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Medion Akoya X7811 Core i7 820QM available
During the CeBIT 2010 Medion presented a new 17-inch gaming notebook, the Akoya X7811 ago. The hardware could sit up: Intel's Core i7 720QM processor and the fastest single-GPU mobile ATI Mobility Radeon HD5870 will consistently provide high frame rates in games.


Some were really pale then press representatives at the announcement of the prize. For 999, - € Akoya X7811 is available now. Similar performance laptops, like the recently tested ASUS G73, cost € 400 more. A surcharge of as much as 40 percent.


The price is still good here at € 1299. Here too, the stock could be depleted quickly. So anyone who wants to secure a copy, should continue to strike. Including turbo boost reaches the built whopping 3.06 GHz processor.


MEDION BTY-M66 battery info:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  355g
Size: 205.00 x 57.05 x 19.00 mm
Color: Black


In contrast to the trend, Medion is a 16:10 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels for 17-inch display. Compared to the commonly used 16:9 with a resolution of 1600x900, the user gets a little more than office space, which is a positive note, especially for surfing the internet and office tasks. The screen gives the green light by touching it.

We'll measure the quality of the screen. From the first ignition, the Medion Akoya X7811 is not very bright. 149.3 cd/m2 brightness is very low. The colors are bland. The homogeneity of 77% shall have been better. The bottom of the screen is much brighter than the top. The black value of 8 cd/m2 is very good by cons. Blacks are well saturated. Basically: the contrast is excellent at 811:1, which does not hide the brightness low. It will consider an external monitor.

Intense reflectionsEn using an external display you avoid many inconveniences - the reflections of the bright screen is still unacceptable to the outside, but even within a few neon ramp make you regret your purchase.


In addition to a powerful graphics card, it also has the right to a powerful processor. The Core i7-720QM is quoted early range of Core i7 running at 1.60 GHz core. We can raise the frequency to 2.80 GHz with the turbo boost. This overclocking is not usually activated only when it is not necessary. However, the turbo mode is often disabled when everything is up to the general power to allow time for the system to cool slightly. Most games are even faster with a dual-core faster than a slower quad core. But the trend gives the quad cores win over the term with all the games coming out that are compatible.


Back to Core i7-720QM. With the help of a technology called hyperthreading, the processor can handle up to eight tasks at the same time, which is not so important for the players (for now). The cache with 6 MB L3 is more important. But i7-i7-820QM and 920XM have 8 MB of cache. Core i7-720 has a TDP of 45 watts, so bad news for autonomy. The processor is 45nm, and may rise to 100 ° C (Tjunction).


With 4 GB of DDR3 RAM (1066 MHz) in two modules of 2048 MB but it is the 32 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium that is provided. But in practice, this version does not support more than 3GB of RAM. But Medion has included a DVD with 64-bit to install yourself


We can check the temperature of all critical components inside the Medion Akoya X7811. The hard drive is still exceptionally cool to about 33 ° C. The processor remains in the 58 ° C in idle mode. The temperature, however, can climb to a high standard but still acceptable 88 ° C at full load. The graphics card is not as lucky, as it sometimes reaches up to 94 ° C under an extreme load. Such a temperature is not, of course, exactly recommended in the long term, but the graphics card set to about 99 ° C in our endurance test (FurMark + Prime). About endurance tests: We tested the Medion Akoya X7811 three times for several hours at full load. Once the system crashed completely after about an hour. But it was during the stress test, if it holds the road well.


MEDION SQU-601 battery info:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 77.76Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  395g
Size: 205.00 x 57.05 x 39.00 mm
Color: Black


Medion Akoya X7811 announced at CeBIT in early March, we had a hard time believing what you heard: A mobile game with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 for 999 euro? There is a problem! Normally laptops with Radeon HD 5870, like the Asus G73, or some Clevo, as Deviltech Devil 9700 DTX easily exceed 1400 euro with the operating system. Normally for this award you an Intel Core i3/i5. The Medion Akoya X7811 has a quad core Core i7-720QM in the basic configuration. After waiting unbearable, the Akoya X7811, was received like royalty in our writing.


