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As the diversification of user needs, in the notebook market, the mainstream brand of positioning products are usually based on a number of different series of models introduced in this subject among the low-priced models are usually a high degree of concern products, today Asus X53S evaluation of the protagonist is such a product has a low price.

Asus X53S in the core components used by the Intel Pentium B940 processor with NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphics card combinations, mainly located in the entry-level entertainment, and simple everyday office applications, and its price of less than 3500 yuan for students and other focus enough affordable consumer group attractive.


15-inch machine specifications mold making, the larger 15.6-inch screen with 2.6kg weight on its stand-alone is not suitable for frequent when carried out, but the larger screen but can be applied in daily good users when visual effects.

The X53S on the body color of brown with a low-key calm, its cover showing through the stamping process orderly grid texture effect, can effectively avoid the class piano surface exposed to the fingerprint issue. In the corner office with a smooth transition to design ways to increase the strength of the fuselage, in testing we put your hands squeeze on its roof during the test did not show significant deformation, indicating that its screen protection is very good.


ASUS X53SJ Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 14.4V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  344g
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
A31-K53 A32-K53 A41-K53 A42-K53 


Aircraft the B-side part of the screen frame with a handle class piano effect, in a central location on the screen frame with 30-megapixel network camera, the effects of treatment with class piano border in beautiful but also more exposed to fingerprint, and this treatment process for the use of mirror screen machine, the environment may be formed in the overall light reflection resulting in inconvenience to the user viewing.


The keyboard surface material made ​​with a metal panel, played a very good support effect can be seen from the figure with its palm rest part of the roof using the same treatment process, can also play a very good anti-fouling effect. The keyboard uses a common sub-Asus products on the island-style keyboard, with good dirt, large keycap also ensures a good feel, thanks to 15 inches mold caused by a larger space, the aircraft There is also a separate numeric keypad.

Machine with an integrated touchpad design, can effectively prevent foreign matter into the dust, moderate resistance to its left and right buttons, touch better in the actual experience.


The external interface, provides users with this X53S three USB2.0 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI port, an RJ-45 and 1 set of audio, microphone port, and a combination of multi-card reader to meet the needs of the vast majority of everyday use.


ASUS X53TK Battery Fit machine:
ASUS X53 Series
ASUS X53B Series ASUS X53BR Series ASUS X53BY Series
ASUS X53E Series ASUS X53S Series(2011 model) ASUS X53SD Series(2011 model)
ASUS X53SJ Series(2011 model) ASUS X53SV Series(2011 model) ASUS X53T Series
ASUS X53TA Series ASUS X53TK Series ASUS X53U Series
ASUS X53Z Series


ASUS K53S at the bottom of the fuselage has a support rapid removal of the independent tailgate, convenient for users to upgrade memory and hard drive. In the standard memory in the machine provides only a 2GB DDR 1333 memory, and set aside a spare memory slot.


In the test, in addition to Need for Speed ​​14 in higher picture quality with a whole set, the remaining three games are used in high-end mix is set up. From picture frames over 30FPS game can be achieved when the basic flow effect, make the game more than 60FPS fluency in running condition to achieve the best point of view, the comprehensive ability to K53S in the low load only meet the basic smooth 3D game , and for such as lost Planet 2 has a higher load on the platform for 3D games, even to reduce the quality of the practice is still no guarantee that the process of the game completely smooth.


Performance in endurance tests, we used the MobileMark 2007 test session in its office applications validated, the test may reflect a laptop in the office under low load applications, demonstrated life. As can be seen from the figure, this X53S test results of 285 minutes, the performance specifications in the same body with 15 inches of product in a moderate level, its been a long time is not suitable machine for mobile office body, its endurance performance is sufficient for most users of the application needs.


ASUS K53SU Battery Fit machine:
ASUS K53 Series   
ASUS K53B Series ASUS K53BR Series ASUS K53BY Series
ASUS K53E Series ASUS K53F Series ASUS K53J Series
ASUS K53JA Series ASUS K53JC Series ASUS K53JE Series
ASUS K53JF Series ASUS K53JG Series ASUS K53JN Series
ASUS K53JS Series ASUS K53JT Series ASUS K53S Series
ASUS K53SA Series ASUS K53SC Series ASUS K53SD Series
ASUS K53SE Series ASUS K53SJ Series ASUS K53SK Series
ASUS K53SM Series ASUS K53SN Series ASUS K53SU Series
ASUS K53SV Series ASUS K53T Series ASUS K53TA Series
ASUS K53TK Series ASUS K53U Series ASUS K53Z Series


The K53S in the core hardware used by the Intel Pentium B940 processor with NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphics card combinations, which both are currently used on the low-end mainstream notebook entry-level products.


As expected, the aircraft under the benchmark is lower than the performance shown by the mainstream models currently on the market average, but the good news is, its relatively good performance of the whole office, indicating that the B940-processor the ability to 2.0GHz frequency, or to meet the needs of most everyday office applications. The view from the storage unit, 320GB 5400 rpm hard drive and 2GB of memory with the same situation with a low, accustomed to place in your notebook or frequent users who download a lot of movies, 320GB of hard disk space slightly less.

The aircraft used by the GT 520M graphics card is the entry-level applications for this year NVIDIA launched the product, although its performance compared to integrated graphics has advantages, but still insufficient to support a higher load 3D games run smoothly. In the test, we chose several popular 3D games nowadays are more games on the machine performance was measured. The game includes both the Street Fighter 4 this platform for running less demanding games, Lost Planet 2 also includes a platform that has a high demand for the game.


Integrated larger body, low-power core components and the use of metal and other factors, body temperature results in this X53S has a very good performance. In the tests we use software simulation environment to a higher load pressure on the product itself, and lasted 30 minutes for ASUS K53TK Battery after its surface temperature were recorded. From the keyboard body and bottom of the thermal imaging map view, the maximum temperature of only 38.4 degrees Celsius, the temperature close to the body's normal body temperature does not make the user feel discomfort in use.

Asus X53S notebook is a low end entry-level product applications, the machine's biggest selling point is undoubtedly the price of less than US$500 and larger body size, although a lower overall performance of its hardware, but can still be guaranteed to meet the basic office and entertainment needs. It can be said for using a laptop does not like to play high-end 3D games, and there is no higher office efficiency requirements of the users, the machine has to meet this part of the user's application requirements. From this point of view, the machine for users who value the price factor, would be a good choice.

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