Newest 5.2Ah / 57Wh / 6-Cell LG XNOTE A520 C400 T290 Laptop Battery

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January 2011 Intel (Intel) has introduced the new CPU micro-architecture called Sandy Bridge is equipped with it. 3D modeling and scientific simulations, and graphics core CPU in the same conditions, if equipped with a 20 percent performance improvement is that there will be. So in November last year of articles above are IT purchase this product to wait until the laptop can chivalry.


Sandy Bridge Suite A520 series is equipped with these, and I want to buy A520-PE1RK the second generation of Intel ® Core ™ i7-2630QM processors are used.


LG A520 battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 5.2Ah / 6Cell
Weight:  353g
Property: LG Original Battery
Color: Black or White


LG C400 the i5 series CPU and a discrete graphics featuring products For a relatively cheap price has a system recovery, reinstalling the operating system and other driver updates can LG Smart-care and present the notebook situation can check a variety of settings also be easy for the LG smart indicator program offers the convenience to use your laptop.


Intel / Pentium / P6200 (2.13 GHz) / LED backlighting / 14 inches / 1366x768 / 500GB / 2GB / DDR3 / DVD recorder / 64 bit / 7 Home Premium / NVIDIA / GeForce 310M / 512MB / 2.3 kg / 6cell / 100Mbps Wired LAN / 802.11 n wireless LAN / HDMI / D-SUB / webcam / USB 2.0 / e-SATA / multi reader / color: Black


LG C400 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
916T2017F CQBP901 CQB904
SQU-902 SQU-914 


LG XNOTE T290 Laptop detail:
1,280,000 won the original selling price, but bundled with WiBro have support at around 600,000 won will be subsidized. The advantages of Mobile WiMAX laptop when Check out the links below.Various actions of the fingers have the ability to recognize a variety of applications and can enjoy the fun.


Used in the marketplaces as a fraud victim who has to wear. Marketplaces in order to reduce the damage these little paper modification / deletion is prohibited, it is one of the policies that are enforced takeomyunitieseodo. For more information, please refer to the top of the bulletin. (Ctrl + A then Del This information can be deleted.).Easy System Restore feature support doeeoseo second novice computer laptop saenggyeoteuldae problems can easily solve the problem.


T290 Intel Core i5 Processor Intel Core 2 Duo was a significant performance improvement compared to the picture quality in HD Fine Bright LCD by applying a clear picture when watching movies or pictures can improve listenability mistake.


LG T290 battery Fit machine:
LG XNOTE A520 Series
LG XNOTE A520 3D Series
LG XNOTE C400 Series
LG XNOTE T290 Series

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