MEDION BTY-M52 Battery Replacement MEDION Akoya E7210 notebook battery

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Memory expansion, 512 MB ​​(512 MB ​​removable, up to 2048 MB, 1 slot), suitable for Medion Akoya E7210

This RAM memory upgrade (laptop memory) you can increase the main memory of your notebook. The memory module is automatically recognized after installation of your notebook. Should be more slots available, we recommend the memory banks to prove the same, and memory modules use the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

MEDION BTY-M52 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  353g
Size: 204.90 x 48.35 x 20.50 mm
Color: Black


Q:I have got a problem, and although my friend has spilled orange juice on the keyboard of my Medion Akoya E7210 and now some keys will not go, where do I get a new keyboard for her or what models are identical in construction to fit this keyboard or what there?

1,Construction of the keyboard but, remove all keys (pack in a nylon stocking and mitwaschen example in the dishwasher or washing machine).The keyboard remains what board you're working with a very soft toothbrush and alcohol.At the end of it all again with alcohol, rinse and let dry, then glued nothing more.
2,Just turn and stop internal wireless WLAN PCCARD PCCard into the slot. Certainly not Mess with a WLAN USB stick (unless you do not really want to bridge distance)


Medion Akoya E7210 notebook screens for notebook repair of notebook display directly. Notebook display provides direct replacement screens for laptops to retail (business to consumer) and wholesale prices (business to business). If you have any questions please contact us.


Medion Akoya E7210 - MD 96 903, including high-quality power cables for connecting to the outlet of the ULL-specific power supplies Leick: Ultra-Long-Life Technology (ULL): Leick ULL power supplies are equipped with Ultra-Long


MEDION Akoya E7210 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
1016T-006 1049020050 925C2310F
957-1016T-006 BTY-L71 BTY-M52
GBM-BMS080AAA00 GBM-BMS080ABA00 S91-0300140-W38
S9N0182200-G43 WT10536A4091 


Fit machine:
MEDION Akoya E7210 Series MEDION MD95597 Series MEDION SIM2040 Series
MEDION SIM2050 Series

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