Newest 8Cell ASUS K52D K52F K52J K52N Battery

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Laptop Temperature: Make sure to read your laptops temperature ranges and not let it go beyond what is recommended.

When your laptop is hot then turn it off and let it cool down. You can also use cooling devices, like laptop cooling

trays and pads that will make sure your laptop is cool and not sucking extra battery juice.


ASUS K52D battery feature:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.2V or 14.4V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  347g
Size: 271.10 X 47.80 X 21.80 mm
Color: Black


Deterioration when the battery discharge below 10% (up 20% of capacity lost in one fell swoop!).
Charging current limited because of their internal technology and the dangers of lithium, so the burden may seem



ASUS K52F Battery detail:

Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NXM1B2200Z 90-NYX1B1000Y A31-B53
A31-K52 A32-K52 A32-N82
A41-K52 A42-K52 A42-N82


Fit machine:
ASUS K52 Series(All) ASUS K52F Series(All) ASUS K52D Series(All)
ASUS K52DE Series(All) ASUS K52DR Series(All) ASUS K52DY Series(All)
ASUS K52J Series(All) ASUS K52N Series(All)


PDA came with more than one spare ASUS K52N Battery? Take it out of its shrink-wrap and use it interchangeably – today. Thinking of buying a “spare” battery for use in future? Well, just save the money and buy it only when you are

ready to use it.


Centrino Duo laptop to buy a comprehensive analysis and recommendations
now the notebook market, up to Intel, down to all levels of manufacturers and consumers are very concerned about a

word, this is the dual-core. Into the second quarter of 2006, dual-core notebooks will start to mass adoption, of

which, where dual-core notebook fortunately, should buy, when to buy that are becoming everyone's problem plagued.

Now, let us begin to discuss the step by step to buy dual-core notebook problems.


One of the biggest issues with laptop computers is ASUS K52J battery life. Ever have your laptop go dead, at the worst

possible moment? You are not alone. This is a common occurrence with laptop batteries, and of course, they fail us

at the worst times. Also, there is the cost of battery replacement, which can run high. But, all hope is not lost

and there are some concrete steps that will prolong the life of laptop batteries and make sure that it's ready to go

when you need.


Use the A/C adapter via wall plug whenever possible. This many seem very obvious, however many times laptop users

become so used to mobile computing, that even when at home they do not take advantage of a close by plug.

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