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The Laptop Won't Start Even Though The Battery Is Fully Charged
This can happen if the surge protection in the battery has been activated. Disconnect the machine from the AC adapter for a full minute and then reconnect and try booting the machine.


ASUS K43BY battery feature:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  344g
Property: ASUS Replacement Battery
Color: Black


To extend battery life use
Although the lithium-ion battery without memory effect, but the incorrect use will greatly affect the life span. The use of lithium-ion battery should pay attention to the following points:
Full power state not to use AC power | Regulators Driver
Fully discharge once every other months,
A long time when not in use, unplug the AC adapter
More than eight hours or more when not in use, in order not to burden the battery, please unplug the AC adapter. Also, if more than a month when not in use, please remove the battery from the machine and placed in the shade.


ASUS K43E Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


When replacing the battery?
The standard is to replace the battery charge can only achieve the original capacity of 6 percent or so. Because there are many types of cells, it is necessary to purchase personal computers being used on that kind of model. In addition, it is best not to pre-purchase of spare, because if not, the battery will be natural wear and tear.
There has been no need to buy genuine batteries, but to discharge the battery currently in use in order to restore the performance of services. “BAYSUN” is one of them a week’s time to restore the battery performance.


ASUS K43U Battery Fit machine:
ASUS K43 Series(All)   
ASUS K43BY Series(All) ASUS K43E Series(All) ASUS K43F Series(All)
ASUS K43J Series(All) ASUS K43S Series(All) ASUS K43SJ Series(All)
ASUS K43SV Series(All) ASUS K43U Series(All)


Although the Ni-MH battery memory effect is smaller than nickel-cadmium batteries, but also shorten the life of repeated half-way charging the reasons, so please try to recharge after the battery fully utilized.
Lithium-ion battery without memory effect, so even a half-way off and there will not be charging a big problem.

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