 Medion offers us a 17.0 inch. We find the MSI GT725 and GT740 screen, it will also equip the GX740. In a sense it is 3.2 kg and is compact enough with its 395x280x42 mm. In addition, the aluminum surfaces are the most beautiful effect.

 The screen closes with a magnetic clasp, which is rare and welcome. But there are negative points. We note the fragility of the housing. The left is too easy to fold. Also the screen is not an example of strength either, the picture is distorted for no reason. Also the hinges are too strong and win the opening screen.


 Equipment and Configuration

Unlike the last laptop with a Radeon HD 5870 tested, the Asus G73, the Medion Akoya X7811 is very good on the number of ports. There is a VGA and HDMI. Food is placed in the back. The RJ45 is on the left. With the burner in front, followed by two USB 2.0 ports and a Kensington lock.


 But right ports are a little less well. The card reader (MMC, SD, MS & MS Pro), the 3rd USB port and the combo eSATA / USB 2.0 port with a 54mm ExpressCard that may be blocking other ports. All with a Firewire port and 4 audio ports (with a surround signal). The fan on the right is likely to heat your right hand.


Medion is one of the few who are single GPU graphics card's most powerful moment, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 for less than 1000 euro. Compared to the predecessor, the HD 4870 is not much more powerful in raw performance, the Radeon HD 5870 remains very strong. With 800 unified shaders of the HD 5870 can slowly grind his grain. With 1024 MB of RAM with GDDR5, but the 128-bit memory interface is not a bottleneck, as was the case for the Radeon HD 5650.


Other details show themselves even more impressive. Thus, the HD 5870 has more than one billion transistors (HD 5650: 627 million) and produces an overall performance of 1.12 TFLOPS. A clock speed of 700 MHz for the core and shader and 1000 MHz memory seem insignificant in comparison. The HD 5870 is manufactured in 40nm, the power consumption of 60 watts is extremely high (HD 5650: max. 19 watts). However, ATI is in terms of technology, has an edge over the competitor with the Nvidia DirectX 11 support, since Nvidia does not support more than the version 10.1. In addition, the HD 5870 is positioned € 150 cheaper than the HD 5770, compared to the desktop version.


Gaming laptops are not known for their discretion. There are exceptions such as the Asus G73. But the Medion Akoya X7811 is a gas plant. At full power is measured (with bonus + Furmark) 47.4 dB (A). During the games we are in the 40.6-44.4 dB (A). The volume of automatic gunfire should cover most of the sound system but not in strategy games.

A blank one is rather in the 36.5-37.9 dB (A) which is less but the fans change frequency all the time, which is quite unpleasant. Also the hard drive is very noisy when it scratches. The DVD player is 37.6 dB (A). In short, the Medion Akoya X7811 is as loud as a barebone Clevo W860CU equipped with a Radeon HD 5870 (Deviltech Devil 9700 DTX).

MEDION Akoya X7811 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
906C5040F 916C4950F 957-14XXXP-103
957-14XXXP-107 BTY-M61 BTY-M65
CBPIL73 EAC32576903 EAC32576904
EAC32576905 EAC32576906 M660BAT-6
M660NBAT-6 SQU-424 SQU-503
SQU-511 SQU-523 SQU-524
SQU-528 SQU-529 SQU-601
SQU-605 SQU-706 SQU-718

MEDION Akoya X7811 battery Fit machine:
MEDION Akoya X7811 Series


At least the change in temperature could convince us to standby. The bottom up to 36.3 ° C, the upper part remains in a nice range with a maximum of 29.6 ° C. Surface temperatures dramatically increase support. The bottom part is warming to 54.2 ° C (right rear in the area of ??fan). Thus, the Medion Akoya X7811 could become uncomfortable on the lap after a while. In comparison, the top is much cooler with 39.0 ° C. The wrist rest remains at 25.7 ° C, even under heavy load. In contrast, right side of the wrist rest rises to 32.2 ° C.

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