Newest 6cell ASUS A54C A54H A54L Notebook Battery Tips

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Laptop battery power saving tips
How best to extend the battery life is of great concern to many laptop users to do. And use some tips to minimize the use of unnecessary waste can make the most of your battery fully utilized, IBM Personal Computing Division, the engineers are here to provide the majority of laptop users some good suggestions to ensure you can the maximum extension of the use of laptop battery time, and thus improve work efficiency, mobile office and entertainment, enjoy the fun without limits.


When not using a wireless receiver device, turn it off.

Some users love something all right to open a CD or DVD to play music, the battery came out of the music playing quietly flow away. Suggest that you only want to enjoy the music came alive again.


Battery during charge and discharge completely as possible.

Try to avoid very high or very low temperatures. For example, when you are on the beach when the sun, do not leave your laptop in the car sauna.


For your notebook computer using the correct AC adapter.

Use the standard laptop battery management software optimized for Battery MaxiMiser choose to extend the power of your program.


To monitor, hard disk and system hibernation set a standby time - because you do not work without the need to make your laptop is still running at full capacity.


The role of the Intel SpeedStep technology, the processor can be based on current load conditions, automatically adjusts speed to avoid a small horse-drawn carts, or the case of a large horse-drawn cart, the overall saving battery consumption.


ASUS A54C Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 14.4V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  344g
Property: ASUS Original Battery
Color: Black

Notebook Glossary

Touchpad senses finger from a piece of the trajectory of the pressure-sensitive board and two buttons, two buttons is equivalent to the standard left and right mouse button. Touchpad is no mechanical wear, the control accuracy is also good, very easy to operate, it is easy for beginners to get started.
TrackPoint (Track Point)
Was invented by IBM, now common in IBM and Toshiba notebook computers, it has a small button in the keyboard's G, B, H triple bond between the blank key in the bottom there are two large buttons, small buttons which can be sensing the size and direction of the finger thrust, and thus to control the trajectory of the mouse, and a large button is equivalent to the standard left and right mouse buttons.
 Laptop fingerprint identification system is not only power protection, but also has multi-user management at different levels and drive mapping.
2.5 on behalf of the nest to increase the current 2.5G network technology to the available bandwidth. Cellular operators can upgrade their software can use the 2.5G network technology, and 3G will need to install new hardware. Is currently the most commonly deployed 2.5G General Packet Radio Service or GPRS.
 Is the first generation analog cellular mobile communication technology. Now digital PCS the second-generation technology. Emerging third generation (3G) can provide higher bandwidth, equipment, stationary or moving at walking pace speeds up 384Kbps, while in the car at speeds up to 128Kbps, in fixed applications up to 2Mbps. 3G will use the wireless air interface, such as EDGE and GSM.
Accupoint I
Accupoint I, is a traditional mouse pointing stick Accupoint upgrade it in the original left and right mouse button to add the two buttons above the scroll function to support. Scroll function is mainly used when the page is a screen display finish, the right of the screen without clicking the scroll bar, you can scroll directly to achieve scrolling.
AGPiAccelerated Graphics Port acronym, the "Accelerated Graphics Port" is a new generation of Intel's development of local graphics bus technology. AGP technology, the two core elements are: First, use the PC's main memory as video memory expansion extension, thus greatly increasing the potential capacity of memory; Second, the use of a higher bus frequency 66MHz, 133HZ or even 266MHz, greatly higher data rates. AGP bus is a bus dedicated display and the display card from the POI: independent out, making the PCI sound cards, SCSI devices, network devices, I / S equipment, along with improved work efficiency. Benefit most from the AGP is based on a number of 3D games based 3D programs.
AC (alternating, current)
Alternating current (AC). Regular intervals in accordance with changes in the flow direction of current.
ASUS A54H Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
A31-K53 A32-K53 A41-K53 A42-K53 


(Comos setting is set to this function)
Basic Input Output System. Control the flow of data inside the computer's firmware (firmware).
Bluetooth: Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a short-range (2.4GHz) wireless technology for simplified network devices and the communication between devices and the Internet. It also simplifies network equipment and other data synchronization between computers. Bluetooth is not as large as the traffic load and transmission design, and therefore not suitable for alternative LAN or WAN.
A 32-bit PC card industry standard bus. It allows users to use FastEtherent 32-bit interface and high-speed SCSI and image capture technology. Cardbus 32-bit PCI device can package them into 16-bit PC Card form, the inserted PC Card slot. Cardbus on the bus at 33MHz to 132M / s transfer rate. 16-bit PC Card interface to connect the modem and 10MbDsLAN Fast Ethernet technology can not meet. Cardbus slot with 3.3V technology to improve laptop battery life.
 Two-speed (DDR) Synchronous DRAM is a memory, it supports the data in the two edges of each clock cycle for data transmission, so that the memory chip's data throughput has doubled. DDR-SDRAM also reduces energy consumption, and therefore the ideal choice for notebook computers.
Docking Adapter
Connect the adapter. Enables the computer to connect to the enhanced port adapter, I, or DeskStation V Plus device.
Enhanced Port Replicator II / III
Enhanced Port Adapter II / III. An interface device, so many peripherals that connection possible, and provides additional ports and slots.
Intel SpeedStep Technology: Intel
Intel SpeedStep technology allows you to move your computer to customize high performance computing. When the laptop connects to the AC outlet, the mobile computer to run the most complex business and Internet applications at faster speeds can reach the level of desktop systems. When using battery power, the processor will automatically reduce the frequency (by changing the bus speed), while energy consumption is also reduced, thus maintaining high performance while extending battery life. Enables you to manually set the time using the battery to adjust the frequency to the highest.
Function allows you to give Toshiba hotkey utility.
function keys
Function keys. Labeled F1 through F12 keys, used to notify the computer to perform a function.
hot dock / undock
Hot-plug / unplug. In the computer's power is turned on, connect or disconnect a device.
Hotkey. Characteristics of the computer, specific keys and extended keys, Fn, the combination can be used to set system parameters, such as speaker volume.
ASUS A54L Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A54 Series
ASUS A54C Series ASUS A54H Series ASUS A54HY Series
ASUS A54HO Series ASUS A54HR Series ASUS A54L Series
ASUS A54LY Series


Hot Spot: hot
Hot spots are those that have a wireless network (using 802.11b or 802.11a) in public places such as airports, shopping malls and conference centers.
GPRS: General Packet Radio Service
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a wireless communication standard, the transmission rate of 115Kbps; and the current GSM (GSM) system, the transmission rate is only 9.6Kbps. GPRS is designed to send data in a larger area designed.

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