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High-strength design B51 makes this device extremely resistant to most of the factors and influences that lead to failure of the traditional laptops. B51 has been tested in the fall according to the technical requirements of defense agencies (MIL 810F Method 516.5 Procedure IV), ensuring availability after falling from a height of the desktop - up to 75 cm

B51 is located in the drive system with shock-absorbing protective material, ensuring the integrity of stored data, and the keyboard device is integrated into the design of drainage grooves for water drainage. Thus, B51 ensures reliable operation after mechanical shock and exposure to water (120 cm3). In addition to protecting system components from the effects of factors operating in the model B51 using high strength protective film to prevent scratches on the surface of the LCD screen in a permanent move the device inside or outside.

ASUS B51E chassis models made of magnesium alloy. The corners of the body reinforced rubber pads, and a strong protective film protects the surface of the notebook from scratches.

ASUS B51 notebook stand the test MIL 810F Method 516.5 Procedure IV (test for resistance to crashes), and demonstrated reliable operation in case of falls from a height of 75 cm


When designing a laptop, ASUS has taken into account as many aspects to increase the lifetime of the device, and to enhance the convenience and ease of use. Thus, ASUS B51 is an ideal mobile solution for professionals whose work involves the use of equipment in harsh environments.


Laptops in the enhanced performance demand a large number of consumers, so the new models continue to appear in the catalogs of manufacturers. Recently, another new product in this category, presented by ASUS.


Special fixing laptop hard drive shock and dampen the shocks and the keyboard is equipped with a channel for the flow of fluid, so that B51 can withstand pretty rough treatment and is not afraid of splashing water.


The configuration is ASUS B51E Intel Core 2 Duo T8300, T8100, T5850 or T5750, Mobile Intel GM965 chipset with integrated GMA X3100 graphics processor and a wireless adapter Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG/4965ABGN. The maximum amount of RAM DDR2-667 is 4 GB (2 slots), SATA-volume hard drive - 320 GB. The notebook is equipped with an optical drive, 1.3-megapixel web-camera (optional) and an adapter Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (optional). Dimensions are 36,5 x 27,3 x 3,82 cm, weight - 3.1 kg.

ASUS B51E Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.8V
Capacity: 65Wh / 8Cell
Weight:  454g
Size: 266.60 x 50.20 x 20.40 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NQ91B1000PZ 70-NQ91B1000Z 90-NGF1B1100
90-NQ91B1000Y A32-B50 A42-B50 A42-V1  


Fit machine:
ASUS B50 Series(All) ASUS B50A Series(All)  ASUS B51 Series(All) ASUS B51E Series(All)


The outer side of the cover is also metal, though not as powerful: still a little bent, although the effort necessary to make very serious. Along the contour and lid - thick enough dampers. The material feels very tight looks like rubber, if properly push, then a little bend, but only a little. The idea is that this is just what you need to soften the blows.


Seriously protected laptop - a good thing, if you need a computer that can be used in really difficult conditions. But the price of such devices is that many causes desire to spit on the possibility of breakage and buy something simpler. More recently, there was an alternative - poluzaschischennye laptops. The degree of resistance to external influences they have, of course, is that in which a military bronebukov, but the price is not increased too. Tried their hand at developing such models and the company Asus.


Of course, the first thing you want to secure your laptop - it's powerful, rugged housing. In this respect, blame Asus B51E is almost impossible. The bottom is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy is very impressive thickness. Judging from the areas where this thickness can be estimated - a millimeter or two and a half. Simply put, even under very strong pressure is no hint of sag.


Interestingly arranged loops. Two long tabs on the lid, and three relatively short on the body - in the aggregate ratio of about 2:3 of the total width of the hull. It looks quite reliably. And judging by the fact that the cover goes more tightly than usual - and there is reliable. But on the latch seems to be saved. Outwardly, it resembles a similar element in Panasonic Toughbook: a solid record that you want to pull over to open the laptop. But it is made of plastic rather than metal, and the thin material - there are fears that after a couple of serious "flight", she did not break down and break.

All walls of the compartment in which the hard drive, as well as cover, which closes this bay, lined with thick damper of a porous synthetics. Somewhat simpler than in the extreme Toughbook, but poluzaschischennogo laptop that should be enough.


