Newest ASUS A32-N56 battery replace ASUS N56VM N56VZ battery

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ASUS N56 overall style is simple, notebook rear and does not create any interface. The same with most notebook designs, the front end of the body is also not surprisingly, placed the notebook's status lights and multi-card reader slot, so that we can very clearly informed that the machine's operating status.


Of course, the configuration of the machine will not be out of date, second-generation intelligent Intel Core processor with the latest enthusiast NVIDIA GT555M 2GB Memory cards can be perfect to run most mainstream games. Recently, this new notebook with the ultimate audio-visual expression came to Winnie the online evaluation room, the following let us together try this product.


Overall, the International of ASUS N56 Master David Lewis personally penned the whole appearance is not through now with the simple, elegant, modern and unique charm. Asus N56 of the top cover with a stylish piano paint materials, together with the black color of the roof at the center of the metal for ASUS LOGO abnormal eye-catching; turn on the screen, a huge metal pull wire mesh cover the entire fuselage of the C surface for two, which together with the innovative design concept of smooth transition design of the fuselage corners, the whole ready to come.


In terms of ease of use, this N56VM provides a very convenient USB Charger, + technology, charging devices such as cell phones and MP3 in a shutdown state. Lnstant On sleep mode by shutting down the interface, the light part of the power supply to achieve the ultra-long standby time of 15 days, and only two seconds from Instant to the last state on sleep mode wake-up operation can be achieved .


ASUS A32-N56 Battery Fit machine:
ASUS N46 Series
ASUS N46V Series ASUS N46VM Series ASUS N46VZ Series
ASUS N56 Series
ASUS N56V Series ASUS N56VM Series ASUS N56VZ Series
ASUS N76 Series
ASUS N76V Series ASUS N76VM Series ASUS N76VZ Series

The fuselage on the right order of 2.5mm external subwoofer interface, DVD burner, audio input / output interface, two USB 2.0 ports. It is worth mentioning is the Asus N56 on we look forward to a long-USB the Charger + function, the function can support the shut down charging functions, users no longer have to worry about the deficiencies of the portable equipment power.


Again with David Lewis, the design guru, ASUS N56VM abandoned in the shape of some of the traditional, complex, redundant and with the flow elements in favor of a more modern, simple and personalized design concept. The aircraft used in the top surface of the class varnish treatment process, the feeling of pure visual performance, with a polished metal frame, the overall look simple and beautiful.


Have to say, the machine's keyboard performance is very seasoned, resilient efforts to right, the key process moderate, large keycap maximize the have to reduce the number of misuse during game action. So we basically will not have any complaints because the ASUS N56 keyboard performance.


The same feelings from the touchpad of the Asus N56. The design of a large area to ensure that the finger can be smooth and comfortable carry out various operations, the flexibility of the touch keys feedback performance in place. The palmrest using nano-coating technology is also applied to the export panel, waterproof and feel are the best.


ASUS N56VM battery Compatible original Battery Code:
A31-N56 A32-N56 A33-N56


The notebook is equipped with a camera is not new. We see that this ASUS N56 screen border is also prepared for us a high pixel camera. Now, let us through actual photographs to look at the performance of aircraft camera.


The actual test is relatively clear, the camera imaging results basically see less noise, completely reached the mainstream level in the current notebook. This effect to cope with online video chat is more than enough.


ASUS N56VZ a 15.6-inch LED-backlit screen. Although the screen's 1366x768 resolution is a bit mediocre, but the panel display looks very good, thanks to the LED backlight, the screen color reproduction is accurate, very uniform brightness, contrast in the average level of most notebook.


We use electronic scales weight test on the ASUS N56, the data obtained can be seen starting with battery weight of 2.7 kg, the travel weight of 3.43 kg, is no different to the mainstream 15-inch notebook, the average weight.


Operating area of ??the keyboard remains PACKARD BELL consistently fine, concise style, the top of the battery part of the operating area, using a grid pattern design, so that the overall operating area look more luxurious, the bottom of a metal bright line has played a very good decorative , dotted effect. On both sides of the bottom of the button design, the basic continuation of the previous style, the use of long-shaped metal buttons, the right lights.


ASUS N56VZ battery detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  345g
Property: ASUS Battery
Color: Black or White


Fuselage huge advantage is that the cooling effect is very good, compared to heat and difficult to thin and light notebook, a large body there is more room for air flow. Although the Asus N56 is equipped with the hardware are powerful level, past the surface or within the acceptable range. The machine's average temperature is 36 °, the palm rest for about 35 °. (A temperature above the actual temperature of the three hours of running Need for Speed ​​14)

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