional notebook , official data showed that the thickness of the MEDION E7226T is 32.8mm.


For gaming notebook webcam is also essential, some games require exchanges between players , such as the next Boss fight like a copy . Although traditional voice mode can achieve a similar effect, but the relative voice and video communication more image. MEDION E7226T with a 2.0 megapixel camera that can record high-definition video and photo camera . MEDION E7226T screen border is narrow frame design , visually narrow border feel much better , feel better highlight the clinical environment of the game .


MEDION E7226T with MEDION Akoya E7226T Battery game of the sunken shaft , which is more common in the consumer notebook products. Another common type spindle shaft is raised , but there is a greater damping Raised shaft , so when you open the screen is quite laborious , many thin and light notebooks are choosing sunken shaft . Sunken shaft when open , the screen goes down , therefore , in some crowded environments , use sunken shaft notebook will feel more convenient.

HP 655 uses simple and stylish white design, and using HP Imprint technology embedded faint parallel lines, the elegant charm demonstrated most vividly . And personally feel that the white surface more resistant for use in A grease and fingerprints. Off the roof you can see the layout of the interior , thanks to the 15-inch mold surface can therefore C space to accommodate the keypad area. The machine 's keyboard layout is still very loose , line 6 flat chocolate keycaps , very elegant. Partial left side of the palm rest is large touchpad , try a little more precise mobile positioning is key rigid .


Since the times 655 with 6cell HP ProBook 655 Battery positioning mainstream entertainment machine , and therefore have to consider the size and weight . 655 screen is 15.6 inches , with a resolution of 1366x768 screen , the actual color of law-abiding , no partial white situation. After measuring , 655 thickness of 26.27 ~ 30.27mm, bare weight 2.37Kg, travel weight 2.785Kg, compared with most of the same family , 655 belong to thin areas . After reading 655 all appearance, we look to open its lid manipulation area. You can see the surface is extremely clean and open the top cover C , and operating early Apple interface is similar to the black and white color , looks particularly beautiful, practical feel better , though somewhat flat keycaps but the key way acceptable. The top one is the speaker mesh , dts logo printed on the left side effect extraordinary. The circle on the right is the power button , the boot will change color is very beautiful .

Compared to the previous version of the test software , MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system , but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems . Medion Akoya E1317T notebook with a 4cel lithium- ion MEDION Akoya E1317T Battery by MobileMark test the new version , we can see Medion Akoya E1317T life time of 196 minutes , equivalent to more than three hours down there , 199 efficiency performance is quite good value .


From the looks of it , Medion Akoya E1317T Red Dragon limited edition gaming notebooks have been enough to attract your eye , bright red against the background of a domineering dragon pattern ,


In Call of Duty 9 , Devil May Cry 5 and test in Battlefield 3 , HP 250 can be won over 30FPS smooth performance, but the number of frames from the graph , the number of frames fluctuate less , stable performance , with virtually no frames shake violently , to ensure that the players get a pleasant experience in the game, so a lot of experience in low-power configuration of the notebook which is rare, quad-core dual- card crossfire power is evident. Three games from the point of view of test performance , HP 250 with HP 250 Battery mainstream play online games at 1366x768 resolution is still possible.

The author describes in previous association B5400 notebook appearance , the next page will introduce its screen and interior. Lift the lid is a 15.6 inches screen does not support touch screen frame for the plastic material , the standard resolution of 1366 × 768, for a thin and light for the consumer audio and video products not to force it a little bit , if not full HD at least it should be equipped with 1600 × 900 resolution screen, but it may also be because of cost considerations , with a high score screen prices will increase, eventually reflected in the price. In the middle of the top of the screen is its camera, the camera is 100 -megapixel HD camera that can shoot 720P -definition video , to meet the user's daily needs.


It is worth mentioning that MEDION Akoya E1318T Battery is attached to the surface layer of the body not only feel comfortable leather texture painting, the underside of its body also adopted this painting process , which is very rare in the consumer notebook products, are generally used black plastic material, Lenovo B5400 notebook can really be regarded as the conscience ah !


Thin and performance of this paradox of gradual unification finally on the road to development , with the gradual narrowing AMD platform power consumption and size , many equipped Richland Extreme quad-core laptop will be the perfect balance of light and performance . HP 655 done on 24mm thick portable experience , but did not cut down the drive, streamlined interfaces, see HP reserved VGA, RJ45, HDMI, burner, and the size can be 24mm, visible or up and down a lot in the design Kung Fu .

Lenovo B5400 notebook with 5200mAh LENOVO B5400 Battery positioning is light entertainment , but the official did not give its body thickness. By contrast with 25mm diameter coin can be seen that the maximum thickness of the body in 28mm or so, if the thickness of the foot pad is removed , it should be in 25mm or less ; the weight of the whole weight and 2.805Kg 2.376Kg travel weight with the standard 14 inch notebook similar weight , be more lightweight at 15.6 same size notebook products.

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