Protected against mechanical impacts from Asus B51E is the case very, very good. But the water in his relations with more intense. At the bottom and on the back there are lots of ventilation holes, and ports are not obstructed - even simple rubber plugs do not. So what of the heavy rain even think you should not be too dangerous. But protection from beer, coffee and other household interactions with liquids more than worthy. And this is to talk in more detail.

In most modern laptops, for which TTX is the item "spill-resistant keyboard," is limited to the fact that the keyboard unit rests in a kind of bath where you and gets spilled liquid on the keyboard. The volume of the pallet is limited, and if it becomes full, the fluid can find their way to other openings, of which the body of any laptop is usually sufficient. Furthermore, even if you do not shed excess capacity of the container volume, the liquid from it must be somehow removed. Turn over and shake out the laptop?


ASUS P81I Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  331g
Size: 120.91 x 81.41 x 19.41 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NLF1B2000Y 70-NLF1B2000Z 70NLF1B2000Y
70NLF1B2000Z 90-NLF1B2000Y 90-NLF1B2000Z
90-NLF1BZ000Y 90-NLF1BZ000Z 90-NVD1B1000Y
90NLF1B2000Y 90NLF1B2000Z 90NLF1BZ000Y
90NLF1BZ000Z A32-F52 A32-F82
L0690L6 L0A2016  


Fit machine:
ASUS P81 Series(All) ASUS P81I Series(All) ASUS P81IJ Series(All)


In the Asus B51E these problems are solved: at the bottom of the tray has drainage system, softly and gently guide fallen under the keyboard moisture to the two holes, through passing through the body. Through these holes the liquid pours out a laptop, and pan is dry. If you managed to throw something that can fairly entertain your sense of smell, when dry, you can easily remove the keyboard - it is fastened with two screws - and wipe the pan and wash waste hole.

In fairness, we note that such "irrigation system" is not an invention of designers and Asus for quite some time used in notebooks ThinkPad. That, however, is only further evidence of its usefulness and efficiency.


As part of filling the notebook is not anything special present: a reasonable configuration based on Santa Rosa platform with a "nice and tasty" supplement in the form of a processor Penryn. Moderately productive, but no frills, which only wind the price without adding any real benefits when used in office and field conditions.


And the results are quite good for a full size laptop. About five or six hours in office applications and about four hours of viewing DVD - are capable of very few "tag." And not all the UMPC will be able to beat such a result. Even if we forget about that part of our current performance, they hold a candle to the guest and do not work.


But in the presence of more than decent battery: eight elements with good characteristics give the resulting capacity to nearly 77 watts * hours In addition, we test notebook was installed Windows XP - and this model has a full set of drivers for the OS - that, apparently, also had a positive impact on results.


Measures to achieve high security and excellent battery life, impact on the mass of the laptop is not so much. Together with the battery Asus B51E pulls only 3.1 kg. And even if you add a complete power supply cable, the weight will still be within 3.5 kg - pretty well for a "tag". The same Lamborghini VX2 weighs heavier, for example.


But the set of ports slightly injured. The designers obviously wanted to possibly get rid of excess holes and cavities in the notebook chassis, which is why the card reader and expansion slots come under the knife. In addition, most of the connectors made for the lateral body wall at the rear. It's not bad in terms of protection from liquids (hardly anyone manages to splash on a laptop behind little water) and a positive effect on the rigidity of the body, but ease of use, does not add.


In this case you should not talk so much about the serious protection from external influences, as for protection against unpleasant contingencies. Unexpected cup of coffee spilled on the keyboard. Accidentally uronenny the table laptop. Accidentally hit by a dangerous object in the screen. Here is the Asus B51E is quite able to survive. If your version of the manual may be more dangerous situations, and their probability is high enough, is yet to shell out a secure real model.


DELL Latitude E4320 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  328g
Size: 205.36 x 52.60 x 20.90 mm
Color: Silver gray


Compatible original Battery Code:
312-9955 312-9956 3X021
8N884 8R135 H979H
JX0R5 MY993 0FX8X
R3026 U817P XX327


Fit machine:
DELL Latitude E4320 Series

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