Newest ASUS A53S A53SJ A53SV Battery Test and Tips

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Base of Lithium ion ASUS A53 Battery Knowledge
It must be chargered for new lithium ion ASUS A53S battery for 12 hours continuously.
Cycle fully charge and discharge new ASUS A53SJ lithium battery 3 times.
Take down your lithium ASUS A53SV battery if you use laptop adapter for a long time.


ASUS A53S Battery feature:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  344g
Property: ASUS Replacement Battery
Color: Black

Compatible original Battery Code:
ASUS: A32-K53  


Q: What is the performance of Lithium MnO2 and Li-SOCL2 battery?
A:High energy density;
Long shelf life;
Wide operating temperature;
Good sealing feature;
Steady discharge voltage


For NiCd or NiMh battery (pack):

Charge the battery (pack) fully before using.
Discharge the battery (pack) fully (down to 1.0V per cell) before charging it again or till it won't operate your device.
Repeat steps 1&2 four (4) times to condition the battery so it can reach its full capacity
We recommend recharge the battery (pack) at least once every 2 months to maintain the battery's capacity.


ASUS A53SJ Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A53S Series(All)   
ASUS A53SJ Series(All) ASUS A53SJ-SX205V etc


summarizes the characteristics of the common batteries. The figures are based on average ratings at time of publication. Lithium-ion is divided into three versions: The traditional cobalt that is commonly used in cell phones, cameras and laptops; the manganese (spinel) that power high-end power tools and the new phosphate that competes head-on with spinel. Lithium-ion polymer is not listed as a separate system. Its unique construction performs in a same way to cobalt-based lithium-ion.


ASUS A53SV Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A53S Series(All)  
ASUS A53SV Series(All) ASUS A53SV-SX041V ASUS A53SV-SX046V
ASUS A53SV-SX176V etc


Microsoft also provides a look at our ASUS battery systems are running in svchost.exe in the list of its services. To Windows XP as an example: In the “Run”, type: cmd, then type in command line mode: tasklist / svc. System shown in Figure 2 are listed in the list of services. Red box in Figure 2, the area is surrounded by svchost.exe start list of services. If you are using Windows 7 system put in front of the “tasklist / svc” command to replace: “tlist-s” can be. If you suspect that your computer may be infected, svchost.exe abnormal if the service svchost.exe files by searching can find anomalies. Usually only found one in: “C: WindowsSystem32″ directory under the svchost.exe process. If you are found in other directory svchost.exe process, then it is probably poisoned.

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