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 Achilles heel of Six: CD-ROM
The Achilles heel of the disc with some special love of the MM has a great relationship. To know the original standard optical drive in the thousand or more generally, if always looking disc, then you drive a year or so will hang. You really look at the disc,  Know that I have Gansha notebook drive it? I T40 The Herbalife In addition to installing software, burn backup, quit other things


MSI Wind U270 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7200mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  390g
Size: 230.40 x 45.70 x 40.10 mm
Color: Silver or Black


MSI U270 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
14L-MS6837D1 3715A-MS6837D1 6317A-RTL8187SE
957-N0111P-004 957-N0XXXP-101 957-N0XXXP-103
957-N0XXXP-109 957-N0XXXP-115 BTY-S11


Fit machine:
MSI U270 Series(All) MSI Wind U270 Series(All)


First, the nominal voltage of the power adapter is usually open-circuit output voltage, which is not connected to any load, no current output voltage. Therefore, that this is the power supply output voltage limit. For internal use of the active power supply unit or voltage regulator components of the benchmark, in general, the use of high resistance DC voltmeter can be directly measured by the nominal voltage (electromotive force should be used more accurate methods of the bridge, part of the University of ordinary physical course experiment, not repeat them), even if the mains voltage fluctuations in a certain place, and its output is secure in the constant value; but for the market of cheap small transformer, such as players like to use that, is basically the traditional magnetic core transformer rectifier diode bridge rectifier with four plus a large filter capacitor on the bin, so if you use ordinary DC voltmeter measured value will be greater than the nominal voltage, because the output of bridge rectifier pulsating DC, simply a sinusoidal voltage signal is a positive half-cycle time chain connected through large filter capacitor will become flat after some, but the ripple factor is still large (voltage ripple factor is the same volatility voltage ratio of the average, the smaller the closer the DC voltage), the so-called nominal voltage refers to the time integral of this voltage divided by the integration time, simple to understand is the average of the time, if an ordinary DC voltmeter , the measured value is very close to the maximum value of the voltage signal, so the uncertainty. Also, if electricity fluctuates, the output of such power would change.

On the supply voltage, power supply, power supply and load matching or discussion, there are several common problems are as follows:
1, power adapter (hereinafter referred to as power) of the nominal voltage and current mean?
2, are of the same nominal power supply voltage, output current is different, the same can not be used in the books?
3, exactly the same machine, Managing other people's power, and I always very hot, and why?
4, power supply voltage than the nominal battery voltage of my books is much higher, will not trouble you?
5, why in theory the first wife of the power supply is usually better than the non-wife?


SAMSUNG 700G Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  15.1V
Capacity: 5900mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  399g
Color: Black


In general, ordinary power adapter is not necessarily true no-load voltage and the nominal voltage of exactly the same, because the characteristics of electronic components can not be completely consistent, it allows a certain degree of error, the need for civilian control of the situation according to the application of 0.1% to about 5%. The smaller the error, the consistency requirements of the higher electronic components, industrial production, the higher the cost, the price of course more expensive.

Second, the nominal supply current. Regardless of any power supply has some internal resistance, so when the power supply output current when the pressure drop in internally generated, equal to the output current multiplied by the source resistance. Lead to two things, one is to produce heat, equal to the square of the output current multiplied by resistance, so the power will be hot, the other is the nominal voltage minus the output voltage to the internal voltage drop, causing the output voltage decreases. The design considerations are usually finished in heat dissipation, it is generally a current limit value, when the output current reaches the merits, the output voltage is reduced to 95% of nominal voltage, or other ratio, the manufacturers of the product according to the different needs of the load can be set higher or lower percentage, the current value is the nominal current. The ibm16V 72W power adapter such as the nominal current is 4.5A (16 * 4.5 = 72, nonsense). If the load resistance is too low, causing the output current exceeds the nominal current, generally two things will happen, one is more than the individual components due to heat capacity resulted in the burning heat damage caused by power supply, and the other is the thermal design left margin, merely a reflection of the output voltage is further reduced, if not reduced too much may lead to load properly.

Understand these concepts, we can determine this second question. The same nominal power supply voltage, output current is different, the same can not be used in the books. The basic principle is that a large nominal current of the power supply can replace the small nominal current of the power. Some friends have misunderstood, that a large nominal current of the power supply will burn the books, because the current big thing. How much current is actually the same in the case of the voltage depends on the load, that is, the books of the work, when the books when the high-load operation, the current larger, the books go into standby when the current is smaller, short current is equal to the increase in books The voltage divided by the books on the equivalent resistance. Nominal current of the power supply large enough current margin, will not replace the power supply after a small nominal current output voltage is too low or overheating situation. On the contrary, instead of with a small current-current power supply there is the risk. But with some friends instead of 72w 56w of power is also no problem with it, because usually the power adapter is designed to leave some margin, load power must be less than the power supply, so this place is in general use feasible, but the remaining power supply power on very small margin, the books once you pick a lot of peripherals, such as two usb hard drive, then cpu running at full speed, then there is a base, a top to read the disk drive at full speed, then with the same time charging the battery, estimated in danger, to keep the power to feel you are not already boiled eggs. 72w more than the 16w 56w adapter is to cope with such situations. So it is best not to use low current power supply instead of high-current power supply. If you really need to do, friends can think of ways conditional Test your books, when the largest consumption of the actual needs of current measurement method is very simple, a socket, a plug, an ammeter, a few wires, a soldering iron can. If the nominal current in your power within, of course, is safe.


