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MEDION Erazer X6819 wrist rest part of the design under a lot of effort, polished metal wire drawing process, rather than using the piano paint materials, hand to avoid the singularity of the overall design, on the other hand of course, is commonplace easy to leave fingerprints, especially the wrist rest of this easy to plot the dirt, the use of paint materials often need to spend a lot of effort to clean metal wire drawing process can be a good solution to this problem.

Speaking of large-size notebook mobility, the body weight of more than 15 inches notebook products are not very suitable to carry out, we actually test the whole weight of MEDION Erazer X6819, electronic machine with battery weighs 4.046kg, while the plus travel on huge adapter the total weight of 5.063kg, a full 10 pounds of weight If you're out to show off, really need a certain amount of courage and strength.

The MEDION Erazer X6819 top of the screen is equipped with a 2 million camera, and to meet normal use. Camera with the same time be able to cater to games that require this feature, such as the somatosensory games. The seemingly simple device like a camera, to a certain extent, allowing the player to have more choices on the number of games, the gaming experience has become more rich. MEDION Erazer X6819 fuselage rear did not arrange for any interface, but the machine only two large outlet located in this, large heat vent can effectively reduce the front-end noise, enhance the cooling efficiency of the machine, in the edge of the heat vent The body of integration, which makes the simple lines, it is extremely simple.

MEDION Erazer X6819 left side of the fuselage interface is rich, from left to right notebook keyhole, power connector, the Ethernet card interfaces, VGA video output interfaces, HDMI high-definition interface, DisplayPort interface, two USB3.0 high speed interface and audio interface, and above the USB3.0 interface with a 7 in 1 card reader slot. From the number of interfaces and types are basically the same as the mainstream notebook, but the distance between the interface has been ensured. Compared to many on the left fuselage interface layout, the right of the aircraft's fuselage becomes much simpler, two USB 2.0 ports, a CD-ROM drive and the power of a feature mode shortcuts. Today's network is developed, the online resource is also abundant, but more players are willing to support genuine drive is essential and genuine game has some value.

Compared with the mainstream notebook, generous body of the X6819 with MEDION Erazer X6819 Battery can not only provide spacious space for heat dissipation, and totally non-existent to the body's internal tension of the interface layout. Many mainstream interface configuration, the VGA plus HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces let the game "compared to the mainstream notebook advantage in the entertainment, high-definition experience.

The the MEDION Erazer X6821 is equipped with touch pad area with plenty of money, even thick fingers boys can have full play space, touch pad, one with the palm rest panel design, the left and right buttons with this design, the key flexibility and touch sense of the performance quite satisfactory. In addition, the surface of the touchpad to use a fine matte painting process, and more conducive to finger clicks and mobile. The actual use of the feel of the touchpad is not the players where the meaning of a chance of handheld professional mouse and keyboard equipment, gamers control the touchpad.

In addition, the Win key should be at the the bottom left of the keyboard was transferred to the position of the right in the game to avoid error, but ordinary applications, with some system shortcuts (such as Win + D show desktop), or some inconvenience.

In addition to the above details of the design, the MEDION Erazer X6821's keyboard also offers a dazzling lighting effects, in short, the bottom of the keyboard is covered with LED lamps, and divided into three regions, each region can be customized set of eight different lights pipe effect. Lighting effects need to control the PC-side software, the software interface is simple and eye-catching, running after a glance to see the different effects preview in the three regions. Actual effect, in a dark environment is still very good (after all, similar to such a personality products are few and far between), but the body is more a lack of character design, the overall visual effect is not particularly prominent, compared Dell's the alien notebook will be able to see the gap between the two.

Although there is a gap, but does not represent The the MEDION Erazer X6821 does not have its own highlight of the design compared with the Dell alien notebook. For example, the keyboard lighting effects to add a quick control of the composite function keys. Can still functional, random color backlight, turn off the backlight, reduce / increase the brightness of the background, users require a combination of the Fn key. MEDION Erazer X6821, this 15-inch notebook computers, manipulation of the experience seems to be unnecessary to worry about. You know, bulky body, the manufacturer can body C face the keyboard to do a more comfortable touchpad can also be increased to enhance the user's fingers sliding area.

