MEDION Erazer X7825 X7827 Battery VS HP 255 350 Battery

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CFRP ( carbon fiber reinforced plastics ) of many different types , the level of carbon fibers are also different. Currently there have been a lot of very tough carbon fiber. The highest level of carbon fiber is used in the kind of fishing rods , it's even better than the carbon fiber aircraft and used in Formula One racing . Still, it does not apply to mass production of laptops . So Erazer X7825 also need to consider the balance of the cost .


Erazer X7825 is equipped with a 14.0 inches IPS display and a resolution of 1920 × 1080, at the same time , to ensure a perfect fit with Windows 8 , Erazer X7825 also supports 10-point touch , noteworthy is , X7825 for the screen border control is very good, one of the narrow border with the full B shell , so browsing and entertainment more enjoyable. In addition , in order to put an end to the greatest degree of reflective phenomenon, its outer screen additionally posted a matte film (which previously tested Erazer X1 Carbon Touch version is similar ) .


Because the motherboard and re- mold design , Erazer X7825 body with 9cell MEDION Erazer X7825 Battery becomes thinner , but is limited to 14-inch fuselage , which also controls the weight of some consumer-grade ultra-extreme compared not outstanding, but the overall consider scalability, security , scalability and other factors , Erazer X7825 also on the basis of the commercial as much as possible to ensure portability to a minimum .

The products selected nviDIA GeForce GTX765M graphics graphics card, using the Kepler architecture with 768 stream processors and 16 ROP units, game level configuration, with 2GB DDR5 memory capacity in the face of high resolution even a case of not enough memory will not occur when multi-screen operation.

Terms of memory , HP 255 with 6cell HP 255 Battery is equipped with 6GB DDR3 dual-channel onboard memory . By its body thickness restrictions , HP ProBook 645 onboard memory with a design . Hard drive machine uses a 500GB 5400RPM SATA HDD +32 GB mSATA solid state drive designs. 500GB of hard drive capacity to ensure there is enough space to store user data, and 32GB SSD , then use as a cache to improve the overall write performance. Super PI is a dedicated CPU stability detection software, software by calculating the ratio of the circumference to allow the CPU high load operation , in order to achieve stability test CPU computing power and role .


MEDION Erazer a highlight or is most striking places X7827 undoubtedly its colorful keyboard design, distribution is not compact key layout, this product is due to the larger size, the keyboard feel comfortable, colorful design increases the backlight This product is a game design elements.


MEDION Erazer X7827 in Palm design also have a new understanding for the manipulation of traditional heavy gaming notebook design, during the input operation, the palm of the air often require a high position, prolonged use easily cause fatigue, MEDION Erazer X7827 with MEDION Erazer X7827 Battery thin body can be a good solution to this problem, large palm rest can make users more comfortable in the game use.


The experience of the design considerations in handling more, choose the large size of the screen area is a good balance of high-resolution screen relationship between resolution and dot pitch, although the small size of the high-resolution screen can bring more delicate feelings, almost grainy feel, but tend to be small in the display text, not practical.

5470 relative to the R Series notebooks , HP 250 becomes thicker some, like the traditional DVD drive , VGA video interface which are retained. If R is the flagship 5470 series lightweight portable business , even if that HP 250 should be fully functional diversification of the business . In addition , HP 350 with 4cell HP 350 Battery business this also has a USB2.0 and two USB3.0 interface, and an RJ-45 wired network interface, HDMI interface for HD output did not occur.

On the screen, the SAGER NP8295 game with a 17.3 inch anti glare matte screen, resolution is 1366 * 768. As with NP8255, when one hand opening screen of NP8295 also exist some deformation, which is mainly related to the overall design style products.


In the thickness of the whole SAGER NP8295 games, this is not the pursuit of the ultimate NP8255 like light, but in the premise of the comprehensive. Even so, SAGER NP8295 game in the weight still has quite good performance, the weight is only 1.177kg, and travel weight is 1.458kg, so that the performance of still have a good competence in the same type of game in the.


From the C perspective, SAGER NP8295 than the previous NP8255 neat, in addition to a power switch button in the upper right corner, there is no longer any shortcut key setting, all of them are dispersed in the keyboard and touch pad, which makes the machine look more unity.


Accupoint trackpoint join can meet different consumer needs to use habits, can realize the seamless switching between computer. The touchpad, SAGER NP8295 with 8cell SAGER NP8295 Battery than before the product has made some changes, on the design of group key can be well matched with the manipulation of Accupoint pointing rod, and the touch panel two left and right angle also respectively has the switch touch control panel and a mode switching function, simply double-click can be realized. As a specially designed for the business to create products, SAGER NP8295 also added into the fingerprint identification module, which can ensure the greatest degree of data security.


The new 3Dmark support desktop and mobile platform , cross-platform testing, support windows, Android, iOS and Windows RT platform test . The new 3Dmark into different load scenarios , FireStrike ( DirectX11 graphics card designed for high-end products based on the design ), CloudGate ( supports DirectX10 mainstream hardware ) and IceStorm ( DirectX9 for entry-level devices to create ) . Our test model is the choice CloudGate conducted .

In order to achieve "the greatest degree of thin", and avoid the extrusion to the screen, the SAGER NP8295 keyboard and SAGER NP8255 Battery "concave" on the C surface, the key process is shorter, but at the same time "convex" palm rest is helpful for text input. NP8295 keyboard is spill resistant design, and joined the backlight function, can be opened by Fn+Z. Two buttons adjacent to let users can accurately even in low light conditions, and can realize single hand operation.

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