Newest ASUS M70L M70S M70T M70V Battery Tips and test

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Increase the RAM. This will allow the notebook to process more information with the memory in the notebook, instead

of using the virtual memory. When you use virtual memory, it causes hard drive usage thus reducing power

efficiency. This mostly applies to cases where you need to run programs that require a lot of virtual memory usage,

since the more RAM you add, the more energy you will use.


ASUS M70L Battery detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  337g
Size: 154.21 x 80.41 x 21.01 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
07G0165A1875 07G016WQ1865 15G10N3792YO
15G10N3792T0 70-NFU1B1000Z 70-NFU1B1100Z
70-NFU1B1300Z  70-NSQ1B1100PZ 70-NSQ1B1100Z
70-NSQ1B1200PZ 70-NSQ1B1200Z 70-NU51B1000Z
70-NU51B2100PZ 70-NU51B2100Z 90-NFU1B1000Y
90R-NTC2B1000Y A32-F70 A32-M70
A41-M70 A42-M70 L0690LC


ASUS M70S Battery Fit machine:
ASUS M70 Series(All) ASUS M70L Series ASUS M70S Series
ASUS M70SA Series ASUS M70SR Series ASUS M70T Series
ASUS M70TL Series ASUS M70V Series ASUS M70VC Series
ASUS M70VM Series ASUS M70VN Series ASUS M70VR Series


The Palm Pre doesn’t have the best ASUS M70V Battery life, but there are a few things you can do to get the most out of the Smartphone’s battery. CNET shows you how.


GetConnected TV gives you up to date tech news and reviews on products to help you at home and in the office,this

video will focus on how to save your ASUS M70T Battery.


Turn off as the "Firewire" connector (for connecting a video camera): Click on the + in front of "IEEE 1394 Bus

host controllers", then followed by a double-click on RICOH OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller.

In the Properties window that opens, select the Driver tab. Clicking on disable the Inspiron 1501 Battery Firewire

jack is paralyzed. A subsequent safety query answering in the affirmative. Clicking on OK terminates the process.

ASUS "become the representatives of low-cost notebooks. n ASUS's corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas,

United States city (Round Rock), i.e., the company birthplace. Central Texas is home ASUS Americas, the

jurisdiction of the United States, Canada, South America and Latin America headquarters. ASUS has regional

headquarters in Bracknell UK, its jurisdiction in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. in Singapore the jurisdiction

of the Pacific regional headquarters region, including Japan, India, China, Australia and New Zealand. n in the

following six areas of the company manufacturing computer system: Austin, Texas City, Nashville, Tennessee, Brazil,

Eldorado do Sul, Malaysia (Asia Pacific and Japan), and Xiamen in China. ASUS to sell products and services around

the world. ASUS also has offices in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico,

Panama, and Puerto Rico.



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