MSI GP60 GP70 Battery vs iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-15 Battery

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PC overall development direction, I would like to miniaturization and wearable technology is certain, while the traditional sense of the PC, will gradually want professional direction and special needs populations shift. Such as audio and video production, construction drawings, programming, etc., and of course, gamers also belong to special needs populations.


Over the years as a gamer and PC gamer, I can not leave it for the love of the traditional PC. But as for the future will be a gaming PC in the end what it was like, I think I did not understand, but it certainly will not be like this now, but as for now the game PC, in recent years, I still think there is not much changed. Because I'm in the moment of the game on the PC, the changes have not yet seen its essence. In the console side, Wii mode of operation can be said with a lot of products, it is advanced, but this is not the kind of thing I wanted, and gaming PC operating experience, I do not want to be that way. Maybe headset holographic image and body awareness will bring us some of the immersive feeling, I think this is a good direction.

The most prominent personality gaming notebook keyboard area are concentrated in the power button on, we may immediately think of at the moment Alienware keyboard mysterious alien head rocket domineering style. Turned to look at this MSI GP60 with MSI GP60 Battery, power button with a inverted triangle shape, and the bottom with a white backlight. Outer edge of the matte metal also increased as a modifier, although the keys feel good, but we expect to see is a more personalized styling and exposed feeling.


And 14 inches Pavilion 14Z interface distribution biggest difference is that the aircraft was equipped with a DVD burner bit. Not to mention to install the system and how much the driver can bring convenience, just from the perspective of preference Collection CD, watch movies for entertainment level users, buy legal copies of DVD-ROM drive directly into the drive way Dudie It seems they are more willing to accept it.


The aircraft provides the interface is relatively abundant, in addition to the bottom left palm care multi-card reader slot, the fuselage on the left distribution power connector, HDMI high definition video output interface, RJ-45 Ethernet port, 2 USB3.0 interface and notebook keyhole. Fuselage on the right arrangement microphone / headphone jack, 1 × USB2.0 Interface, DVD burner position, relative to the 15z with HP HY04 Battery, it canceled the VGA interface, adding a USB3.0 interface.


Power button on the left two shortcut key is the default, there is no actual function and meaning. And the right two buttons control the camera is a key switch and Win keys shield button. For gamers, a key shielding Win key is most practical, play some online games and first person shooters, the startup screen Win key can effectively prevent accidental phenomenon, to avoid the game screen pop up directly affect the player's gaming experience.


The touchpad MSI game uses some simple modification, touch the middle button increases the "V" word design elements, although there is no practical significance, but we can see, the manufacturer or tried to make some changes to the shape attract gamers, frustrating is that the overall effect is still slightly more awkward. Touchpad area seems to be less focus on most games of this place, MSI touchpad seems obvious area is relatively cramped, limited range of movement of the finger, the actual feel feel great. Small touchpad notebook design for the game is understandable, most of the job or the more professional players will use their mouse and keyboard equipment, so the keyboard touchpad usage is low. In the usual simple mobile office or emergency use, the machine keyboard and touchpad can still cope.


Since it is a gaming notebook, MSI 15.6-inch thickness of the fuselage was completely different from the standard super pole, interface layout becomes more relaxed, the aircraft fuselage on both sides and the rear interface are arranged. Let's look at the distribution of the fuselage on the left interface, left to right, the width of the distribution of sufficient thermal windows, 3 × USB3.0 interface, multi-card reader slot. Still retains the right body position with a DVD burner, a USB2.0 interface and a set of audio interfaces.


Alone significantly notebook most notable feature is the large power consumption, so the whole cooling is particularly important. MSI GP70 with 6cell MSI GP70 Battery new cooling structure compared to the traditional notebook cooling structure, thermodynamic models equipped with a multi-pipe thermal bridge, and therefore enhance the thermal performance while 15 percent and 25 percent greatly reduces noise.


In addition to left and right sides of the fuselage interface distribution outside, like this "big man" in the rear fuselage is also part of the interface can carry, MSI GP60 rear fuselage has a power connector, RJ-45 Ethernet port, VGA video output port , Display video output port and HDMI high-definition video output interface. You can see, the machine has three types of external video interface has been exhaustive, and game players if you want to connect to the projector device or larger screen display device, basically not encounter any trouble. Additionally, the rear Ethernet interface is very user-friendly arrangements to ensure that the cable is not connected desktop look so messy.


HP design team super functional development of the touchpad also has no small progress, which currently include UX series models, including the main push to join trackpad multitouch way. Support zoom, rotate, scroll, etc, users can use a single finger, two fingers and three fingers to flip and roll more easily. In addition, in order to cater for the portfolio operations, finger touch area also increased range of movement, sliding, rotating edge of the touchpad will not be too restrictive, which led to poor handling or interruption occurs.


HP Pavilion 15 touch screen with 4cell HP HSTNN-LB4U Battery in Microsoft 50ms delay in responding to the standard required to further improve on the screen can reach 30ms, finger movement more rapid feedback, respond faster, smoother user handwriting input, in addition, also improved in sensitivity In Microsoft standard touch panel contacts to further reduce the diameter of 9mm, to 6mm, the actual control of the finger click, slide more sensitive. And even more difficult to force in the case of lying, still can easily use.

GTX 780M is still using the Kepler architecture, independence was not a revolutionary leap in performance. But you can improve by increasing stream processors and core frequency to enhance the performance of discrete graphics, GTX 780M supports up to 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory. Judging from the book data, GTX 780M should be regarded as an upgraded version of the high-frequency GTX 680M, no doubt still in single card performance is the strongest, the performance will be improved Ken. Here's a look at the actual test results with it.

I believe we are very concerned about iBUYPOWER CZ-15 with iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-15 Battery cooling performance of this game, but for a 17-inch large volume of this game, the heat should not be a problem. Here we look at the actual test, our test methodology is still at room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius, so this notebook running Furmark pager software and AIDA64 system stability tests, allowing GPU and CPU operating at high load, almost is running at full speed. Then, after more than an hour, respectively, see this notebook's internal core temperature and body surface temperature.

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