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ASUS U series is Asus build thin, long life notebook product line, a series of relatively high on the notebook appearance and performance quality business users. After the introduction of gold the size of 13.3 inches U31 launched the mainstream 14-inch U47. At present, Taiwan U47 has arrived, the next will offer you a detailed evaluation.


Compared with U31, ASUS U47A mold almost the same as the mold size 13 inch U31, but U47's bigger screen size, is 14 inches. But also the heritage of the thin nature of the U series, the thinnest at only 5.5mm. Appearance, very stylish "champagne" color, surface A and C surface using a special process of the brushed aluminum texture, the machine looks both stylish and yet calm and generous.


Built-in power, with the entry-level Intel second-generation smart Core i3-2310M processor, with 3GB memory and 1GB of memory, Nvidia Geforce GT 540M discrete graphics, impressive performance, described as "thin the Way as well. In addition, Asus U47A is equipped with a large hard drives to 750GB, provide a convenient user need to store large amounts of data.


Asus U47A whether the performance of what? Empty rumor, quiet and said the following to enter our test link. Asus U47 side A and C surface unusual champagne, not only very stylish but also makes the composite material has a more metallic finish aluminum wire drawing process.In order to let everyone see more clearly the surface material of the notebook, we deliberately cut out of ASUS LOGO near an area is zoomed. Surface stripes brushed texture is easily contaminated with fingerprints, and scratch-resistant, wear-resistant.


Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.4V or 15V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  353g
Size: 275.10 x 37.80 x 30.00 mm
Color: Black


Asus U47 B side with black narrow frame design, the C surface is divided island chocolate keyboard, and set aside enough for the palm rest position, the entire palm of the input can be placed above, will not let the wrist due to long vacant and to produce fatigue. Keyboard top sides, and two power button, press the left button can enter the ASUS's unique ExpressGate quickly surf the Internet. Press the right button you can enter the pre-installed Windows operating system.


Asus U47 chocolate keyboard using the seamless design of the overall synthesis, although seemingly each key risk are independent, in fact, the following is a plastic mold are linked together (as shown in the figure above the lower right corner). And the key to take the C surface mold hollow at the close fit, which can effectively prevent the tiny foreign objects to enter inside the notebook. The large touchpad is located in the wrist rest middle partial to the left, two buttons a bit stiff. Power supply, hard drive, wireless, caps lock and other lights in the touchpad below.


Asus U47V B side of the black narrow frame design, this design gives visual effects will find that it is larger than the average 14-inch notebook screen size.Asus U47 is equipped with a 14-inch LED backlit widescreen display, the screen aspect ratio of 16:9, the maximum screen resolution of 1366 × 768.

Asus U47V shaft not use the traditional sunken and protruding type, but nowadays more popular forward design. Now let us take a look forward design what are the benefits.


As we all know, sinking the shaft enables the notebook to get more open angle to suit the different requirements of different groups of people on the laptop screen perspective, more ergonomic design principles. However, in the narrow space, the traditional sunken shaft can not play this advantage, Asus U47 using the forward axle just to make up for this deficiency.


Asus U47 open angle up to 135 degrees, the shaft and part of the damping control is very good, the screen can be fixed at any angle within the adjustable range.Asus U47 avant-garde designs, sophisticated materials, especially the forward shaft more ergonomically designed to meet the demand for business travel family on the road in the narrow space of the individual using a laptop.


ASUS U47V battery Fit machine:
ASUS U47 Series ASUS U47A Series ASUS U47C Series
ASUS U47V Series ASUS U47VC Series


As a mainstream 14-inch notebook, the Asus U47 interface configuration is more comprehensive, more reasonable layout. Equipped with two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 interface, HDMI and VGA port, RJ45 network cable port.Asus U47 will be built-in loudspeaker design in the notebook front end, front-end central government is also equipped with a 4-in-1 card reader, but the card reader slot location is a bit low, it feels a little too convenient; back-end has a keyhole and Power Interface.


Asus U47 battery with a raised design, the notebook back-end booster, not only heat, but more in line with the habits of the user using a laptop.The left is equipped with a VGA port, 1 USB 3.0,1 x USB 2.0 ports and audio input / output interface; the right end has a DVD burner, and RJ45 network cable port, HDMI interface and a USB 2.0 interface.The main design of the Asus U47 thermal windows in the left side of the notebook and the bottom of the main heating element around the left side of the heat more in line with the normal habits. The specific heat how detailed test results below the performance test.


Asus U47VC equipped with two memory slots and drive bays. Comes standard with 3GB of memory, up to 8GB memory. The drive also has an independent position, was easier to replace the hard drive external metal bracket for the protection of the hard disk is quite a bit.As a main light laptop, the Asus U47 in the weighing part of the performance of the more general, the bare metal weight of 2.325kg, travel weight (including power supply), weighs 2.84kg and weight need to be strengthened.


Asus U47 interface is sufficient to tell with USB 3.0 interface also demonstrates the strength of this it is positioned in the high-end security and scalability are also performed very well. The only drawback is some emphasis on body weight.Built-in power, ASUS U47 is equipped with an entry-level Intel second-generation Smart Core i3-2310M processor, with 3GB memory and 1GB of memory, Nvidia Geforce GT 540M discrete graphics, impressive performance.


In addition, Asus U47 is equipped with a large hard drives to 750GB, what about performance, see the following test.

Asus U47 64 Windows 7 Experience Index was 5.5 points, from the lowest memory (RAM) of the decision. Overall, Asus U47 performance is more balanced, the scores were maintained at 5.5 or above, basically the high-end requirements, processor and gaming performance score more than 6 points.Asus U47 Intel second-generation Smart Core i3-2310M processor, HM65 chipset. i3-2310M using 32nm process technology, dual-thread of the fourth nuclear power plant, clocked at 2.1GHz, 3M L3 cache, Intel Graphics Core 3000 graphics card and internal integration.


Asus U47VC is equipped with 8-cell lithium-ion ASUS U47VC battery, the total capacity of 5200mAh.High-performance mode (the screen brightness is adjusted maximum), in the case of a closed wireless network, the CPU full load operation to 6% (self-set power reminds value) life time of 2 hours and 36 minutes of remaining battery power, usually using battery life will also longer, the 8-cell battery life performance worth noting.


The processor consumes only 35W, lower power consumption, higher performance, the enhancement of the life time of some effect. Support the new Intel AVX instruction, better support for floating point intensive applications. However, i3 processor does not support Turbo technology.

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