Body of 15-inch, full high-definition screen GTX 670M graphics card, eight threads of the Intel quad-core i7 processor, full-size keyboard + eight kinds of background light, performance, visual, and manipulation of all three, but it seems almost anything? That is sound, do not worry, MEDION Erazer X6821 with 9cell MEDION Erazer X6821 Battery owned by Hollywood THX TruStudio Pro-theater surround sound technology certification. Above the keyboard, metal engraved pattern panel conceal two speaker units, a woofer placed in the bottom of the fuselage, the design of the Trinity at any time the hearing in the enjoyment of the state.


ACER TravelMate B113M 14-inch 16:9 LED-backlit screen, the screen is matte design also allows users to see the real content in the environment of a strong light. From the weight point of view, the ACER the TravelMate the B113M the machine weighs 2.449kg, the travel weight of 2.986kg, compared with the average 14-inch notebook, this weight is not dominant, but also a bit heavier, but this is because the machine body for the sake of the metal material.


Another major improvement in IvyBridge is to increase support for PCI-E 3.0, in fact, this era SandyBridge appeared, but this was the first application on a mobile platform. As a result the vast majority of PCI-E slot by the CPU on the motherboard directly connected, reducing the transition of the memory and chipset, lower latency, response time is shorter, the performance should also enhance. PPGA988 slot type (IVB can be used in the 6 Series motherboard corresponding SNB also can be used in the 7 series on the motherboard), Turbo the Boost 2.0 dynamic acceleration technology. Thermal power design, the standard voltage, dual-core or 35W Quad-Core 45W; low-voltage version for 17W.

Cinebench R10 test is divided into two: The first test simply use the CPU to render a high-precision 3D scene screen only run once in a single-processor single-threaded, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading The first time a thread, the second run all the processor cores and threads. A single-core performance of the new Ivy Bridge and the previous generation? Because the reason SYSmark2012 of the test standard was abandoned, of AMD, NVIDIA, more than the industry giants do not support the SYS test software. Therefore, in order to avoid the test results will Intel be biased, we also added another widespread attention of the whole performance testing software the PCMark. The beta version of PCMark Vantage and the PCMark 7.

ACER TravelMate B113M with a 6cell ACER TravelMate B113M Battery the front and back are relatively simple, only a multi-card reader in the front left side below the design came to interface the most abundant body right and left sides, respectively, with the power plug in the left fuselage holes, VGA, RJ45, HDMI, and two USB3.0 interface, while the right side of the fuselage jack and 2.5mm subwoofer, a USB 3.0 DVD burner, and audio jacks. Careful friends must have found the ACER the TravelMate B113M not set up a traditional USB 2.0 interface, 3 USB3.0 interface, from the point of view of transferring files, this is definitely a good, it can be to the USB2. 010 times the speed of transmission, and save a lot of time.


ACER keyboard design is also ultra-very unique place, the first keyboard operating area of ​​the sunken design to maintain the same simple style as the TravelMate series, followed by the keyboard keys design is reasonable sense of the intensity of keystrokes.

The touchpad design looks fine, brushed metal panel is also very light contrasting fashion sense, touchpad with integrated design, the middle of a line to separate the area of ​​the touchpad and buttons. However, the buttons of the touchpad experience is not good use when you press down more demanding, long the touchpad fingers easily fatigue.

ACER TravelMate P663M interface edge of the D surface of the fuselage with the design of red spray paint, red and black classic colors from the side, the TravelMate P663M the overall look three-dimensional, color patchwork. Interfaces, the TravelMate P663M is equipped with a laptop most of the required interface, including three USB ports, HDMI video output, card reader, audio interface, and network cable port.

It is worth mentioning is that the TravelMate-P663M the cable interface design is very clever, with our test HP Folio 13 is somewhat similar, but further improvement and optimization. The bottom of the cable port is a flexible baffle force Bankai can be plugged the network cable which the tailgate when not in use, to withdraw. Can be said that this design not only take into account the thickness and appearance of the body to also take care of the user experience.


This ACER TravelMate P663M with high capacity ACER TravelMate P663M Battery in terms of hardware configuration, the time to get equipped with the 22nm process technology, Ivy Bridge, platform, Intel Core i7 3517U dual-core low-voltage processors equipped with Intel HM76 chipset configuration Sandisk, 256GB the SSD solid state hard drive, as well as single 4GB of DDR3 1666MHz high-speed memory, graphics cards, the models feature the latest processor Intel HD 4000 Core Graphics.

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