SAMSUNG 700G7A Battery Fit machine:
SAMSUNG 700G Series 
SAMSUNG 700G7A Series  SAMSUNG NP700G7A Series  SAMSUNG NT700G7A Series 


Answered the second question, the third question is very simple. Do not doubt the power before you have a problem, take a look at your books are doing, is not like the above said two usb hard drives, cpu running at full speed, hard disk read and write crazy, read the disk drive at full speed, while charging the battery, put loud the music, the largest screen brightness, wireless card has been detected signal, etc., use of power management, according to the task of rationalizing the working status of the books is very important. Many people do not like to use power management, I even see a lot of friends in the installed power management software does not want any kind of management mode is enabled, it is also fitted him to do? Will not want to see how much battery is left by it?


Achilles heel of the five: touchpad
Summer, our hands are not clean more easily. Touchpad with a finger, will soon disappear above coating, seriously reduce the life, ranging from notebook keyboard wear the long run, while in retirement. In the open notebook, we can first wash a hand?

The fourth question, the question of who may be on the electronic circuit is an outsider. Supply power to the notebook and battery power is different to the books, said first battery-powered, the battery output is pure DC, clean enough, you can directly access the DC transformer module, the battery voltage is neither possible nor need to design very high, microelectronic circuits analog and digital signals to 5V voltage demand is now essentially bounded, get rid of transformer module efficiency and pressure requirements, 10.8V enough, and decided to force the chemical lithium a saving only in the core output voltage of about 3.6V, so many batteries are based on three series of the way, 10.8V have become very popular battery voltage. Some battery 3.6V nominal value of an integer multiple of slightly larger than some, such as 3.7V or 11.2V, and so, in fact, is to protect the battery (very few manufacturers will stop discharging the battery voltage set at 3.7V) or in the calculation of the battery design capacity when the tricky behavior. If you use a power supply, the situation is more complex, you first need to join the voltage regulator further filtered to ensure that performance is not in power to work under good conditions, the voltage regulator after the two-pronged, all the way to the books working power supply, another way to charge the battery, to supply books happened to that part of the time with the same battery, and charging the battery through that part of the battery charge control circuit can only be added to the batteries, the control circuit can be very complicated, it simply should include the primary regulator, precision tunable regulation, SCR conditioning pulse output, voltage output, current feedback, the process of recording and computing chip charging, the charging process from the feedback regulation parameters, etc., so supply voltage must be greater than the batteries have sufficient voltage margin pressure supplied to the charging control circuit of the unit. Really added to the final voltage on the batteries is not 16V, rest assured that your friend is worried.

Here to talk about why the wife of the power supply is usually better than the non-wife. I want to say in theory, the first wife of the power is relatively better, in fact, may not feel the difference. The usual load allowed input voltage range of a security, such as the nominal value plus or minus 5%, one example is that many 2.5-inch drive 5v input requirement is plus or minus 5%. Notebook, too, if the input voltage is too large or too small will result in protection circuit to stop working. But before the action in the protection circuit, the internal voltage regulator circuit books work has been biased towards upper or lower limit, in principle, have a certain influence on device lifetime, but according to today's point of view, the reliability of electronic components has been quite good, as long as the design range, rarely a problem, life's not short life than books, so this is not the main problem. The more important question may be the books of data security, automatic protection suddenly stop working for a computer is a terrible thing, especially a lot of friends without the battery. Sometimes a restart the computer and somehow related. For the first wife of the power supply, the manufacturers of SAMSUNG NP700G7A Battery know what kind of access to the load, so you can easily calculate the nominal power supply voltage and nominal current, nominal voltage of the power supply should meet the following two conditions, first when the maximum current output nominal voltage minus the voltage drop should be greater than the power itself, the voltage required for 95% of the load, and the second is the smallest current output voltage when the design itself, minus the power required by the load voltage drop should be less than 105 %. However, if using a non-original equipment adapter, such as general-purpose transformers and the like, the problem can not be seriously considered, it is only from power users to try to find ways to get the parameters compatible, but the resistance is different for each adapter , the nominal voltage tolerance may be different, under the nominal current of the output voltage range of the definition may be different, even the output ripple coefficient is small enough not certain, if not carefully measured the output power with the relationship between the output voltage, in principle, there is a certain risk, but this risk is small, as long as you choose the nominal current of the power supply is large enough there will not be the problem of excessive resistance, the ripple factor can also be stabilized by the internal books pressure to reduce, so I said the first wife of the power supply is usually better than the non-wife. This is the first wife and the general power of different power.

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